Defensive Grades: Skins vs Bucs 2015

Grades are from the chart.  I don’t get to see DBs in coverage so their scores will be lowered.  A DB that breaks even is probably having a good day.


The grades came out way more positive that I thought they would.  It looks like we have a rock at 3-tech DT with Baker.  He got moved once on a power O run but otherwise he kept standing his ground against double teams.  He got backed up by Paea who held his ground ok.  3-tech looks to be set.  The problem was at nose guard and our 5-tech defensive end.  Pot Roast was supposed to be a stump legged blob that sucked up any offensive lineman that tried to move him.  Instead:

That’s him aligned at an angle on the center.  First he allows the playside guard free access to the LB and then he gets reached and sealed by the center.  Next to Pot Roast is DE Jean-Francois.  He’s getting reach blocked and completely sealed out of the play.  They don’t need to combo block him at all.  We got 310-350 pound dudes that aren’t very hard to block one-on-one.  Save for Baker, this is pretty much the story of the whole game: a 3 man front that can’t keep our bee-sized inside linebackers clean so they can swarm to the ball.

In the pass rushing department, it looks like we have a guy in Hatcher that can consistently apply pressure.

Outside LBs

A bunch of solid ok dudes.  No star ability on this roster outside of Kerrigan’s pass rushing.  Preston Smith could be great but for now he’s oscillating between being a strong force setting the edge against the run and getting confused with his assignments.

Inside LBs

These guys are built for speed, not taking on blocks from gargantuan lineman.  But the way our 1-tech (Pot Roast) and 5-tech (Hatcher) are playing they are going to have to deal with 300 pound guys in their face.  The following video is an example of how our 3-tech (Paea) squeezes the tackle (78)—by dropping his left leg (pressure leg) and pushing off his right—and keeps him off of our LBs (Riley and Murphy) clean so they can flow to the ball:

The play doesn’t end well because Riley (who does a gap exchange with Kerrigan) takes a horrible contain angle.  This was a 6 offensive lineman package that Tampa Bay deployed often.  We adjusted to this formation in the second half by widening out the OLBs and had them play contain instead of Riley.  Also we brought down Trenton Robinson to LB depth and played a 4-4 defense.

Another thing to notice on this play: Knighton getting removed from the line by a center 50 pounds lighter than him.  Playing with Pot Roast at 1-tech is like having 10 guys on the field.


Defensive Backs

Again, it’s hard to see what they did in coverage except for Blackmon because he got picked on.  Jameis used the Mike Evans-Blackmon match up as his get-out-jail-free card.  I can’t blame Blackmon though.  He was with Evan’s stride for stride but Jameis put a couple of pinpoint throws on him and Evans is a power forward that can box out.  Scheme wise every time the Bucs brought in a sixth offensive lineman with a fullback, we would stack 8 in the box and leave 3 guys in coverage.  This meant one-on-one for Blackmon against a 6-5′ freak made in a factory that Texas A&M is hiding somewhere.  I don’t see this type of matchup problem getting solved until we get a legit nose guard and 5-tech DE that allow us to play an actual 3-4 (not a 4-4) so we can play more types of coverages.

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