Breakdown: Defense vs Bucs

1st Drive

Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
B36 1 10 1B 2TE Ace Twins Twin TE 3-4 Over Run Off Tackle 1
Knighton (+0.5) shoves the guard aside and cuts off any cutback opportunity for the RB.  Baker feels a reach block coming and shoves the guard straight back into the backfield.  Both LBs take on the C and T with their inside shoulder keeping their outside arm free and funnel the run back inside where Knighton is waiting to Knighton-smash the RB.  Kerrigan (+1) sets the edge perfectly gets off the TE block and takes down the RB.  This play had no chance.
B37 2 9 1B 1TE Ace Trips-Field 4-2-5 Over Run Power O 23
Center pulls instead of the guard which means the Guard has to reach block on Hatcher (-1).  Hatcher breaks the rule about never allow yourself to get reached.  Compare how he handles this block vs Baker on the last play.  Kerrigan and Riley (-2) gap exchange.  Riley takes forever to scrape over the top and when he does get there he leads with his outside shoulder and completely gives up the edge.  Keenan Robinson is trailing behind the RB but gets blocked off because Hatcher (-2) gets blown back into him and can’t eat up the OL block so Keenan gets blocked past the first down marker.  Jarrett (-0.5) can’t make the initial tackle.  I would pull Riley and Hatcher for a bit after this play
R40 1 10 1B 2TE Shotgun Twins 2TE 3-4 Over Pass Corner-Post-Flat 40
ILBs shifted over to the passing strength and cover the Hook area.  Bashaud is working the Curl-Flat and stays over the RB.    Blackmon and the Safety appear to be playing deep thirds.  Post route sucks up the safety and Blackmon is one on one with a beast.  Great throw.  Maybe Blackmon (-2) could have not bit so hard on the out move by Mike Evans but I’m having a hard time negging him more points.  I mean he’s just in over his head.  (Playcalling -1)
Touchdown.  11:47 1st qtr.  0-7


2nd Drive

Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
B25 1 10 1B 2TE Ace Twin TE 3-4 Over Run Toss Left 7
Preston Smith sets the edge, Robinson and Riley (-1) pursue and Riley gets thrown down and ends up by the numbers.  Knighton (-1) can’t keep Riley clean as he gets scoop blocked and fails to press the playside guard down the line.  Not even a little bit.  Jean-Francois (-1.5) gets reached and sealed.  Goldson (-0.5) comes down pre-snap and fires his backside gap like a kamikaze.  He misses the tackle.  Trenton Robinson has to clean up
B32 2 3 1B 2TE Ace Twins 3-4 Under Run Off Tackle 7
Jean-Francois (+1) fires through his double team and is in the backfield to force Martin to cut it back where Preston Smith (-2) is nowhere to be found on contain because he is drifting off into the ether.  He pass/run key is the TE which is okie-doking him with a pass block look.  It worked because Preston was dropping off and covering the curl-flat.  That play was really well defended otherwise.  It just takes one mistake…
B39 1 10 2B 1TE Offset I (Tackle-Over) 3-4 Under Penalty False Start -5
OT Pamphile is the TE.  He gets called for the false start.
B44 1 15 2B 1TE Offset I Hback 3-4 Over Pass Drag 19
We are sending 5 including Goldson, dropping 3 underneath and 3 deep.  Keenan Robinson (-1) doesn’t get any depth on his drop.  Nobody besides Kerrigan could apply pressure and even he didn’t get much
R37 1 10 2B 1TE I Form (Tackle-Over) 3-4 LB Over PA Pass Dig 25
Pamphile in at TE again.  Our LBs respond by shifting to his side.  Goldson walks down making it 8 in the box with 3 deep coverage behind.  Everyone bites on the PA, goodness.  Murphy sees a clear/open gap in front of him with a FB steaming towards it.  He has to meet the FB at the LOS.  I can’t really blame Robinson and Riley for biting.  The blocking looks like a run all the way.  I have no idea what Goldson is doing.  His run/pass key is blocking and no back is threatening the flat.  He should be finding work in coverage.  Trenton Robinson (-1) misses his tackle.
R12 1 10 2B 1TE I Form 3-4 Over Run Draw -1
Golston is put on skates but manages to stick to his blockers unlike Knighton earlier.  Hatcher (+1) and Baker (+1) beat their one-on-ones and meet at the RB in the backfield. Baker with a nice swim move.
R13 2 11 1B 1TE Shotgun Twins 4-2-5 Over Pass Flat 9
Riley shifts back to his normal ILB position which leaves Trenton Robinson (-2) with Curl-Flat duty.  He gets enamored with the TE vertical release and loses the RB.  RB is left wide open for a 9 yard gain.
R4 3 2 1B 2TE Shotgun Twins Twin TE (Tackle Over) 3-4 Under Pass PA Rollout Inc
Trenton Robinson (+1) does a good job keeping contain after Murphy gets okie-doked and covering the releasing TE.  Keenan Robinson (+1) shoots his gap and induces the guard to chase him which blocks Vincent Jackson on the Drag route behind the line.  Good coverage in the end zone.  Goldson (+0.5) shoulder tackles a WR.
FG.  5:06 1st qtr.  0-10



3rd Drive

Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
B29 1 10 2B 1TE I-Form Tight (Tackle Over) 3-4 Under Run Power O 17
Kerrigan (-1) is the Sam lined up over a tackle (Pamphile) and he gets blown way back.  I’m not understanding our alignment strategy vs this formation.  We are asking a 260 OLB to take on a 315 OT.  Okay.  Riley does a good job gap exchanging with Kerrigan and setting the edge against the FB block.  This leaves a pulling guard free to take on Keenan Robinson who is late in meeting him at the hole because he has to check for the cutback left wide open by Knighton (-1) who is on skates. Paea (+0.5) does a good job keeping Keenan free vs a scoop block by the Tackle and Guard.  RB slides past the LBs and gets into the secondary.  If Knighton doesn’t get blown back, Keenan and Murphy can flow to the ball and stop this for a 3-4 yard gain.  We need to adjust this Kerrigan vs Pamphile matchup.
B46 1 10 1B 1TE Ace Trips Bunch 4-2-5 Over Run Pin and Pull 5
Knighton (-2) gets down blocked and sealed by a Guard.  I mean I thought this guy was supposed to take on double teams and be damn near impossible to move.  Jean-Francois (-1) lets his guard release to the 2nd level with hardly any resistance and then proceeds to get cut by the pulling tackle.  Murphy (-0.5) gets cut blocked by the TE, he manages to keep his feet but is removed from the LOS and there is a gaping cutback available for a ton of yards.  Kerrigan and Riley do a good job of funneling the RB back to Keenan who could’ve made the play had Knighton and Jean-Francois done their jobs.  That being said it looks like Keenan could’ve done a better job with his angle.
R49 2 5 1B 1TE Ace Twins H 4-2-5 Over Pass Slant 9
Once again we pull a DL for a safety.  We are not strong enough up front to do this (playcalling -2).  It makes more sense to pull Murphy/OLB for a Safety if we want to match the formation.  Anyways, Riley is freaking out about the run and who can blame him.  This leaves an open hole between him and Bashaud who is playing deep third.  Quick throw for an easy first down.
R40 1 10 1B 1TE Ace Twins H 4-2-5 Over Pass Penalty (Inc) Holding -10
Kerrigan (+1) applies pressure and forces Jameis to throw it a little sooner than he wanted and the ball is underthrown.  The play was there.  Also the ILBs are biting hard on the run and leaving the hook zones wide open.  VJax was open for a ton of yards on a drag route causing Trenton to bite and leaving the post route open.  Murphy (+1) draws a holding call.
Mid 1 20 1B 2TE 3×2 Empty 4-2-5 Even Pass Out 11
Riley blitzes leaving Goldson from about 12 yards deep to take care of his guy (#2 reciever Doug Martin).  Bust here somewhere.  Either Goldson lined up wrong, Riley didn’t get the play call or Bashaud was supposed to switch and play underneath.  I’m negging Riley (-1) based on pre-snap alignment, but I’m not 100% on this one
R39 2 9 2B 1TE Offset I TE Boundary 3-4 Bear Pass Corner-Post Inc
Double-A blitz combined with a bear front gets Riley free (playcalling +1) and forces the inc throw
R39 3 9 1B Shotgun 3×1 Dime Pass Curl 13
Keenan and Knighton run a stunt.  Hatcher (+0.5) applies pressure late.  Bashaud gets beat one-on-one against a mountain of a receiver.  Seriously.  I keep thinking VJax is a TE when I check for personnel pre-snap.
R26 1 10 1B 1TE Trips Bunch 4-2-5 Nickel Run Pin and Pull 7
Only 2 true DL again.  We pull a DL for Jarrett and surprise…it’s a run.  Gap exchange by Murphy and Riley goes bad.  It looks like Murphy (-2) tried to peak inside on his own without a called exchange.  Riley executes these just fine with Kerrigan but seemed caught off-guard by this one.  Golston (+0.5) does what you are supposed to do vs a down block (please keep Knighton on the bench).  Hatcher (-1) lets the backside guard have a free release.  No way he’s supposed to do that.  That would be a poor play design.  This allows the guard to smother keenan robinson from any kind of backside pursuit.
R17 2 3 2B 2TE Offset I (Tackle Over) 3-4 Run Counter Power O 3 + -15 Penalty
Preston Smith (-1) doesn’t execute the block-down step-down, gets too far upfield and there is a huge hole where the FB and Will Compton meet.  Compton takes on the block correctly funneling it back to Keenan Robinson (-1) who got sealed by the guard because he takes a poor angle and plays like he doesn’t trust his backside help from Trenton Robinson.
R29 1 10 1B 2 TE Ace Twins Twin TE 3-4 Over PA Pass Bootleg Inc
Paea (+1) does a good job of feeling the boot and applies pressure.  I’m not sure wtf Murphy (-0.5) is doing here.  He’s covering grass instead of taking QB contain.
R29 2 10 1B 1TE Shotgun 2×2 4-2-5 Over Pass Slip Screen 8
Line is shifted to the TE in the boundary.  Great call as they catch us on a stunt with Hatcher and Knighton.  The guard is left alone to block.  Compton sheds the block nicely but can’t make the tackle.  Riley was working hard to cover the curl zone.  He misses the tackle too.  No worries as Goldson is there to clean up
R21 3 2 1B 1TE Shotgun 2×2 4-2-5 Run Sweep Right 5
Murphy (-1) gets crack blocked by the TE and my goodness he goes for a ride.  He needs to squeeze that block back or at least hold his ground.  Trenton Robinson (-1) shows 0 awareness and fails to gap exchange off that.  He gets blocked by VJax.  Hatcher deals with his down block long enough to give Riley (+0.5) a decent enough angle to chase down the play.  On second thought, that’s a rookie that only outweighs him by 8 pounds.  Hatcher (-1) should be taking him down the line not getting pushed back.
R16 1 10 1B 1TE Ace 3×1 4-2-5 Over Run Pin and Pull 5
Knighton (-2) is bad at football.  He gets down blocked and does nothing to combat it.  Just awful.  Gaping hole is filled by 2 pulling OL to  meet 2 LBs and this should end badly but Preston Smith (+1) comes off of contain and makes the tackle along with Baker (+0.5) who had to run around Knighton.
R11 2 5 1B 1TE Ace 2×2 4-2-5 Over Run Split Zone 4
Murphy (+0.5) with a perfect block down step down technique and wrong arms the HBack like he should.  He along with Compton take away any cutback which can be deadly in a split zone run.  Smith (+0.5) sets the edge.  Pot Roast and Baker get caught slanting and cant squeeze down on their scoop blocks.  Riley (+1) does a great job of taking on both free OL.  This leaves Trenton Robinson (-1) in perfect position to stop this play for a yard or two but he can’t make a tackle.
R7 3 1 1B 1TE Shotgun 2×2 4-2-5 Over Pass Switch Route 7
Good play call on both sides of the field by the Bucs.  Blackmon and Jarret both look to be playing the slant based on pre-snap alignment.  Switch route works perfectly.  Jarret gets a bad angle.  I guess I could neg him but it’s not like he’s the owner of Revis island.
Touchdown.  11:34 2nd qtr.  0-17.  (Followed by a Fumble for a touchdown.  0-24.)



4th Drive

Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
B20 1 10 2B 1TE Offset I Twins 3-4 Over Run Off Tackle -2
Smith sets the edge.  Hatcher (+2) feels a reach block and smashes his guy into the backfield, sheds the block and gets an arm on the RB.  Trenton Robinson (+1) reads the TE as his run/pass key.  TE fan blocks Murphy and a clear gap opens up in front of Trenton.  He shoots it quickly and provides great backside pursuit—okay he overruns his tackle a bit—but no big deal here.  Murphy (+1) carries the TE down the line and never gives up on the play.  Hatcher, Trenton, Compton and Murphy all meet for a TFL.
B18 2 12 1B 1TE Shotgun 3×1 4-2-5 Over Pass Skinny Post Inc
Jameis throws a poor ball.
B18 3 12 2B Shotgun 3×2 Empty 3-1-7 Pass Double Screen
Jeffcoat lines up at DE and Murphy plays at MLB depth.  Compton is playing deep middle at Safety depth.  Jeffcoat (+1) and Compton (+1) rally to the ball.  Jeffcoat was on the ground when the ball was released and Compton came from off the tv screen to make a play.  I really liked this playcall, our defense just out hustled them.  Must’ve seen this on tape.
Drive.  3:07 2nd qtr.  7-24.  Hooray for 3 and outs



5th Drive


Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
B12 1 10 2B 1TE I Form Twins 3-4 Over Run Iso 8
FB meets Compton at the LOS for the iso block, Compton attacks it with his inside shoulder and funnels the RB to Kennan Robinson.  Knighton with a double team does a just good enough job to keep Keenan clean so he can fill his gap and funnel the RB to the backside.  On the backside: Hatcher (-1.5) gets blown down the line, fails to squeeze the gap and then spins around to get back to his gap thereby losing the RB and making things worse.   Trenton Robinson (-1) was in perfect position to make the play and fails to make the tackle—that’s the second time on back to back drives this has happened.  Goldson (0.5) cant tackle either.  Geez, they were just trying to run out the clock and we are giving them new life.
B20 2 2 1B 2TE Ace Twin TE (Tackle over) 3-4 Over Run Inside Zone 3
Knighton (+1) and Baker (+1) take on their double teams and don’t let them get to the LBs (!)  Riley (-1) gets a free hit on the RB and whiffs.  1st down.
B23 1 10 1B 1TE Ace Twins H 4-2-5 Over Run Pin and Pull
Knighton runs a slant, I think he’s switching with Hatcher.  Preston Smith sets the edge and funnels to Riley who attacks his open gap and funnels to Compton who funnels to Hatcher (-2) who gets off his block and can’t make the tackle.  Trenton Robinson (-1.5) is slow to react to the run and then takes a crap angle and misses his tackle.
B37 1 10 1B 1TE Shotgun 3×1 4-2-5 Pass Holding Inc (-10)
Murphy (+1) and Hatcher (+1) get pressure and force the throwaway.  Hatcher draws a holding call.
B27 1 20 2B 1TE I Form Twins 3-4 Over Run Iso 0
Baker (+0.5) sells out and rips past his block, he knows the half is almost over, and breaks up the play.  He forces the RB right into Jean-Francois (+0.5) and Smith.  Knighton (-1) got erased from the play and could not keep Compton clean.  Playing with Knighton is like playing with 10 guys on the field.
Half.  7-24.


6th Drive

Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
B20 1 10 2B 1TE I Form (Tackle Over) 4-4 Over PA Pass Skinny Post Inc
PA is a pretty damn good Iso and LBs bite.  Riley has to meet the FB at the LOS.  Trenton Robinson could’ve probably gotten some depth.  Great almost-catch by VJax who was working inside Blackmon and went high with Goldson (+1) about to whack him.
B20 2 10 2B 1TE Offset I Twins 3-4 Under Pass Screen 14
Jeffcoat (-2) gets caught up with the releasing FB whose not even his guy and loses the RB that he could’ve had for a TFL.  Compton (-1) is late on his gap exchange with a slanting Dline and overruns the play.
B34 1 10 2B 1TE Offset I 4-4 Over Run Power O 1
Murphy (+1) kinda abandons contain but this doesn’t look like its cutting back anyways.  He wraps around the line and helps make the tackle.  Jeffcoat sets the edge in the backfield.  Trenton Robinson (-2) is completely lost in the box and attacks the wrong hole and almost ruins the play but the guard pulls into the wrong gap, he should’ve pulled one gap over and this play would’ve worked.  Thank you Rookie guard for picking the wrong gap to pull into.  Jean-Francois doesn’t get blown off the line.  I feel like I should plus him for that.  That’s how bad the DL has played so far.  Anyways, Jean-Francois does his job and the LBs fill.  Hooray.
B35 2 9 2B 1TE Offset I 4-4 Pass Dig Inc
Baker and Knighton run a slant and we send 5.  Compton and Riley cover the backs.  Robinson has the TE vertical.  This leaves no one underneath, we’re counting on the pressure to get there.  Throw is behind.
B30 3 14 1B 1TE Shotgun 3×1 3-2-6 Pass Scramble Fumble + -15 Penalty
Not sure what to call this formation.  3 at the line, Murphy-Jarret-Riley play underneath and 5 guys including Compton play deep.  Jameis finds nothing open and takes off.  Jeffcoat (+2) again with the hustle play and catches Jameis from behind and gets a strip fumble.  Recovered by Jameis
Drive.  13:28 3rd qtr.  7-24.



7th Drive

Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
B20 1 10 1B 2TE Ace Twin TE Trips 3-4 Bear PA Pass PA Toss Boot Inc
Robinson walks down to the LOS.  Preston Smith keeps contain, nobody open.  Cant see downfield to figure out who to credit
B20 2 10 2B 1TE I Form Twins 4-4 Over Run Iso Counter 5
WR is in tight giving us 9 in the box.  Unflanked TE fan blocks and last time this keyed the Safety to fill the gap.  Trenton Robinson is slow to react to this.  Meanwhile Compton (-1) overreacts to this and follows the FB into the hole and away from the play.  Riley (-0.5) lines up way to close to the LOS and has a poor angle on the counter.  Preston Smith (-1) gives up the edge.  9 in the box yields 5 yards.
B25 3 5 1B 2TE Shotgun 2×2 Okie 1 Pass Go 24
Will Blackmon is not Darrelle Revis.  He gets beat by a perfect throw to a 6-5 Mike Evans.  I don’t like the playcall to put him 1-on-1 like that.   (playcalling -1)
B49 1 10 1B 2TE Ace Twin TE 3-4 Over Run Penalty -10
Murphy has contain but Keenan (-2) doesn’t trust him(?) to fill and plays contain as well.  Keenan is definitely one gap to far over.  This forces Compton to fill in where Keenan was supposed to be and the cutback is massively wide open.  Golston (-1) gets blown off the line and puts Goldson in a tough situation to fill.  Hatcher (+1.5) stays with his block and almost sheds to still make a play but looks like he gets held.  Blackmon gets blocked in the back, Trenton Robinson (-2) takes the worst angle ever and this play goes for a bunch of yards.
B39 1 20 1B 3TE Ace Twin TE (Tackle over) 3-4 Over PA Pass Hook 6
No pressure.  Good coverage downfield.
B45 2 14 1B 2TE Shotgun 2-Back 3-4 Pass Dig 20
We send 6 and Murphy has the Back.  This leaves nobody underneath except Trenton Robinson because his guy is blocking.  Dig route is wide open against Cover 3.  (Playcalling -1)
R35 1 10 2B 1TE I Form Twins 3-4 Run Toss 5
Trenton Robinson walks down to give 8 in the box.  This allows the ILBs to pursue harder to the outside run.  Preston Smith (-1) can’t shake off a block from a tiny WR and he gets sealed.  Bashaud (-1) is late in replacing him to set the edge.  Goldson takes a good angle and does his job.
R30 2 5 2B 1TE I Form Tight 3-4 Over Run Iso 3
Paea (-1) gets blown off the line.  Knighton (+0.5) gets blown off too but he keeps the LBs clean(!)  Keenan Robinson (+2) meets the FB at the LOS and gives Compton (-1) a free shot to tackle the RB.  He misses.  Keenan then shakes off the FB block and makes the tackle himself.  Preston Smith (+0.5) and Jean-Francois (+0.5) do a nice job of working down the line from the backside.
R27 3 2 2B 2TE Offset I Twin TE 3-4 Over Run Power O 4
Wtf is Knighton (-2) even doing.  He takes himself right out of the play and the guard is now free to seal out the backside pursuit.  Keenan meets the pulling guard near the line and nobody else is around to clean up thanks to poor DL play:  knighton has gone off into the ether and Baker (-1) can’t hold his ground.  Compton (-1) still has a shot but he cant shed a TE block.  I’m not so sure having 2 ILBs at 230 pounds is going to work against 22 personnel power O.
R23 1 10 2RB 2TE Offset I Tackle over 3-4 Over Run Power O 3
Jean-Francois (+1.5) sheds his block and gets to the FB in the backfield and forces a cutback.  Baker (+0.5) and Murphy hold their ground on the backside but Knighton (-1) gets blown out.  Boo this man.  Goldson (+1) takes a good angle and makes the tackle.
R26 2 7 2B 1TE Offset I Hback 3-4 Over Pass Penalty -5
Wow, Knighton (+1) is ANGRY.  Jean-Francois (+0.5) also applies pressure.
R31 2 12 2B 1TE Shotgun 2back Twins 4-4 Under Pass Sack -8
Jean-Francois (+2) gets by aerybody and Paea (+0.5) cleans up.  Jameis was locked in on the Evans-Blackmon matchup.  Its been his get out of jail free card.
R39 3 20 2TE Shotgun Empty 3×2 3-1-7 Pass Out 5
I’m counting Murphy as the LB.  I can’t see whose where off of my screen.  Jameis gets negged for getting rid of the ball so early.  He gave up on the play.
FG.   13:51 4th qtr.  21-27


8th Drive:

Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
B6 1 10 1B 3TE Ace 1WR (Tackle Over) 3-4 Run Outside Zone 3
Goldson and Bashaud are walked down over the TEs to make 9 in the box.  Outside zone blocking and nobody gets reached.  Knighton (+2) holds up to a double team AND stays at the LOS, holy shit.  Baker (+0.5) penetrates.  Nothing playside.  Compton (+1) fires into the A gap and the RB has to keep cutting back.  Right into Preston Smith (+1) and Dashon Goldson (+1) who both maintain their C and D gaps.  Jean-Francois (-0.5) got put on skates and that was the only reason the RB was able to fall forward for 3 yards.
B9 2 7 1B 2TE Ace Twin TE (Tackle Over) 3-4 Bear Pass Go Inc
Rush 5, 3 underneath 3 deep.  Blackmon (-2) was beat bad.  This is the first time I’m negging him because he’s not in position to make a play or force a difficult catch.  Luckily Jameis overthrows this one.
B9 3 7 1B 2TE Shotgun 2×2 3-4 Over Pass Out 16
Bashaud is in Evan’s hip pocket and it doesn’t matter.  Perfect throw and Evans is a power forward boxing out.  Whatever.
B25 1 10 2B 1TE I Form Twins 3-4 Run Iso 2
Golston (-1) gets blown back.  But Hatcher (+1) and Baker (+1.5) do likewise to their blockers.  Trenton Robinson (+0.5) fills correctly and he and Baker make the tackle.
B27 2 8 1B 2TE Ace 3-4 Over Pass Arrow/Slant 5
Smith is spying, I think.  Or else he might be able to bat this down.
B32 3 3 1B 2TE Shotgun 2×2 4-2-5 Pass Skinny Post 14
We send 7.  Compton is out in the slot.  None of this matters.  Jameis cashes in his get out of jail free card and throws it up to Evans.  Bashaud is all over him.
B46 1 10 2B 1TE I Form Twins 3-4 Run Inside Zone 49
Golston (+1) holds up to the double and stays right at the LOS and he’s flanked by Compton (+0.5) whose meeting the FB a yard behind the LOS and he’s flanked by Hatcher (+1) who blew his guy back 2 yards back.  The RB has to cutback where Baker (-3) has been removed and Trenton Robinson (-1) is left to make a tackle against the muscle hamster in open space.  He misses.
R5 1 Goal 2B 1TE I Form Twins 3-4 Run Inside Zone 3
Knighton (-1) gets doubled and blown back but at least he takes 2 guys with him.  LBs and hatcher force a cut back where Baker (+1) has beaten his block and almost makes the tackle.  Trenton Robinson finally cleans up after getting taken for a ride.
R2 2 Goal 2RB 3TE (Tackle Over) Offset I Goaline Run Off Tackle 1
Baker (+2) blasts his guy back and forces the RB to change his angle.  Preston Smith (+2) splits a double team freeing up Keenan to make a tackle along with Compton (+1) who had to shed an OL block on his way to the ball.
R1 3 Goal 2B 3TE (Tackle Over) Offset I Goaline Run Off Tackle Nope
Playside: Foster (+1) takes the FB with his inside shoulder and sets the edge.  Goldson (+1) puts himself in perfect position to make the tackle.  Kedric Golston (+2) submarines and takes out 3(!) blockers to allow Keenan (and even Knighton) to be a free hitter, Baker (+2) avoids the cut block and meets Goldson in the backfield.  We had them outleveraged playside.  Nobody had Goldson accounted for.  (play call +2)
FG. 2:27 4th qtr.  24-30.

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