Drive 1 (10:14)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S25 1 10 1 2 3H(Bunch)x1 3-4 under Run OZ-End Around 6
genius play call with the Hback double backing and lead blocking for the end around.  Smith (-0.5) and Foster (-0.5) get cracked by the TE and WR, and flow of outside zone washes them down the line.  Replacements DJ (-0.5) and Breeland (-1) squeeze on the lead blocker, with Breeland taking a poor alley fill.  DJ runs to contain.
S31 2 4 2 1 I-Form 2×1 3-4 under Run Counter 0
McGee (+2) reads the T-G pull and sets the edge for any cutback, rocks the center and sheds to make the tackle at the LOS.  Smith (+0.5) sets a hard edge with the pulling guard and wrong arms him, constricting the playside hole.  Dunbar (-0.5) lets his man get a crack on DJ and doesn’t replace.  DJ (+1) is fearless with his fill, gets him hurt.  Foster and DJ had the playside hole filled, Brown is coming over top hard, if McGee doesn’t get off his block that’s a big gain but results don’t lie.  Hood (+0.5) held the line against his down block and Allen lost leverage even with an outside shade, but held up the double for a beat.
S31 3 4 2 0 Pro Set 2×1 Nickel Split Pass(1) Snag/RB Wheel Inc(15)
Nicholson (-1) Roughing Penalty, Breeland (-1) holding.  McClure (+1) (coverage +1) fights through the rub and doesn’t get stacked by the releasing RB, forces a difficult throw.
S46 1 10 1 2 3×1(tight) 3-4 Run OZ-Jet -2
Kerrigan (+0.5) rocks the TE and sets a hard edge.  Brown (+1.5) reads this play on the first step and fires into the backfield behind.  Both guards do an overlap block which frees up a gap temporarily.  Hood and Allen get pushed off the line but it almost looks coached, to open up alleys for the ILBs.  Not sure.  Foster (+0.5) sneaks in his gap thanks to McGee (+1) sealing out the RT.
S44 2 12 1 1 3H(Bunch)x1 Nickel Even Pass(1) Flat/Cross/Dig Inc
Dunbar one on one to the single side, DJ has RB to the flat.  Kerrigan has to jam the TE as he releases to the flat, slowing the pass rush but that’s how we are addressing that issue I guess.  Fuller is in press with Breeland stacked behind him, Fuller passes off and takes flat, backers take cross.  Foster passes to Brown and doesn’t get enough depth in his drop but Breeland (+1) is there over top for the PBU (coverage +1)
S44 3 12 1 1 3×1 3-3-5 Pass(2) Snag 5
Dunbar (-1) has underneath help with Foster and still presses on 3rd and 12, he gets beat and stacked.  Elsewhere Fuller, Bree, DJ and Smith all cover playside routes (coverage +1)
Punt.  Dunbar playing with fire on 3rd down.  We sacrificed pass rushers for route jams, we are ok with giving Hoyer extra time in the pocket.
Drive 2 (6:47)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S39 1 10 1 2 2Hx2H 3-4 False Start -5
False Start
S34 1 15 1 2 2Hx2H 3-4 Run Split Zone 7
They remove backside OLB Smith with a Flat route.  Hback pulls and Foster (+1) ignores him and fires up his gap, gauging correctly that he can get inside of that block, he forces the RB to keep it playside.  Kerrigan (-1) fires upfield too far and give up a huge hole inside.  Dunbar (+0.5) flattens the crack blocker, they coached him up between drives.  Hood (+1) flattens the double whose trying to work over to Brown.  McClain gets sealed but he became the default edge guy after Kerrigan got upfield.  Brown (-1.5) has a clean TFL and whiffs.  Dunbar (-0.5) whiffs and DJ comes up to make the stop
S41 2 8 1 2 2Hx2H 3-4 bear Pass(1) TE Flat Inc
Somebody busts in flat coverage (coverage -1) but this is the Niners and the TE drops it.
S41 3 8 1 1 3×1 Nickel 3×1 Pass(1) Double Snags -10
Dunbar one on one with the slot WR, all routes covered (coverage +1)  Ioannidis (+1) and Allen (+0.5) double the guard and Ioannidis bull rushes his way to the QB’s lap.  Smith (+1) has a one on one backside and meets Ion at the QB. (pressure +1)
Punt.  That last formation worked out really well, hope to see that again in the future.  One busted coverage so far for the game, ILBs are outsmarting the Oline.
Drive 3 (1:52)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S13 1 10 1 2 3Wingx1 3-4 over Pass(1) Max Pro Drag/Cross Inc
(coverage +1) (pressure +1) Perfectly called stunt by McGee (+0.5) and Foster (+0.5) cause the incompletion.  The stunt caused the RT and TE to run into each other, plus the line slide, left a gaping hole for the PBU.
S13 2 10 2 1 3Wingx1 3-4 under Run OZ 4
Breeland (-1) can’t keep DJ clean from the crack block and then fails to replace.  Galette (+0.5) knives through a double but can’t make the TFL.  Brown fights off the RT seal and runs the play OOB.  McGee (-0.5) sealed out by the scoop block.
S17 3 6 1 1 2×2 3-3-5 Pass(2) RB Flat 1
I guess they tried to stretch Dunbar’s flat zone with a flat/comeback route, but nobody is respecting Hoyer’s arm to make that throw (coverage +1) (pressure -1)  Allen lined up at LB depth, tried to add acceleration to his mass on the rush, got nowhere.
Punt.  3-3-5 hasn’t been doing much to confuse or pressure.  No separation by WRs, coverage unit is winning.  Breeland failed to replace, only bust on that drive.  On the OZ play they quit with the overlap blocking that Foster and Brown exploited (and maybe our DL too by baiting the separation.)
Drive 4 (9:47)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S25 1 10 1 2 2Hx2 3-4 Pass(1) OZ-EA-WR flat Inc
McGee stunts inside with Foster on what has to be a called blitz, only way to explain Brown’s coverage.  Hood (+0.5) is quick to read play action, with McGee and McClain both getting OZ penetration.  Foster’s blitz gets pressure (pressure +1) and forces the bad throw.  Anderson (-1) hesitates and takes a poor angle against the sniffer and is late on his pass rush.  He’s got to meet that sniffer early or if he’s reads pass then get upfield/play your zone.  Instead he splits the difference.  Brown was there, so no minus in coverage.
S25 2 10 1 2 3Wingx1 3-4 under Pass(1) Go Inc
They test the rookie Moreau in coverage, he is in the WR hip pocket (coverage +1) with Nicholson (+0.5) over top facing 2 deep routes on either side.  Breeland got worked by the in and out.  Anderson has to play the TE in max pro like he might release into the flat and Kerrigan is in coverage, that allows us to send only 3 big guys (pressure -1) and they get 0 push in the pocket.
S25 3 10 1 1 3×1(tight) Nickel Split Pass(1) Snag/Out 21
(pressure -1) Snag route baits Fuller (-1) (coverage -1) underneath, it’s 3rd and 10 let them have that throw.  With Fuller sucked in there is a void behind him and Hoyer has time to make the throw.
S46 1 10 1 1 2Hx2 Nickel Even Pass(1) Post/Flat Inc
Fuller takes the flat and passes off the WR to Moreau (-1) (coverage -1) who gives way too much cushion.  Bad throw and catch save us.  4 man pressure can’t even get in the face of the QB (pressure -1)
S46 2 10 1 1 Penalty -5
False Start
S41 2 15 1 1 Empty 3Hx2 Nickel Split Pass(2) Far Hash Out Inc
Pressure is non-existant with a 4 man rush (pressure -1)  Hoyer surprises Dunbar and tries to make one of the hardest throws in football and misses (coverage +1) every other route was locked down, but this looked like his first read.
S41 3 15 1 1 2Back 2×1 Nickel Split Pass(2) Levels/Far Hash Out 7
TE in the flat, RB on a meshy out and then a WR out is the 3rd level and it’s run 8 yards short of the 1st.  Hoyer sucks so bad, he leads the WR stright out of bounds with this throw (coverage +1)
Punt.  Once, We dropped both OLBs in coverage on 2nd and 10, and let Hoyer have time to throw.  We have been sacrificing pressure for coverage all game and it’s working.  They tested Moreau and he, with the help of Nicholson passed the test.  Fuller got baited.  Moreau and Dunbar have had to handle the single reciever on 3×1 sets.  Both are electing to use press coverage.  Hoyer with 2 horrible Far Hash Out throws.  4 man pressures are failing.
Drive 5 (6:39)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S20 1 10 1 2 3Wingx1 3-4 under Run Split Zone 10
Beathard in.  McGee (-0.5) gets washed down the line into Smith, who sets a soft edge, but run is A-gap tracked with a design to cut back.  Hood (-1.5) gets sealed out by the center, can’t live like this, and the RB cuts it back behind him into the A gap.  McClain (-1) gets destroyed by a double that works back to Foster (-1) who gets pancacked; both foster and hood attacked the same A gap.  Brown gets cracked on by a WR and spills outside to Dunbar (-1) who takes a poor angle and is late to recognize run.  Kerrigan (-1) got his legs taken out by the sniffer.
S30 1 10 1 2 3Hx1(tight) 3-4 under PA Pass(1) TE Slant 13
Line is slanting and ILBs have to scrape over top.  Foster flows hard with OZ run action.  Smith (-1) just stops for no reason and covers dirt.  Void is in front of Dunbar (-1) who makes a sloppy tackle and cedes yards.
S43 1 10 1 2 2Wingx2 3-4 under PA Pass(2) Clear Out HB Out Inc
I can’t figure out who carries flat, probably the corner who is sinking on a clear out route.  (coverage -1).  Max Pro buys plenty of time, Kerrigan was on a stunt so I doubt he’s reponsible for the HB out.
S43 2 10 1 1 3×1(tight) Nickel Pinch Pass(1) Double Outs Inc
DJ (+1) (coverage +1) is in the WR hip pocket for the PBU
S43 3 10 1 1 3Hx1 Nickel Overload left Pass(1) Out Inc
Motion and we don’t spin safeties so Brown is in man coverage against a TE (coverage -1) he tries his best, we luck out as the TE drops it. (pressure -1) exotic front doesn’t get to the QB.
Punt.  Nicholson not able to play in the box almost cost us at the end.  Drop bails us out.  Otherwise, good coverage, the TE Slant was a great call that caught us in a slant and split zone exposed Hood and Dunbar while catching McClain with a double.
Drive 6 (1:51)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S25 1 10 1 1 2Stackx2 Nickel Over Pass(1) In and Out Inc
Slot WR is passed off to Foster and works over to the sideline.  Foster in conflict with a Dig open behind him that the QB doesn’t see or doesn’t have a window to throw to.  Allen (+0.5) finally gets in the QB face (pressure +0.5) Forcing a bad throw.
S25 2 10 1 1 2Hx2 Nickel Split Pass(1) Dig 19
Good throw beats ok coverage as ILBs had 10 yard drops and Dunbar (-0.5) probably could’ve been a little tighter with his coverage but pressure was the main issue (pressure -1)
S44 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass(2) TE Seam 31
Either Foster or Nicholson fails to carry the seam, maybe Fuller?  (coverage -3)  It looks like Nicholson as Dunbar was not playing cover 2, that would put Nicholson over top of the TE.
W25 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Split Pass(2) HB Screen 12
Brown gets a bump on the TE Seam this time around.  Dunbar/Smith/Foster, one of those 3 don’t get to the flat (coverage -2)
W13 1 10 1 1 Empty 3×2 Nickel Split Pass(2) TE Out Inc
TE vs Brown, Brown walls off the inside and tries to shorten the window.  That’s a tough assignment for a ILB.
W13 2 10 1 1 2Stackx2 Nickel Over Pass(2) Snag/Corner/Flat Inc
Flat was open but twist in the middle got enough pressure to force the QB into Smith (+1) (pressure +1) who destroys him.
W13 3 10 1 1 2Back 2×1 Exotic Pass(2) Drag 8(3)
DJ (-1) for unsportsmanlike, i.e. punching Garcon.  (pressure -1) (coverage +1)  Nasty hit on Nicholson followed by a celebration, I understand why DJ did it.
W2 1 G Delay Of Game -5
Crowd +1
W7 1 G 1 1 3×1(tight) Nickel Even Pass(1) Corner Inc
(pressure -1) McClure (-1) with the coverage, bumps into Brown and gets turned around, grabs, not called.
W7 2 G 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) Mesh? Inc
 (coverage +1) (pressure -1)
W7 3 G 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Pass(1) TE Drag 6
Nobody with inside leverage on the TE (pressure -1) (coverage -1) as we blitz the house.
W1 4 G 2 2 Goaline Goaline Run Sweep 1(TD)
They pull the PSG.  Breeland (-1) late to react and causes a pile up on the outside which slows down the safety to the line.  Foster (-1) late to scrape over top.
Touchdown.  Halftime. 7-17.  3 big plays: 1 good throw to beat coverage and 2 big busts; one failure to cover the seam route and another failure at covering the flat zone/man on the RB.  Pressure was abysmal.
Drive 7 (15:00)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S25 1 10 1 2 2Wingx2Stack 3-4 under Run Split Zone 5
This run is designed to cut inside of Kerrigan with a puller who can’t make it.  I think the wing back is supposed to motion over pre-snap.  Kerrigan (-1) gets kicked and driven out, widening the hole.  Brown comes in on a blitz, McGee (-1) doesn’t communicate and takes on the same blocker.  That could be on Brown but McGee doesn’t even come off the block once it happens and when he does he whiffs on the RB.  Moreau and McClure in at CB and FS.  Breeland (-0.5) is in press and doesn’t keep the crack off of Brown, sheds and whiffs as he fights underneath the 2nd crack.
S30 2 5 1 2 I-Form Str 2Hx1 3-4 under Run OZ -3
Line slants left and gets underneath the double teams.  LT and LG try to overlap block and McClain’s stunt causes one to go back and pick him up and that destroys the combo.  They need to keep going, the Back will just have to outrun that penetration.  Anyways, Foster (+1) splits in between the now defunct double and Smith (+1.5) shocks and sheds the backup FB and strings the play to the sideline, DJ (+0.5) dodges the lead TE and gets inside and upfield.  Moreau (-0.5) gets worked by the crack.  Brown (+1) clears through traffic runs the RB OOB.
S27 3 8 1 1 2Back 2×1 3-3-5 Pass(1) Drag/HB Spot 12
Someone between DJ, Foster and Breeland busts (coverage -2)  Dumb play call sees Allen as a MLB blitz, of course he is, and puts Kerrigan (-1) in flat coverage.  QB just throws to where Allen vacated, easy read.  (pressure -1) also the blitz didn’t work.  Either Breeland is supposed to pass off the drag, not likely, or Foster/DJ needs to bump over their hook zone coverage.
S39 1 10 1 1 2Hx2 Nickel Even Pass(1) Dump off 9
DJ and Fuller have flats, Foster and Brown (-1) have hooks.  Brown misses the tackle after the catch. (pressure -1)
S48 2 1 1 1 2Hx2 Nickel Even Run OZ 0
Scoop on Allen (-0.5) works up to Foster and he gets sealed.  Anderson (+1) kamikazes and goes down, drawing the RT attention.  Not sure why the RT didn’t just work upfield.  Ioannidis (+1) holds the double and frees up Brown or DJ (+1) to make a play.  DJ sticks his nose in his gap and gets the stop.
S48 3 1 1 2 3Hx1(tight) 3-4 bear Run Split Zone 1
Backers shift over to prevent the TE slant that got us earlier.  McGee (+0.5) submarines through the Tackle.  Hood (+0.5) takes on a double and Foster is allowed to creep up behind him and covers the backside A gap.  McClain works the RG to a stalemate.  Galette sets a soft edge.  Dunbar tries to get a jam on the crack, but DJ (+0.5) already beat it and penetrates, meets McGee at the RB.
S49 1 10 1 2 Empty 3Wingx2 3-4 OLB Split Pass(2) C3 Hitch 11
RB works Breeland (-1) (coverage -1)
W40 1 10 1 2 2Wingx2 3-4 under Run OZ 10
They run this with a double going to Kerrigan-Breeland.  Breeland (-1) isn’t the best run defender.  McGee (-0.5) gets doubled and removed off the line, tries to recover but whiffs on the tackle.  Kerrigan (-1) gets reset outside and the gap is big.  Brown (-1) blitzed the A-gap and almost got a TFL but whiffed.  Hood (-1) gets off the line to give backside pursuit and just stops short, tackles nothing.
W30 1 10 1 2 2Wingx2 3-4 under PA Pass(1) TE Wheel/Go -11
Talked about in the preview, we shifted our formation so DJ plays to the 2 TE side and Bree to the 2 WR side.  Smith (+1) bumps the releasing TE on the wheel, Breeland looks to get beat by a go route, but that’s an opposite hash throw.  Foster and Nicholson double the Go (coverage +1) Kerrigan (+1) has time to work around his block and get the sack.
W41 2 21 1 1 3×1 Nickel even Pass(1) Dump off 8
Brown on a blitz  then stops, Brown (-1) (pressure -1) pocket doesn’t even get dented.  He voids coverage behind him with no one to pick it up.  It was 2nd and 21 so maybe that’s the assignment, still makes no sense for Brown to just stand there.  Hook zones were covering deep, good.
W33 3 13 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass(1) Snag Inc
Foster bumps the seam route, and maybe gets away with PI.  Fuller (+1) (coverage +1) in the WR hip pocket.
FG.  Moreau and McClure in at CB and FS in the 3-4 before Nicholson came back.  DJ is exclusive box safety.  2 tight wing formation forced Breeland to play run D, busted coverage compliments of a exotic pass D and poor coverage from Bree vs a RB leads to 3 plays for 30+ yards and 3 points.
Drive 8 (7:12)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
50 1 10 1 2 3Wingx1 3-4 under Run Split Zone-EA 5
SZ designed to cut back behind the crack block.  Hood and Foster force the cutback, End around freezes Kerrigan who then gets kicked out by the Hback.  McGee (-0.5) gets washed down by the double.  Brown clears A gap before attacking downhill, but is met by a crack which Breeland (-1) fails to replace/does so half-assed.  If he doesn’t want to replace at least get hands on the crack blocker.
W45 2 5 2 1 I-Form 2Hx1 3-4 Run OZ 4
They put a TE to the boundary and that bumps McGee out to over the tackle instead of over guard as we normally do in our under front.  This allows the guard a free release to the second level but Brown (+0.5) makes him miss and would have a stop at the line but isn’t able to wrap up.  Foster (+0.5) slams into the FB at the line to force the cutback to Hood (-1.5) who can’t keep gap control and gets washed down the line by the faintest of a double, he essentially loses a one on one to a center block.
W41 3 1 2 1 2RB I-Form 2×1(tight) 3-4 under Run Dive Fake HB Pitch 16
Breeland injured on the play.  Great play call here with 2 RB in the back field.  McClain slants inside the guard to take away the dive play, Foster (-2) fills the same gap, instead of replace McClain.  Kerrigan (-2) can’t fight through a WR crack and there is the edge with a pulling tackle vs Breeland to the outside, tackle goes low, wtf, and injures Breeland.  Not having 2 box safeties hurts us here as we are unable to spin them.  DJ and Brown cover the same gap.
W25 1 10 2 1 2RB Back 2Hx1 3-4 under Run Zone Read Option 1
Smith is being read, Double works Hood to Brown.  McGee (+2) slants inside the tackle and gets the TFL.  They ran it to the strength of the under front, that’s just dumb.  They were probably hoping the option to the backside would open up a huge cutback.  McGee erased that.  Foster replaced and filled, tripped and fell, but replaced correctly at least.
W24 2 9 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Pass(2) TE Spot 4
Dunbar (+1) (coverage +1) comes off his zone to make the play.  (pressure -1)
W20 3 5 1 1 3Hx1 Nickel Over Pass(1) Arrow/Slant -8
Same concept with Allen (+1.5) and Ioannidis (+1) (pressure +1) doubling the right guard.  Brown avoids Garcon on this play, lol.
FG no good.  They are targeting Breeland on runs.  Allen-Ion got a pass rush concept that works.
Drive 9 (3:06)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
W1 1 G 2 3 Goaline Goaline Run Power 1(TD)
the RT blasts Ioannidis (-2) into the end zone.  Kerrigan (-2) gets kicked out and Foster sealed by the puller.
Drive 10 (10:34)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S25 1 10 1 2 3Wingx1 3-4 under Run Split Zone -1
They’ve run SZ 2-3 times from this formation already and we are ready for it.  Kerrigan (+0.5) crashed down hard on the Hback, Brown (+1) and DJ (+0.5) blitz and get a TFL.  This was won pre-snap.
S24 2 11 1 2 2Hx2 3-4 Pass(1) Slant 11
Moreau (-2) (coverage -1) plays press, gets no jam and lets the WR inside with tons of room.
S35 1 10 1 2 2Wingx2 3-4 under PA Pass(1) Max Pro Far Hash Out Inc
This is the throw Hoyer got benched for.  Beathard is no better.  Dunbar being tested with tight splits and an out route to his side, preview mention that might happen, this is the second time they tried it (coverage +1)
S35 2 10 1 2 3H(Bunch)x1 3-4 under Run OZ 6
Smith (-1) gets kicked all the way out, Brown blitzes the A-gap, Foster (-2) fails to replace.  I don’t think he heard DJ check into coverage after the motion.  I could minus Brown for blitzing but either way Foster needs to cover it.  On second watch, Foster never saw the handoff, he’s checking for QB boot/option.
S41 3 4 1 1 3×1 Nickel 3×1 Pass(1) Go Inc
DJ over the safety whose #2.  Dunbar to the single side, Kerrigan over the slot WR #3.  Ion-Allen combo over the LG this time.  Dunbar (+1) (coverage +1) leans the WR into the sideline and forces a difficult throw.  The line slides over this time to avoid the 2 on 1 bull rush, Ioannidis (+1) (pressure +1) pressure still gets there.
Punt. 17-20.  Dunbar’s game is press, flip and go, and use the sidelines.  Moreau not with a good outing.
Drive 11 (3:28)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S25 1 10 1 1 2x2Stack Nickel Split Pass(2) Seam/Under Inc
stunt with the DTs, doesn’t get there (pressure -1)  Moreau (+1.5) (coverage +1) with a great PBU, he had the whole under zones to himself.
S25 2 10 1 1 3Hx1 Nickel Split Pass(2) Drag 2
Ioannidis (+1) (pressure +1) with pressure in the QB’s face.  DJ (+0.5) and Brown(+0.5) (coverage +1) close in on the Drag
S27 3 8 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass(2) Go/Under 10
Nobody with underneath coverage (coverage -1) (pressure -2)  DJ (-1) needs to bump his robber coverage over
S37 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass(2) HB out 4
(pressure -1) Dunbar (+0.5) (coverage +1) comes off his flat zone to make the play
S41 2 6 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(2) Scramble 14
(coverage +1) (pressure -1)  McClain (-1) loses his pass lane, Smith (-0.5) gets too far upfield by just a hair.
W45 1 10 1 1 3×1(tight) Nickel Over Pass(1) Go 45(TD)
Moreau (-4) Nicholson (-5) (coverage -4) Nicholson can’t get over when there is only 1 deep threat.  Moreau covers the same zone as Fuller.
Touchdown.  1 huge bust, failed pass lane contain and robber coverage bust by DJ are the culprits.
Drive 12 (:52)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S20 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) Smash 22
Nicholson (-1) (coverage -2) has cover 2 responsibility and cant get over in time, poor angle.  But Dunbar (-2) has to sink on that before breaking for a meaningless underneath throw.
S42 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass(1) HB Flat 6
Dunbar sinks this time and then comes up.  6 yards ceded is better than 22.  Zone blitz with Kerrigan dropping off in coverage.  Pressure was meh.
S48 2 4 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(2) Far Hash Corner Inc
(pressure -1) (coverage +1) Shannahan needs to quit with the Far Hash throws, they don’t have the talent
S48 3 4 1 1 2Back 2×1 Nickel Over Pass(1) Out 12
Dunbar (+0.5) (coverage +1) with a valiant effort but lucky bounce for them.  Pressure (-1) was abysmal even with the zone blitz, Ioannidis drops for any drag routes like they ran ealrier out of this formation.
W40 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) Comeback? Inc
Moreau Injured on the play.  This play was blanketed by Dunbar (+1) (coverage +1) not sure why the QB threw this.
W40 2 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Pass(1) Slant/Arrow Inc(-10)
Brown (+2) (coverage +1)
50 2 20 1 1 2Back 2×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) RB Flat Inc
Holsley in the game.  DJ closes in on the Flat (pressure -1) QB felt phantom pressure, threw off one foot
50 3 20 1 1 3Bunchx1 Nickel Split Pass(1) Corner/Flat Inc
Dunbar with inside leverage on the corner route, QB should’ve gone to the flat (coverage +1) (Pressure -1)
50 4 20 1 1 3×1 Nickel Pass(2) Go/Outs INT
(pressure -1)(coverage +1) Fuller (+2) jumps the desperation heave and gets the INT.
Game.  26-24 Skins.

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