Drive 1 (11:18)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
P25 1 10 1 1 2x2H Nickel Even Pass(1) Flat/Hook -10
OPI on Jeffery, Dunbar (+1) (coverage +1)
P15 1 20 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Run OZ 3(-9)
Illegal block above the waist.  Smith (+0.5) with contain, Foster overpursues and gives up the cut up field.  Upon further Review he got blocked in the back.
P9 1 26 1 1 3Hx1 Nickel Even Pass(1) Scramble -4
Offensive holding (pressure +1) Kerrigan (+1) beats his man, Ioannidis (+1) checks the FB/Hback on his route and maintains his pass rush lane.  Foster can’t get off the RB block, but no minus as QB wouldn’t even be running if not for the holding.
P5 1 30 -3
12 men
P4 1 33 1 2 3Wingx1 Nickel Even Run Short Trap 2
I have no idea what this blocking scheme is.  It looks like the TE, 87, screws up his blocking assignment and he just pushes behind the LT.  Probably a Wham block?  Anyways, Hood (+1) gets off his block and Fuller (+1) sticks his nose into the open gap along with Foster (+1) who takes on the LT
P4 2 31 1 2 3Wingx1 Nickel Even Pass(2) Post INT
Dunbar (+2) (coverage +1)  Arm punt.
Interception.  I’m not sure what to take away from that drive.  Hood-Ioannidis are the starting DTs in the Nickel front.  We stayed in Nickel vs 12 probably because of the insane distance to 3rd down.  That put Fuller in the box.
Drive 2 (6:46)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
P45 1 10 1 3 2Wingx2 3-4 under RPO Pass(1) Counter/Drag route Inc
Kerrigan (-0.5) reads counter, attacks the puller, gives up contain.  Brown (+0.5) able to penetrate and generate pressure (pressure +1) Dunbar (+1) (coverage +1) all over the route, in the WR hip pocket, gets the PBU
P45 2 10 1 1 2Hx2 Nickel Even Run Counter 2
Smith (+0.5) meets the kick out, constricts the hole.  Brown (+0.5) takes on the puller’s outside shoulder and funnels to Hood (+1) who got removed from the line was able to fight back and create an impedement for the back.  Breeland (+1) cleans up.
P47 3 8 1 1 3×1(tight) Nickel Okie Pass(1) Sack -8
Kerrigan (+2) (pressure +1) has the guard one on one and gets to the QB.  Galette (+0.5) with a hard swim/swat to the inside and dives at the QB feet.  DJ to the single side vs Ertz.  Dunbar on #3, Fuller on #2, Breeland on #1.  Foster-McClain with a stunt that gets Foster on the OL and McClain on a RB.  Nice.
Punt.  That Foster-McClain stunt needs to be used again.
Drive 3 (2:19)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
P5 1 10 1 1 3×1(tight) Nickel Even Run Sweep 2
Kerrigan (+1) gets off of the kick out block and attacks the puller, deepening the RB path.  Ioannidis and Lanier fight down blocks down the line to a stalemate.  Breeland keeps contain vs the TE.  Brown gets outside the puller and funnels inside to Foster (+1.5) who beats the RT inside and fights through traffic to make the tackle.
P7 2 8 1 2 2Hx2H 3-4 under Run Split Zone 4
McGee playing a loose 3 tech and slants inside.  Line kicks out Kerrigan and blocks down on McGee, Hood and Brown.  McClain (-0.5) gets washed downt he line, makes Foster’s fill tough.  Smith (+0.5) gets under the crack and makes the play.  DJ (+0.5) fits on the up field shoulder of the pulling H Back and funnels to Smith.
P11 3 4 1 2 3×1 Nickel split Pass(1) Switch/Pick 13
DJ one on one with Ertz.  TE lined up to the trips in the middle, he picks Dunbar and that frees up the inside slant.
P24 1 10 1 1 3Hx1 Nickel Even Pass(1) (Dig/go)Scramble 11(+15)
Dunbar (-2) Facemask, Breeland (-1) holding (coverage -1)  Smith (-1) gives up his pass rush lane
50 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(2) (Dig/go)Scramble 2(+15)
Galette (-2) Facemask  McGee loses his lane but the ends collapse quickly, this might be something that is coached.  (coverage +1)
W33 1 10 1 2 2Wingx2 3-4 under RPO Pass(1) Sweep/Switch routes Inc
Sweep looked open, Wentz should’ve given their.  Breeland (+1) (coverage +1)
W33 2 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Pass(1) Dig/Switch -10
Kerrigan lined up wide in a ghost 9.  McGee playing over nose.  DJ over Ertz on the single side.  Brown (+2) and Foster (+1) (pressure +1) get to the QB.  Brown cut inside a TE block, Foster had a wide open path thanks to Kerrigan (+0.5) influencing the RT even though he had coverage on RB.  McGee or McClain doesn’t time the stunt with Smith properly
W43 3 20 1 1 3×1 Nickel split Pass(2) Snag 11
(pressure +1) Lanier (+0.5) with good interior push on his bull rush.  Dunbar (-1) with a missed tackle on the YAC.
FG.  Nickel line of McGee-McClain result in a botched stunt but still got a sack thanks to Kerrigan’s influence on the RT and Brown fighting through traffic.  Lanier playing well, same with McClain and obviously Ion.  Hood-Ion look to be the new starters in Nickel
Drive 4 (9:14)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
P25 1 10 1 1 3Bunchx1 Nickel Even Run IZ 3
Line slants but Brown fail to fit behind it as they catch OL blocks.  DJ (+1) fits behind Brown and Smith (+1) comes off his block to fill.
P28 2 7 1 2 2×2 3-4 even Pass(1) Go/Drag Inc
Brown blitzes (pressure -1) and line slants: nobody gets home.  Blitz leaves Foster and Smith in hook coverage (coverage -1) and Smith has no chance of covering Ertz whose wide open.  Wentz decides to test Breeland (+1) who blankets the go route.
P28 3 7 1 1 2×2 Nickel Okie Pass(1) Dig/Drag Inc
DJ on Ertz, covers the out (coverage +1)  Blitz gets home (pressure +1)
Punt.  Lanier is getting a good pass rush from Nickel.  McGee struggling vs pass.  DJ doing work on Ertz one on one.
Drive 5 (6:20)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
P20 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) HB Out 6
DJ With robber after Ertz runs the in and out.  Brown (-1) (coverage -1) gives up outside leverage on the RB when he’s got hook to flat on the boundary side.
P26 2 4 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Run IZ 5
Ioannidis shift over to a shade over nose.  Hood (-1) gets blown off the line.  DJ (-1) fills and misses the tackle.  HB opens up like it’s an outside run, may have influenced Brown over which gave an open path for DJ.  Kerrigan (+0.5) slants inside and takes 2 blockers with him.  Foster scrapes over him and has contain.  Ioannidis gets off the center block and can’t wrap up with the free hand.  He does slow down the RB, DJ needs to make that tackle. Smith (+0.5) crashes in and makes the alert tackle.  HB trying to make LB flow right so he can cut back left.
P31 1 10 1 1 2×2 Tackle Over Nickel Over Run IZ 9
Hood (-2) gets sealed and that prevents Foster from running through and blowing this play up.  Instead he has to go with the puller and take on his inside shoulder.  Kerrigan (-0.5) gets washed down the line and can’t trip up the RB.  RB blasts through Foster and Ioannidis (-0.5) who both had blockers on them.
P40 2 1 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Run IZ 0
Hood (-1) gets removed from the line.  Smith (+2) shocks and sheds the Tackle then meets the RB at the LOS.  Brown (+1) drives into the lineman and puts him into the RBs lap.  Ioannidis able to fight through his block.
P40 3 1 1 1 2×2 Nickel Goal line Run QB Sneak 2
in between the DTs who were over the guards
P42 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even PA Pass(1) PA OZ Drag Levels/Go -6
Kerrigan (+1) (pressure +1) and Brown (+1) meet at the QB (coverage +1)
P36 2 16 1 2 3Hx1 Nickel Even Pass(2) Out and Up 64(TD)
(pressure -1) 4 man rush does nothing.  DJ (-4) (coverage -4) bites on the out.
Touchdown.  10-10.  Hood getting worked at the line and DJ busted coverage are the culprits on this drive.  Smith and Ion having good days so far.  DJ was a renaissance man up to this point.
Drive 6 (1:52)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
P20 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel split Pass(1) (Drag/Vert)Scramble 11(+5)
Breeland (-1) holding on the far hash, he didn’t have to do that.  Lanier (-2) gets pancacked and gives up his rush lane. (pressure -1) (coverage +1)
P36 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel split Pass(1) Vert/Drag 46
Dunbar (-2) doesn’t fall off the drag to cover #3 vert which is the call DJ (-2) makes, and his call seemed to complicate everything.  It left Foster alone on Ertz (coverage -3).  Montae took the drag that Dunbar passes in order to avoid being clogged up in traffic.  Worst culprit of all is pressure (pressure -3) as they zone blitzed and got nothing.
W18 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Run OZ 4
Nobody knows the call.  Eagles snap it, Overlap block on McGee works its way back to brown.  Everyone playside tries to stretch out the run and buy time for help.  Ioannidis (-1) gets scooped.  Kerrigan (+1) slants inside and puruses from behind.
W14 2 6 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even RPO Pass(1) RPO Power/Fade Inc(-5)
Ineligible down field.
W19 2 11 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(2) RB Swing 8
(coverage -1) as Brown (-1) is late coming down on the Swing pattern.
W11 3 3 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Pass(1) Fade Inc(10)
Dunbar (-1) called for face guarding, eh I guess. (coverage -1)
W1 1 1 2 3 I-Form Goal line (6 OL) Goal line Run FB Lead -3
Hood (+2) gets penetration, Nicholson (+1) crashes into the FB in the backfield, forces a cutback Foster (+1) cleans up
W4 2 4 1 2 2×2 Nickel Even Pass(1) TE Flat/WR Slant 4(TD)
DJ covered it (coverage +1) but missed the tackle DJ (-3)
Touchdown. 10-17.  Busted coverage this time by Dunbar it looks like (plus a bad call from DJ) was the culprit.  Also, not staying in pass rush lanes.
Drive 7 (14:54)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
P19 1 10 1 1 3Hx1 3-3-5 over Run Split Zone 2
I am not sure how to classify this grouping.  2 fives and a 0 tech with Anderson standing outside of the H Back.  Post snap it’s Nickel over.  DJ meets the puller’s outside shoulder, Kerrigan (+1.5) crashes down sheds and makes the tackle along with Ioannidis (+1) who swam past his defender.  This was designed to cut back behind Kerrigan.  By lining Hood up over center and moving Ion down the line we forced the OL to crash down to get the double on Hood.  This brings our ends (Kerrigan in this case) closer to the action.  This is a response to those back to back IZ runs where Hood got blown out.
P21 2 8 1 1 Empty 3Bunchx2 Nickel split Pass(1) Far Hash Out 14
LT injured.  (pressure -1) Fuller has the out from the Bunch, Wentz makes a damn good throw.  Last 2 weeks we faced QBs that couldn’t make this throw.
P35 1 10 1 2 2Wingx2 3-4 under RPO Pass(1) RPO Sweep/Slant 10
Foster (+0.5) and McClain (+0.5) blow up the sweep but at the cost of giving no underneath help to slant routes.  This is the 3rd time they’ve run RPOs from the formation, how can we have no plan for this.  (coverage -1)
P45 1 10 1 2 2Hx2H 3-4 even PA Pass(1) PA OZ Drag Levels/Out 7
Line slants, LBs scrape over top leaving Smith one on one with a TE (coverage -1)  The way Foster was lined up it looked like we were expecting OZ to Smith’s side.
W48 2 3 1 2 3Hx1 3-4 under Pass(1) Go Inc
They test Dunbar (+0.5) 1-on-1.  (coverage +0.5) (pressure -1)
W48 3 3 1 1 3×1 3-3-5 over RPO Run RPO IZ Read/Slant 21
Wtf.  335 sees Brown over Ertz with DJ blitzing and Galette at LB depth.  McGee (-2) has contain on pass rush and he always screws this up, why put him in this position.  As far as the read, I guess it was Galette (-2), they leave him unblocked.  This is such a clusterfuck.   Is Galette supposed to scrape over top?  Does he know ILB reads?  Goddamn.  He ends up covering the gap Ioannidis has.
W27 1 10 1 2 2Wingx2 3-4 under RPO Pass(1) RPO IZ/Skinny Post 21
McClain in a 2i instead of backside 3.  Anderson (-2) gets no bump on the TE on his rush and fails to get to the QB, we sent 6 nobody got home (pressure -3)
W6 1 6 1 3 3Wingx1 3-4 Pinch Run IZ 2
McGee (+1.5) knifes through a double and throws the center down.  Foster (+1) plugs the B gap and the run bounces out to Ioannidis (+1) who 2 gaps his man and funnels the run back to Foster.
W4 2 4 Penalty -5
False Start
W9 2 9 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) In/Corner Inc
DJ over Ertz whose #2 to the trips side.  Coverage was good enough (coverage +0.5)
W9 3 9 1 2 2Wingx2 Nickel over Pass(1) HB Wheel 9(TD)
Brown (-4) (coverage -3) blitzes and forgets to cover the RB
Touchdown.  Burned once again by Brown’s coverage, exotic formations putting guys out of position and Anderson failing to get a bump at the line, leaving DJ one on one with Ertz.
Drive 8 (6:46)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
P17 1 10 1 1 3Bunchx1 Nickel Even Run Split Zone 1
Ioannidis (+2) slants and plugs A gap, gets removed from the line, fights back and makes the play.  Kerrigan +0.5) 2 gaps and funnels.
P18 2 9 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Run OZ Read -7
Kerrigan slants inside for backside pursuit.  Hood (+1) controls and locks out his man, allowing for Brown (+1) to sneak in behind him and penetrate the line.  Smith (+2) dodges the blocker and disrupts the backfield causing the TFL.
P11 3 16 1 1 2Hx2 Nickel Over Pass(1) TE Screen 3
(pressure +1) Kerrigan (+0.5) with a QB hit.
Punt.  Don’t try and run OZ against this defense.
Drive 9 (0:44)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
P25 1 10 1 1 2Hx2 Nickel Over Run IZ 2
Ioannidis (+1.5) takes on the T-TE double and spills to Fuller (+1) who fills behind him and makes the tackle.  Hood stalemates the center, Kerrigan sets the edge.
P27 2 8 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Pass(1) Flat/Fade Inc
Breeland (+1) (coverage +1)  Foster with A gap pressure (pressure +1)
P27 3 8 1 1 3×1 Nickel Okie Pass(1) (Drag/Out/Post) Scramble 17
(coverage +1) (pressure +1) Foster (-1) gets out of his rush lane and Brown (-1) can’t wrap up.
P44 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Pass(1) Flat/Slant 6
A little too much cushion on the TE (coverage -1)
50 2 4 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Run IZ -2
Ioannidis (+0.5) and McClain (+0.5) take on doubles, Brown (+2) fires the gap between them.  Neither double team could get off in time: part speed part “legal” holding.
P48 3 6 1 1 3×1 3-3-5 Run OZ 6
Galette (-2) with the most hesitant reads ever.  He’s not a goddamn ILB, wtf are we doing.
W46 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) Go-Stop 24
(pressure -1) 4 man rush does nothing.  Dunbar (coverage +1) is on his man but Wentz has time to pump fake and still make the throw.
W22 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even PA Pass(1) PA IZ/TE Seam 12
DJ (-1) (coverage -2) gets seperated from a push off, he was in press coverage, that’s something you gotta be able to absorb.  Brown (-1) sucked in by PA.
W10 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) Vert 10(TD)
HB shifts to the trips side.  DBs shift over.  Holsey (-4) (coverage -4) passes off his man without anyone stacked behind him.  Nicholson maybe needed to be there presnap.  With 2 rookies on the field it’s tough to  know who f’d up.
Touchdown.  Wheels fell off, charting ceases.

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