Drive 1 (11:52)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
K25 1 10 1 1 2Hx2H Nickel Even Pass(1) OZ Bootleg -9
Boundary: Smith stands up and splits wide with Spaight to his side, close to the line.  Looks like they are expecting a crack sweep.  Brown to the Field.  Conley in motion, Fuller is in man.  Kelce draws DJ Monte deep safety.  Kelce does crack on Kerrigan (+2) who rips upfield expecting a crack  and gets the sack.  Took the crack and the WR H-puller with him.  Smith (+1) collapses the pocket from behind.  (pressure +1)
K16 2 19 1 3 3(TEBunchWide)x1 3-4 OLB Split Run IZ Read 2
Kerrigan to the boundary and open side.  Smith lined up over the TE Bunch, has the inside.  Safety over top, Norman outside.  Bubble screen action from the bunch, Norman (+0.5) cuts through it.  Smith reads Kerrigan and it’s IZ.  McGee keeps contain and holds the line vs tackle.  Hood (-0.5) gets pushed back by a one-on-one center block.  Backside A-gap is open until Allen (+1.5) gets off his block to make the initial hit on the RB and funnels him to Foster.  Brown drops off in coverage initially and that creates a vertical crease in the offense.  The guard has to come all the way up to block him and Foster (+1) has room to undercut him and make the play.  I wonder if that’s by design.
K18 3 17 1 2 2×2 Nickel Split Pass(1) RB&TE Pick/Slant Under Inc
Spaight lines up 7 yards deep and we have a wall of 5 underneath defenders with 1 deep safety.  TE runs a slant that’s a block and RB picks Brown.  Slant infuences DJ to take the route instead of play the underneath WR getting a screen.   He drops it.  Not going to neg DJ but how can he not see that guy was blocking.  Probably should minus coverage but it’s 3rd and 17, everything was kept in front.
Punt.  Spaight in on the 1st and 3rd plays.  Brown was field backer on the 1st play.  On second and long they put Kerrigan to the open side and boundary.
Drive 2 (2:42)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
K17 1 10 1 2 3(2tight)x1 3-4 under Run Split Zone End Around 0
Smith lined up outside the tight ends.  WR to his side goes in motion on the end around.  Kerrigan (+1) keeps backside contain, Brown goes with the end around/split zone action.  Cut back opens as McGee (-0.5) gets pushed inside but Hood (+1) reads the run and burrows his head down and penetrates, takes away any cutback along with Kerrigan who defeats his HBack block.  Smith (+1.5) 2 gaps, peeks inside and sheds his TE block to the outside.  McClain (+0.5) holds his block at the line.  Kerrigan cleans up.
K17 2 10 1 1 3×1(tight) Nickel Even Run Shovel Pass Read 1
This is their play where it’s Power blocking up front and the puller is the TE who gets the shovel based on Alex Smith’s read of the DE.  Almost like an inverted veer.  Preston Smith takes the RB so QB pulls and shovel is the read.  Except Ioannidis (+1) shoots his gap and ruins the blocking and the puller’s path.  Kerrigan (-0.5) follows Kelce whose the puller/shovel man but isn’t quite sure how to read this play if he did, he could’ve gotten a PBU/TFL.  Pulling guard whiffs on Spaight as DJ gets under his WR block and gets held, and Spaight (+2) who either lost his gap or made a genius move to bounce outside of DJ to lose the pulling guard and then shovel back inside to his gap and make the play.  Could be Spaight was just playing off of DJ who slanted inside.
K18 3 9 Pen False Start -5
False Start.
K13 3 14 2 1 2Back 2×1 Nickel Split Pass(2) TE Seam 32
Both inside backers are up to the line and it’s a sea of green between them and the 2 deep safties. (pressure -2)  Max protect but with 2 backs, we have to beat that.  Fuller (-2) (coverage -2) gets beat man to man inside.  He had inside leverage and was funneling outside.  He gets beat.
K45 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) Flat/slant 10
Safety on the nominal RB whose Deanthony Thomas.  Breeland (-1) (coverage -1) with a huge cushion and this is just a gimmie.
R45 1 10 1 2 2×2 3-4 OLB Split Pass(1) Drag/Post (Scramble) 11
Line slants with Galette taking the flat, Foster shoots the gap (pressure +1) and flushes Smith outside where Anderson (-2) loses contain on his rush.  McClain (+0.5) with a hustle to chase down Smith from the opposite side of the field.
R34 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Run OZ Zone (End Around) 3
EA action holds backside pursuit from Galette.  Ioannidis (+0.5) shuts off backside A gap cutback.  Allen gets removed from the line but is able to cause a pile and Spaight takes on an OL on his knees, disengages and funnels back to the pile.  Smith (+1) crushes the TE block and seals any OZ off, forces the RB to cut upfield into the pile.
R31 2 7 1 2 3×1(tight) 3-4 even Pass(1) Rollout Backside TE Drag Inc
Galette shoots his gap and misses (pressure +1) Breeland (+1) (coverage +1) cuts underneath the TE Drag for the PBU.
R31 3 7 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel DE Split Pass(1) Drag/TE Out -8
cover 1 probably to take away any seam from Kelce.  DJ takes Kelce, Fuller manned up on the drag route which came open but (pressure +1) Ioannidis (+2) bull rushes his way to the QB with Smith (+1) forcing the QB to step up.  Brown (-1) (coverage -1) loses the RB in the flat.
Punt.  Fuller, Breeland, Brown with goofs in coverage.  Ioannidis, Smith, Allen wins up front.
Drive 3 (10:15)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
K14 1 10 2 2 I-Form 2×1(tight) 3-4 under OLB Split Run OZ 12
Kerrigan splits all the way out to the slot WR, to prevent a crack?  He jams the WR then sets the edge which is a few yards away from the numbers.  McGee (+0.5) holds the line and even penetrates a little with the guard, forcing the cutback behind him.  McClain (-1) can’t fight through the tackle even after aligning inside him and gets sealed out.  Hood (-2) gets washed down the line, loses the backside A gap and can’t keep Foster clean.  Foster is on the boundary probably because of his shoulder injury.  They need him kept clean.  Foster (-1) gets sealed.
K26 1 10 1 1 2Back 2×1(tight) Nickel Even Run IZ Read Bubble 1
Smith forces the QB keep.  Bubble holds DJ outside.  QB tries to cut it up field but Spaight (+2) baits the Tackle inside and then scrapes outside to make the play.
K27 2 9 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(2) TE spot 11
Corner/Flat route looked open to the backside which was cover 2.  Field side sees Kelce one on one with Spaight (-2) (coverage -1) and Spaight bites on an out fake and then misses the open field tackle.
K38 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Pinch PA Pass(1) PA Power TE Cross Inc
Cover 2 to the single WR side sees Norman (+2) (coverage +1) play flat and he comes off his zone to light up Kelce.  Both LBs bite on power run action and Kelce lost DJ in the traffic.  I feel like this play could’ve been diagnosed quicker as Kelce doesn’t even kick out and there was no threat of a shovel pass.
K38 2 10 1 1 Empty 3×2 Nickel Over Run Shovel Pass Read 6
RB lined up outside draws Breeland.  Confusion ensues after the slot motions between Fuller and Brown (-1.5) as fuller expects Brown to bump down and Brown is either getting the call or trying to switch sides with Fuller.  It’s zone coverage on the back end so I’m assigning the screw up to Brown.  Ioannidis (+1) blows up Kelce’s shovel path again.  Power blocking removes Allen (-1) from the line and it works its way back to the backside backer–Fuller in this case–Spaight (+0.5) dodges the puller and Brown hustles to regain lost ground.  Smith plays Shovel/QB I would’ve liked to see him attack the outside here but I guess we all got jobs to do.  Breeland (+1) with a monster hit that sets tone and saves yards.  Maybe even a TD.
K44 3 4 1 1 3H(Bunch)x1 Nickel Even Pass(1) Drag/Follow/Corner Inc(5)
Breeland (-1) with illegal contact.  DJ playing robber, Nicholson playing deep.
K49 1 10 1 1 2Back 2×1 4-4 PA Pass(1) SZ PA Cross/InOut 4
Split zone run action with a 2 man route and puller going to the flat (coverage +1)  Anderson (+1) (pressure +1) doesn’t bite on the split zone and pressures Smith out the pocket.  Drag route was opening up.
R47 2 6 1 2 2×2 3-4 under Pass(1) TE Outs Inc
Foster crept up to the line expecting OZ.  Anderson to the flat, everything but the underneath cross is covered (coverage +1)  McClain (+0.5) collapses pocket inside (pressure +1)
R47 3 6 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass(2) Cross 1
Cover 2 to the boundary sees corner/flat routes.  Everything is covered deep (coverage +1) we sent 4 (pressure +1) Allen (+1) collapses the pocket
Punt.  We have played cover 2 to the boundary every time, gives us Breeland as a flat defender vs RB release.  Smart move as the RBs would probably beat our backers in flat coverage.  Ioannidis has blown up that Shovel pass both times they call it.  He’s probably reading pass set blocking from the LT and motion from the TE and WR to his side.   Foster looks like the shoulder is bothering him, his snaps are reduced and he’s not playing as aggressive.  Both big gainers came from that LB spot (Spaight and Foster) failing to execute.
Drive 4 (5:01)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
K27 1 10 1 2 3(Bunch)x1 3-4 over Pass(1) WR Screen 12
Screen out the bunch.  Breeland keeps force, DJ (-1) gets sealed inside and we have a seam.  Kerrigan (-1) fails to read the play and ends up frozen in space.  Needs to hustle outside and take on a block.
K39 1 10 1 2 Empty 3×2 3-4 even OLB split Pass(2) C3 Hitch 2
Cover 3 hitch route vs Breeland (+1) (coverage +1)  5 under 3 deep coverage with Brown the deep middle man.  Alignment put us in a 3 man rush.
K41 2 8 1 2 Empty 3×2 3-4 even OLB Split Pass(2) RB screen Inc
Twice in a row they are trying to spread out our 34 defense and hit the perimeter.  (coverage +1)
K41 3 8 1 1 3(Bunch)x1 Nickel Split Pass(1) Offsides 5
Smith (-1) offsides
K46 3 3 1 2 2×2 Nickel Even Pass(1) RB Flat 9
Simple flat route goes uncovered (coverage -2) looks like Brown (-1) was at fault.  DJ had the TE.  Matched up 12 personel with nickel as Fuller drew Kelce in the slot.
R45 1 10 1 2 2Hx2H Nickel Even Run OZ 7
DE are split wide outside the tight ends.  Leaving big holes pre-snap at the line with DTs over the guards.  Ioannidis (-0.5) gets sealed inside and Smith (-1) gets driven up field and sealed outside.   Ioannidis looks to keep gap integrity but the backer behind him, Spaight (-2) gets a little too cute and tries to slice inside, huge hole opens up.  Nickel vs 12 sees 3 double teams at the line.  If Spaight fills correctly we might still be able to defend this one.  Foster (+0.5) shot his gap and killed any cutback.  DJ and Galette had gap integrity behind him.
R38 2 3 1 2 2Hx2Stack 3-4 OLB off Pass(1) C3 Hitch 21
Anderson playing off the line, lined up over Kelce, he takes flat coverage.  Norman (-1.5) (coverage -2) just gives a huge cushion like he’s expecting a post route.  WR sits in the zone and gets an easy 21 yards.  Underneath the Brown (-1.5) needs to come off the drag route and get depth in coverage.
R17 1 10 1 3 3(TEBunch)x1 3-4 under Pass(1) TE post 17(TD)
(coverage -4) Kerrigan has any crosser/flat and DJ (-1) is covering dirt to the 1 WR side and we blitz from the 3 TE bunch side.  Wtf is that.  DJ needs to bump his drop over.  Brown (-1) fails to pass off coverage and get depth.  Kelce gets underneath Breeland who had over top coverage, with no help underneath.  Everett (-1) is late in giving help, should’ve had an INT or PBU on that throw if Brown took away the inside TE.  Instead Everett had to attack that route, was still late in diagnosing the play.  Blitz took too long (pressure -1)
Touchdown.  They out formationed us a few times on this drive.  Fuller was a run defender as 12 saw nickel.  And our 34 got spread out a few times with mixed results.  Brown’s coverage hurt us on this drive.
Drive 5 (1:05)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
K17 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Run Power 2
Double team gets worked as Allen (+2) slants inside then bounces back out essentially 2 gaping the guard and absorbing the pulling backside guard.  LT has to (switch up his?) block to playside LB and whiffs as Spiaght (+2) okie-dokes him and makes the play.  Blocking assignments were a little different than a basic power play or we screwed up their keys.
K19 2 8 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass(1) Dump off 1
boundary WR and RB stretch Dunbar (+1) (coverage +1) vertical and he closes it down.
K20 3 7 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass(1) Scramble 37
Corner blitz from Dunbar with Nicholson taking over his man.  Line slants left and Brown comes in as well, RB forced to pass pro.  Kerrigan has the wheel, Ioannidis (-1) needs to keep contain as he’s the new outside man, tough task though as he’s doubled.  Spaight (-3) with another mistackle/lack of closing speed that affords them another 20 yards.   DJ (+0.5) with a nice takedown.
R48 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Split Pass(2) TE Seam 20
we should really think about dropping all cover 2.  Kelce picks us apart again (coverage -2).  Brown, Spaight and Fuller are underneath and one of them fails to pick up the seam as crossers absorb all their attention.  Anyone of those 3 (probably not Fuller though) look to be possible culprits, not sure who to minus.  Probably Brown.
R28 1 10 1 1 2Hx2H Nickel Even Pass(1) WR Flat Inc
They try to stretch Fuller’s (coverage +1) flat zone with a corner flat combo.  Same with DJ to the backside (pressure -1)
R28 2 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Split Pass(2) Post/Go Inc
Kerrigan keeps Kelce and RB in to block.  That probably deserves a plus 1.  (coverage +1) Smith basically throws it away and settles for a FG.  Kelce up the seam has been killing our cover 2, that would’ve been a good time to use it.
FG no good.  Halftime.  Negatives with the inside backers remain the same: Brown struggling in coverage.  Spaight struggling with open field tackles.  Inside the box those 2 are pro bowl caliber, outside the box is a different story.
Drive 6 (14:53)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
K21 1 10 2 1 I-Form 2×1(tight) 3-4 under OLB split Run OZ 4
Kerrigan against split all the way wide.  Smith checks the bootleg and pursues backside.  McGee (-1) gets blown off the line, the cutback is there but Hunt isn’t looking for it.  Foster (+1.5) is the boundary backer, knives through his gap and makes the play.  Hood (-1) gets blown off the line.  McClain (+0.5) holds his gap and Brown fills in behind him vs the FB.  Kerrigan (0.5) gets a little upfield.
K25 2 6 1 2 2(stack)x2 3-4 under OLB Split Pass(1) Flat/slant 10
Breeland with a huge cushion (coverage -1)  Kerrigan waiting for a crack then drops to hook along with Brown (-1) who needs to bump his coverage over to protect Breeland underneath.
K35 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Pass(2) Dump off 4
Spaight (+0.5) closes in (coverage +1)  Also brown bumped over his coverage on the flat/slant combo this time, proving it was probably his duty on the last play.
K39 2 6 1 2 3(tight)x1 3-4 under Run Duo 5
McGee (-1.5) gets pancacked.  He might be playing hurt.  Hood (+1.5) 2 gaps the center, McClain plays force.  Smith is jamming the WR? Perhaps to help out Dunbar.  Foster is getting read by the back who takes the hole he doesn’t.  Hood comes off his block and makes the play.
K44 3 1 2 2 I-Form 2(tight)x1 3-4 under Run QB Sneak 2
Shoots the A gap in between our 1 and 3 tech.
K46 1 10 1 2 2Hx2H 3-4 under Run OZ 1(15)
Breeland (-1) horse collar.  McGee (+1) beats his block and makes the initial stop, misses the tackle but Kerrigan (-1) is there to help, he misses the tackle.  Breeland has to chase it down.  Hood (+0.5) and Foster play the same A gap McClain has B, knives in to clog it out of desperation and Smith (+1) has contain which closes down any outside run and forces a cut back along with McGee’s penetration.
R38 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) TE Seam 20(9)
Galette (-1) RTPasser.  Spaight (-1) holding.  Spaight (-1) gets beat inside badly by Kelce (coverage -2) and the deep safety doesn’t close in on it.  Kinda hard to neg Nicholson as he has to worry about outside go routes as well.  Nicholson (-1) but he should’ve seen the immediate threat in front of him.
R9 1 G 2 2 2×2(tight) 3-4 under Run OZ 4
Hood slants and Foster fires his gap.  McGee (-1) gets pancacked.  Smith (+1) holds up the outside double and Everett (-1) is free to make a play but takes a shit angle and whiffs.  Fuller (-0.5) whiffs but funnels back to help.  I’m not understanding KC’s blocking on this play.  Why did the FB not work up to Everett?  I guess Smith has his respek.
R5 2 5 1 3 2×2(tight) 3-4 under Run Pitch 4
Dunbar (-1) seals himself out the play.  McGee (-0.5) sealed on the backside and clogs pursuit.  Shovel is there but Kerrigan forces pitch.  Maybe Hood and Ioannidis had the shovel covered.  Anyway, Brown (+1) covers for Dunbar and makes a TD saving tackle.
R1 3 1 2 3 Empty 3Hx2H (6OL) Goal line Pass Flat Inc(Off)
Smith (-4) offsides.  Smith got death stares.  DJ (+1) and Brown (+1)  (coverage +2) with the coverage.
R1 3 1 1 1 3×1(tight) Nickel Pinch Run IZ Read 1(TD)
Smith crashes, Brown (-2) fails to scrape over top
Touchdown.  Take away the dumb penalties and only 1 busted play on this drive.
Drive 7 (7:42)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
K25 1 10 2 1 I-Form 2×1 3-4 under PA Pass(1) PA iso Hook -5
(pressure +1) (coverage +1)  Smith (+0.5) and McGee (+1) collapse the pocket.
K20 2 15 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Pass(1) Dump off 6
Slant/Flat is taken out by coverage (coverage +1)  Spaight (-1) collapses on the dump off and misses the tackle.  Help arrives
K26 3 9 1 1 3×1 Nickel Okie Pass(1) Snag 10
Smith (-1) offsides.  Kelce was manned up by DJ (-1) and he owned him with a snag route.  Not having Norman showed up on this play. (coverage -1)
K36 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Run Power 5
Power run with the back cutting it back.  Allen (-1) gets removed from the line with a  drive block.  Ioannidis (+0.5) holds the double and Brown (+0.5) cuts under the puller’s block at the line.  Galette (+0.5) comes off his block to make initial contact and Spaight (+0.5) works around Allen to clean up
K41 2 5 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Pass(1) Flat/Snag 13
Dunbar (-1) (coverage -1) gets horizontally stretched and fails to cover the flat.  (pressure -1)
R46 1 10 2 2 I-Form 2×1(tight) 3-4 under Run OZ 9
Hood (-1) taken out of his gap and removed from the line.  McGee holds the line, Kerrigan with contain.  Foster takes on the FB and the RB cuts it behind Hood, where McClain (-1) got sealed out of.
R37 2 1 Penalty 5
Hood (-1) encroachment
R32 1 10 1 2 2×2 3-4 under Run IZ 4
RB looking for a cutback, but Brown (+0.5) covers the backside, McGee (+0.5) holds up against a double and keeps both ILBs free.  Foster (+0.5) plugs next to McGee and makes the play.  Hood (-0.5) falls off the line with a single block.
R28 2 6 1 2 3×1 3-4 under Pass(1) Slant/Flat 0
Slant/Flat to the boundary, this is their bread and butter.  Dunbar (+2) (coverage +1) jams the slant, falls off and plays the flat.  OLBs in coverage saw Smith playing slant and to the field Kerrigan had #2 with safety help directly over top.  Foster walls off #3.  Brown with Hook.  (Pressure -1)
R28 3 6 1 1 3(Bunch)x1 Nickel Split Pass(2) Dig 14
Fuller has bubble, Spaight takes Kelce who spots up.  DJ and Breeland take deep drops and cover nobody.  DJ yells at Spaight but I’m not sure what for (coverage -2).  To the boundary the flat was open as Brown had to fight through traffic.  DJ (-1) usually has some type of robber there.  CB was playing thirds, no way we had 2 deep guys supposed to be covering dirt.
R14 1 10 1 2 3(2tight)x1 3-4 under Run Split Zone End Around 1
Same play and formation from the second drive.  Brown again takes EA action.  McGee (+0.5) holds up to the double on the backside and Kerrigan has pursuit.  Hood (+0.5) doesn’t penetrate like last time but holds the line.  Foster (+2) shoots the gap behind him and makes the play.  McClain (-0.5) gets pancacked but is able to create a pile and set a new edge.  Smith (-0.5) drifts up field
R13 2 9 1 1 3×1(tight) Nickel Even Pass(1) Bubble/TE Screen Inc
Fuller cancels out the bubble.  Dunbar takes the wheel DJ (+1) works around the LT to take the TE screen. (coverage +1)
R13 3 9 1 2 3×1 3-3-5 Pass(2) RB Flat 6
(coverage +1)  3 man rush.  Brown (+1) has no idea what the coverage is but his speed allows him to close in on the play
FG. 12 vs 34 is spreading out our OLBs, negating their pass rush forcing them in coverage and putting our 3 big men as the sole pass rushers vs the OL.  Pressure is non existant.
Drive 8 (13:01)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
K20 1 10 2 2 I-Form 2×1(tight) 3-4 under OLB split Run OZ 1
Foster hurt on this play.  McClain (-0.5) scooped and sealed but this play doesn’t look to have a cut back.  Hood (+0.5) holds the line, Brown (+0.5) sheds and comes downhill.  McGee (+1.5) gets off his block to make the hit.  Foster (+1) shoots his gap and meets the FB in the backfield.  Smith (+0.5) holds the edge and meets McGee at the ball carrier.
K21 2 9 1 1 3(Bunch)x1 Nickel Even Pass(2) Corner/Flat 10
Fabian Moreau (-1) (coverage -1) gets stretched vertically and drops a little too far back.  Flat is open underneath.  Brown looks to be covering deep dig routes behind him.  Play design was to attack the rookie. (pressure -1) Kerrigan got turned upfield.
K31 1 10 1 2 2x2H 3-4 under Run OZ 17
Nicholson and Brown hurt on this play.  Hood (-1) gets sealed out of the backside a gap.  Compton (+0.5) suicide dives frontside.  RB cuts it back.  McClain (-2) gets knocked out his gap and Brown (-2) overpursues.  Kerrigan (-1) can’t close the gap.
K48 1 10 1 2 2x2H 3-4 under Run OZ -1
Hood and Compton (+1.5) slant and Spaight (+1.5) scrapes over top for the stop.  We had that run sniffed out.
K47 2 11 1 1 2×2 Nickel Split Pass(1) C3 Hitch/RB Flat 12
Breeland (-1) (coverage -1) with too much a cushion.
R41 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel even Pass(1) Go Inc
Dunbar (+1) (coverage +1) replaces breeland and presses.
R41 2 10 1 2 3(tight)x1 3-4 under Run Duo 8
Ran this same run and formation earlier.  This time Brown (-0.5) shoots a gap instead of waiting to be read by the RB, forces the cut.  Extended double is on McClain, DJ (-1.5) has the other gap and whiffs.
R33 3 2 1 1 Diamond TE Direct Snap 4-4 Run Inverted Veer 3
Kerrigan gets optioned and the “QB” keeps it.  Double works Hood (-0.5) back to Brown, enough of a push for the first.  Spaight (+0.5) scrapes past the puller to make the tackle.
R30 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Pass(1) TE Seam -10
(coverage +1) (pressure +3)  Desperation blitz gets Ioannidis (+1), McClain (+0.5) and Brown (+0.5) in the backfield.
R40 2 20 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Run Power 16
Fuller hurt on this play.  Ioannidis and McClain (-2) run a twist and get caught.  McClain might have tipped this off with his deep alignement off the line.  He gets held but no call and he needs to fight through that anyways.  Spaight (-1.5) can’t shed the blocker from the double that worked back his way and gets sealed out.
R24 3 4 1 2 2×2 Nickel Even Pass(1) Slant Inc(5)
Breeland (-1) illegal use of hands.  Moreau got bead bad by Kelce inside.  Dunbar (+0.5) (coverage +1) on the coverage
R19 1 10 1 2 3(tight)x1 Nickel Over Run Duo 0
Allen (+1) doesn’t get moved by the double.  Hood (+0.5) holds his gap against the center.  McGee (+2) fights off the tackle and makes the play.  Brown (+0.5) knived through the TE block.  Foster is the backer who gets optioned.  RB makes him wrong and cuts into McGee and Smith (+0.5) who shed the guard.
R19 2 10 1 2 2×2 3-4 under OLB split Pass(2) TE Seam, Flat/Slant 5
Flat slant combo to the boundary.  McGee (-1) fails to keep contain, this has been a problem all year long.  Smith had flat coverage.  QB trots for 5. (coverage +1) (pressure -1)
R14 3 5 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass(2) TE Seam 0
Spaight (+1) (coverage +1) jams the fuck out Kelce.  It’s cover 2 and they’ve been attacking it with Kelce up the middle all day.  Great read by Spaight.  Almost creates a turnover.
FG.  17-20.  Rare mental gaffe where Brown over pursued vs OZ.  Moreau got vertical stretched.  McClain got caught on a stunt he might have tipped.  Breeland with a costly penalty.  Dunbar and McClure held up fine, Moreau is shaky back there.  4 bad plays and one penalty.  Guys are getting tired and it showed mentally.
Drive 9 (0:47)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
K25 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass(1) RB Flat 4
Breeland with C2 flat.  Playing it loose.
K29 2 6 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass(2) Yakety-Sax 37
Allen hurt on the play.  Kerrigan (-3) loses contain on his rush.  Spaight leaves his man to pursue the QB.  Either Spaight needs to stay, or Moreau needs to fall deeper, or DJ needs to work the sideline.  Someone screwed that up (coverage -3)
R34 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel over Pass Flat/Slant 10
Spaight (-1) (coverage -1) blitzes and gives up all underneath coverage.  That’s just dumb.  Moreau works over top the slant.  Easy 10 yards.  Why are we blitzing, we barely have the talent to cover as is.
R24 1 10 2 2 I-Form 2(tight)x1 3-4 under Run OZ -1
McGee (+0.5) gets off his block, Galette (+0.5) has backside pursuit.  Brown (+0.5) is there Hood (+0.5) penetrates playside, forces the cutback.  I’m starting to think the backside DE is supposed to come off the line to help with OLB pursuit on these OZ runs.
R25 2 11 Kill Clock n/a Pass Kill Clock 0
FG.  20-23.  Spaight and Kerrigan are the biggest culprits for the 2 big plays.  Also playcalling.

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