Breakdown: Defense vs Pats

As always the play by play chart is at the end:

Scanning the field:
We debuted a new formation that I didn’t see last week:

That’s a 3-3-5 personnel: 3 DL, 3 LBs, and 5 DBs. Just about everybody is walked up to the line including a safety, while Compton is 7 yards off the ball. His alignment allowed him time to diagnose what was going on in front of him and play downhill with precision. We tried this alignment one more time:
with Keenan as the guy 7 yards off the ball.  Yeah, didn’t work so well but only because we got out leveraged to the bottom of your screen.  Blackmon (bottom of the screen) looks to have contain but can’t shake a block from Amendola.  That was a big storyline for this game: Pats wide receivers sealing out our DBs and creating huge holes for the running back.

Defensive Backs:

I feel like Culliver and Johnson get a bit of a pass here.  They haven’t seen much action up to this point and were trying to shake off some rust.  Trenton however has no excuses at this point.  I mean:
That’s a WR owning him.  Later in the game I saw him playing more deep safety while Goldson took over in the box.  Then later on it looked like Jeron Johnson and Goldson took over as the safety tandem.  Speaking of Johnson:

On the first play I’m not sure why he takes his angle that far inside.  Even if he was trying to make a play how did he not see Edelman coming right for him?  The second play speaks for itself…

Culliver gets to blame rust for a few of his mistakes but a few were him looking at the man-child at running back and making a business decision


All WRs to his side are engaged in blocks, there is no threat to him downfield and Culliver is uh, just making sure everything is covered deep.  Yeah, that’s it.


Outside linebacking is a position for stars.  For the most part, your job duties are pretty simple: you have to keep contain, follow a few simple blocking rules and cover the flat and curl zones (and sometimes a wheel route.)  Less responsibilities work out great for a guy like Kerrigan who we don’t want thinking too much.  Just get the QB–and don’t lose contain.  However with a guy like Murphy, he’s not going to mess up too bad, but he’s not going to make a ton of plays either.  I feel this is a problem.  OLB should me a PLAYMAKER position.  You can easily not screw up your job but you are wasting a roster spot if that’s all you do.  The positive grades Murphy got were things like carrying a wheel route correctly, not letting guys get outside of him,  i.e. things that just about any NFL player can do.  I like Murphy as a reliable backup, but for a starter I hope our best scouts are roaming the country looking for a guy that can get after it.  I liked the move we made to sign Junior Galette, this offseason I hope we try and get a pass rushing guy on the same level or better.

Inside linebacking on the other hand is grimy and looks hard af.  Every block in the offensive lineman’s repertoire is going to be used against you.  Bodies are coming from all sides and you have to diagnose and react fast.  Perry Riley does not diagnose very fast:

1st play: trust your help.  He had Keenan to the inside and yet he tried to cover for him.  Btw, Murphy was way too upfield on this play.  2nd play: he’s the contain guy and he takes a poor angle and finds himself on the ground.  The most egregious play though:

That was a Lemme Take A Breather Right Quick, followed by a patented whiffed jump tackle from Keenan.  KRob is supposed to be the responsible adult of the ILB corps, but he played like he was anticipating his teammates to not follow the rules and it led to him trying to do too much and being out of position.

Foster didn’t see the field much and Compton was a solid dude while he was in there.  Not much speed but he does the best with what he has.

Defensive Line

Jean-Francois was all over the field.  He penetrated run plays and hustled on screen passes behind him:

Paea plays strong enough to hold up at the point of attack and keep our linebackers clean so they can flow to the ball and make plays.  It’s nice to know he also has some moves if needed

We are still a couple guys short up front but whatever line we assemble for the future I hope it includes Jean-Francois, Paea and Baker (who was much better at the nose than Knighton.)

I didn’t think it was possible but our defensive troubles vs the run came from the back 7 as opposed to up front.  The biggest issue stemmed from our defensive backs.  Amendola, Gronk, LaFell and Edleman were crack blocking our DBs and we were failing to fight off those blocks and/or failing to crack-replace.

Next Week:

If I’m Sean Peyton I am probably going to find some ways to exploit our DBs acumen at defending the run.


Drive 1
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
NE16 1 10 1B 2TE Shotgun 3×1 Bunch Nickel Even Run Split Zone 9
We respond to 2 TE with a nickel package.  Murphy (+0.5) meets Gronk far up the line, he and Riley seal off any cutback.  Baker controlling the LOS way better than Knighton did last week at nose.  Keenan (-2) jumps a gap over and the RB runs right through where he should’ve been.  Jarrett (-1) can’t handle a crack block and runs into Trenton who can no longer fill.
NE25 2 1 1B 2TE Shotgun 2×2 Twin TE Nickel Over Run Draw 8
Riley (-1) gets blocked out the play by Gronk, he tries to come underneath him but falls down.  Blackmon (-1) doesn’t even try to replace the crack and gets blocked himself, Trenton (-1) is nowhere to be found until late.  The TE’s are lining up outside and then down/crack blocking our guys and we have no answer for it.
NE33 1 10 1B 2TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel Over Pass Out 5
Quick out pass to Chandler.  Manned up by Jarrett.
NE38 2 5 1B 2TE Shotgun 2Back Nickel Over Run Draw 8
Murphy (-1) gets too far up field and takes himself out of the play.  Baker stuns and Keenan and Riley do a good job of exchange and fill.  Riley (-2) is in good position to make the play or at least slow it down but he tries to do too his AND Keenan’s gap, gets juked and loses his gap.  I mean Keenan is right next to you, stop trying to be superman.
NE46 1 10 1B 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Bunch Nickel Over Pass WR Screen 13
Culliver (-1) is aligned way too far off.  Riley has curl-flat responsibility but also needs to check for the run.  Riley (-1) lets himself get cut down while in pursuit.  It’s a theme for this drive, Riley screws something up and everyone is late to rally.
R41 1 10 1B 2TE Ace 3×1 Twin TE 3-4 Over Pass Post Inc
Blackmon (+2) has great coverage over top off the post route
R41 2 10 1B 1TE Shotgun 2×2 3-3-5 Pass Hitch 8
Call made at the line by Brady.  Compton seems to pick up on it and heads over for underneath coverage but then seems unsure if he’s allowed to do that and where he is supposed to even be.  Riley also makes a dash for Gronk before the ball is out.  Trenton had the coverage.
R33 3 2 1B 1TE Shotgun Empty Nickel Even Pass Go Inc
Riley gets lined up 1-on-1 outside with Lewis.  It’s a mismatch, thankfully he drops it.
R33 4 2 1B 2TE Shotgun 2×2 Nickel Over Pass Edelman-Zone 5
Baker (+0.5) gets good pressure on the play.  We play zone and Edelman does that thing where he finds a hole and lets Brady deliver a pin point pass.  The coverage was good
R28 1 10 1B 3TE Ace Twin TE 3-4 Over Run Power O 4
Baker (-1) gets thrown to the ground, Keenan (+1) scrapes over him and dodges a block and takes on the pulling guard with his outside shoulder and can spill this to Compton (-2) who has left his gap to cover an already accounted for Gronk.  Luckily Blount doesn’t see the hole and cuts it back into Keenan.
R24 2 6 1B 3TE Ace Triple TE 3-4 Over Run Power O 1
Jean-Francois (+2) shoots his gap as his guard leaves to pull.  The center can’t reach him in time for a down block and Jean-Francois wraps up the RB in the backfield, slows him down and allows Murphy (+1) to fight off his block and make the tackle.
R23 3 5 1B 2TE Shotgun 2×2 3-3-5 Pass Edelman-Zone 7 + 8(pen)
We show 6 coming and back out into zone.  Zone = Edelman underneath getting a pinpoint Brady pass.  Coverage was good again
R8 1 10 2B 1TE Shotgun 2×2 Nickel Even (?) Pass Out 8
Edelman goes in motion and runs and out underneath a slant from LaFell.  This causes our guys to run into each other (just like last week) and Edelman does Edelman things and shimmy’s his way to the end zone.
Touchdown.  9:01 1st qtr.  0-7
Drive 2
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
NE45 1 10 1RB 1TE Ace Trips Bunch Nickel Even Run Split Zone Reverse 8
New England starts off with the split zone again just like last drive.  We do the Riley-Murphy gap exchange again.  McDanields makes us pay this time.  Riley (-2) fails to keep contain and falls down.  Amendola just outruns Murphy to the sideline and cuts it up field.  On the glass-half-full side we finally stopped letting those down/crack blocks from the bunch formation hurt us.
R47 2 2 1RB 1TE Ace Trips Bunch Nickel Over Run Inside Zone with Wham 6
If this is just a regular IZ play then Paea, Smith, Keenan and Riley have this thing stopped at the line.  But it’s not and McDanields is a brat: Bunch set hits us with 2 wham blocks that both Jarrett (only -1 because he did get held) and Trenton (-2) completely fail to see coming.  This is the 4th or 5th time they have hit us over the head with this blocking scheme how are we not checking for it.  Kerrigan (-1) can’t keep his contain assignment, as Gronk overpowers him.
R41 1 10 1B 2TE Ace Trips Bunch Nickel Over Run Fake Power O Toss left -11
LaFell has a super wide split here.  They pitch it to his side.  Power O keys the defense that the run is going right but it’s a toss left.  Preston Smith (+1) kept contain and gets upfield in a hurry to shut this thing down.  Paea (+1.5) flattens out his blocker, who is trying to reach him, with a push-pull technique and discards him aside and is the second guy in the backfield.  Kerrigan (+1) cleans up all the way from the backside.
NE48 2 21 1B 1TE Ace 2×2 3-3-5 Pass Screen 15
Double PA that fools no one.  Either Keenan or Trenton had RB responsibility on this one.  I’m negging Trenton (-2) because his zone was curl-flat and it makes sense that he had to watch for the screen.  He was looking right at it.  Kerrigan (-1) gets way too far upfield on his rush.  After the catch, Keenan (-1) gets on the wrong side of a block and Lewis eeks out a few more yards.
R37 3 6 1B 1TE Shotgun Trips Bunch 3-2-6 Pass Slant Fumble
Blackmon (+3)
1st qtr.  6:38 remain.  0-7
Drive 3
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
R28 1 10 1B 2TE Ace Twins Twin TE 3-4 over Pass PA Power O (Wheel) Inc
Jean-Francois (+1) once again shooting the vacated gap of the pulling guard on Power O.  Murphy (+2) carries the wheel route perfectly.
R28 2 10 1B 1TE Shotgun 3×1 3-3-5 Pass Out 3
Brady just gets rid of it as fast as he can.  Jarrett (+1) with the coverage and tackle
R25 3 7 1B 1TE Shotgun 2×2 Nickel Under Pass Cross
Amendola finds the hole in the zone.  We drop back Smith and Murphy who are tall towers to throw over but don’t get deep in their drops and Smith looked lost.  Keenan (-1) got blocked by a guy a third his size.
R14 1 10 1B 1TE Ace Twins H Nickel Under Pass Sight Adjust 7
This was a trap run all the way but Culliver (-1) lines up with a huge cushion and Brady just throws it out there for easy yards.  It looked like we had that run stopped too.
R7 2 3 1B 1TE Ace Trips Bunch Nickel Run Power O 2
Trenton (-2) is just the worst.  His gap fill makes no sense.  He clearly is playing the 2nd to last gap (just inside of Jarrett’s) and he fills way inside of that where both Keenan and Riley were flowing too.  Know where your help is man.  Also this is Power O which means they are adding a gap to your side.  The worst.  Jarrett (+1.5) fights through a block by the midget WRs and makes the tackle.
R5 3 1 2B 3TE Goalline Goallin Run Iso 5
We actually outleverage them with our alignment. Smith is unblocked and the iso FB has to take him on instead of the the LB filling the hole. So the LB filling the hole, Riley (-4) has a free hit on the RB to stop this play dead. He overruns it and falls down. Keenan (-2) is right behind him and he overruns it and does a jump tackle that doesn’t work.
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
NE32 1 10 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel Over Pass Screen 2
Screen gets pursued by Riley (-1) Baker (+0.5) and Jean-Francois (+2).  Riley overruns the pursuit and takes himself out the play, Baker is being blocked from behind but forces the RB to cut back into Jean-Francois who got off his block and ran this thing down from 3 to 4 yards away.
NE34 2 8 1RB 2TE Ace Twin TE 3-4 Over Pass PA Power O (Post) Inc
Both Robinsons (-0.5) get sucked in by the pulling guard run action, Compton (+0.5) doesn’t get fooled one bit and drops into his hook zone.  Because Trenton (-0.5) got sucked in nobody is playing underneath Edelman’s post route and Brady tries to fit it in.  Blackmon (+1) is right on top of the route.
NE34 3 8 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Dime split Pass PA Arm Punt 48
Hard to see who had the coverage but it looks like Culliver (-1) manned up with Trenton (-1) helping deep.  Culliver (-1) did not adjust to the ball in the air at all.
R18 1 10 1RB 3TE Ace Twin TE 3-4 Tuck Run Power O 2
Compton (+1) meets the pulling guard close enough to the LOS and hits him with his inside shoulder spilling to Keenan (+0.5) who makes the tackle along with Paea (+1) who disengaged off of his block.  Hatcher (+1) submarined his way into the backfield and cut off any cut back opportunity.  Not that Power O really lends itself to that.  But I’ll take it.
R16 2 8 1RB 2TE Ace Tight 3-3-5 Pass Seam Inc
Preston Smith in at Dline.  Jarrett (+1) with the coverage
R16 3 8 1RB 1TE Shotgun Trips Bunch 3-3-5 Pass Edelman-Zone INT
Brady doesn’t see Keenan (+3) drop into the hook-curl?  Ok.
1st qtr. 1:07. 0-14
Drive 5
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
NE41 1 10 1RB 2TE Ace 3-4 Over Run Power O 6
Baker (+1) takes on a playside double long enough to keep Keenan and Compton clean.  Compton (+0.5) hits the pulling guard and keeps his outside arm free, funnels back to Keenan (-1) who scraped over top to make a tackle attempt.  He tackles high goes for a ride on the back of Blount.
NE41 2 4 1RB 2TE Ace Twins Twin TE 3-4 Over Run Trap 11
C and T kick out and the Guard shoots to the LBs.  Golston is set up for a trap block by the TE, he takes it on and attempts to squeeze back.  Omg, this TE is 304 lbs.  I’m not negging Golston for a stalemate here.  If anything that’s leaning to a plus.  Baker (-1) gets reached and sealed by the tackle.  He tries to fight out of it at the last second and just misses getting an arm on Blount.  Keenan (-2) takes the wrong side of a block and between him and Baker there is a gaping hole.
R48 1 10 2B 1TE Iform Twins 3-4 Over Run Lead Zone 6
This looks like IZ with the FB/TE leading for a block on the LB.  Baker (-1) and Golston slant to take away inside run lanes but Baker gets his momentum used against him and gets blocked out the play.  Compton and Keenan (+1) scrape over top the slants and Keenan meets the 300+ FB/TE near the LOS.  He funnels the play to Murphy (-1) and Blackmon (-1) who are so shook by Gronk’s pass threat that they don’t even need to be blocked to get taken out the play.
R42 2 4 1RB 1TE Ace 2×2 3-4 Over Pass QB Hit Inc (pen +5)
Hatcher (+1.5) and Baker (+1) just beat their guys and meet at the QB.  Golston (-0.5) got taken out of his rush lane…which against this QB might not matter as much but the middle of the field was wide open for a scramble.  Keenan flagged for IC on Gronk
R37 1 10 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2×1 H Nickel Over Run Split Zone 14
Our allignment is all kinds of off.  Kerrigan and Riley (-1) do that gap exchange thing and they are both away from the play.  I don’t understand the point of this.  It helps Kerrigan play more aggressive I guess but a run away from him kills this strategy.  Keenan (-1) plays behind Baker (-0.5) who gets scooped by a double.  Keenan needs to scrape over top of this combo block but instead attacks the gap than Baker is already in.  This leaves Goldson (-1.5) alone to meet Blount in the hole and he wants no part of it.  He allows himself to get blocked by a Amendola.  ugh.
R23 1 10 1RB 3TE Ace Trips TE? 3-4 Over Run Counter Zone 1
Jean-Francois (+2) eats a double from playside T and TE and pushes past the LOS and induces a cutback by Blount.  T comes off and gets Keenan (+0.5) who takes the playside tackle and keeps his inside arm free.  Blount squeezes in between Keenan and Jean-Francois right into Murphy (+1) and Goldson (+0.5) who along with Jean-Francois stop this play dead.
R22 2 9 1RB 2TE Ace H 3-4 Over Pass Flat
Gronk lined up in an Hback position, could be another split zone run.  Quick PA freezes the LBs and Compton (-1) just isn’t fast enough to recover to the Curl-flat zone.  Hard to tell if Kerrigan has flat responsibility here like Murphy did on the other side.
R7 1 G 1RB 2TE Shotgun 2×2 3-4 Double Eagle Pass Back Shoulder Inc (pen -5)
They finally call the tackle lining up in the backfield.  He’s been doing this all game long.  Refs +1
R12 1 G 1RB 1TE Ace Trips Bunch 3-3-5 Even Run Power O 1
We put 3 DE at the line in Francois, Kerrigan and Murphy.  Riley and Keenan stand up at the line.  Francois (+1) gets blown back off the line but fights off the block and closes in on the tackle.  Jeron Johnson (-2) gets crack blocked by Edelman for God sakes and he gets sealed out while also taking out Keenan.  Kerrigan (+0.5) drives into a double and changes the pulling G path.  Murphy (+0.5) crashes down the line and eliminates any cutback.  Compton (+1.5) diagnoses the play perfectly and makes the tackle along with Francois.  I really like this 3-3-5 alignment that gives Compton space to react and diagnose the play.
R11 2 G 1RB 2TE Shotgun 2×2 H 3-3-5 Even Pass Fade Inc
Same DL again.  Blackmon (+0.5) is allowed to play aggresively over the top as Riley has underneath (hitch, dig) responsibility.  Riley has to run over from a 4-tech alignment.  Good stuff.
R11 3 G 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2×2 3-3-5 Even Pass Screen
Hatcher in at DT.  Compton (-1) has the RB and gets faked out thinking the RB is running towards the flat.  RB stops and takes the screen, Compton has a blocker and funnels back to Keenan who has a blocker and funnels back to Hatcher (-1) who overruns the play and takes himself out of it.  Goldson (+0.5) makes enough open field contact to slow the RB down and allow for help.
FG.  2nd qtr. 7:56 remains. 0-17.
Drive 6
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
NE43 1 10 1RB 1TE Ace Tight 3-4 Over Run Power O 13
Golston (+0.5) does a good job squeezing against his downblock, Baker (+0.5) takes on a double and doesn’t move except late but by that point the LBs are in position to stop this.  Compton (+0.5) hits the pulling guard outside arm free and funnels it back to Keenan (-1) who catches a block instead of attacking it but he funnels to Jeron Johnson (-2) who just flat out whiffs.
R44 1 10 1RB 2TE Ace Twins Twin TE 3-4 Over Run Power O
Hatcher (+1) slants and gets into the backfield to cut off any cut back options.  Golston (+0.5) and Baker (+1) don’t get moved with Baker getting off his block and helping to make the tackle.  Keenan (+0.5) meets the guard and funnels to Johnson (+1) who gets a direct hit this time and stops the play.
R42 2 8 1RB 2TE Shotgun Empty 3-4 over Pass Dig 24
Golston (-0.5) applies inside pressure but loses his lane and Brady is allowed to step up and have a clear view of the field, Hatcher (-0.5) gets no pressure at all.  If Golston just stayed put Kerrigan may have been able to get to Brady.  As it stood, guys were asked to cover for way too long and Edelman finds a hole as he crosses the field.  Can’t see downfield coverage but Johnson (-1) looks to be covering dirt and late to react to Edelman’s route
R18 1 10 1RB 3TE Ace Trips TE 3-4 over Run Inside Zone 3
We are out leveraged at the line unless Blackmon (-1) has contain.  Which he does and he’s late to react.  His guy is blocking and the RB has the ball and Blackmon is still shuffling his feet.  Elsewhere, backside is sealed off–Golston, Compton, Hatcher (+0.5).  Playside, Baker (+0.5) gets handled by a TE but he will come off the block and make the tackle, Murphy (-1) gets sealed and driven down the line, Keenan (-2) has a free shot at the RB and whiffs.
R15 2 7 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2×2 H 3-3-5 even Pass WR Screen 10
Hatcher-Smith-Kerrigan is the line.  Keenan, Riley, Compton at LB.  Culliver (-2) again is lined up way off.  What the hell is he even covering?  Jarret funnels the play back inside but our front 5 was all bunched in playing the run.
R5 1 G 1RB 2TE Ace Trips TE 3-4 Under pass fade Inc
Culliver (+1) with the coverage.  Edelman motioned late to make this that Ace Trips TE look
R5 2 G 1RB 3TE Ace Trips TE 3-4 Over Run Power O 4
Its a 5-3 look with Goldson at LB depth.  Paea (+1.5) reads the tackle pull and slants and blows right by the guard trying to down block.  He gets into the backfield and slows down the RB.  Culliver (+1) keeps contain as he takes on the pulling T.  Keenan (-2) gets caught up inside.  No reason for him to take that gap as he has backside help from Compton.  Murphy (+1) splits his block and makes the tackle along with Compton (+0.5)
R1 3 G 1RB 3TE Ace Trips TE ?? Run Dive -3
Paea (+3) shoots the gap with a swim and makes the tackle in the backfield and gets the strip.
FG. 3rd qtr. 7:32 remains. 3-20
Drive 7
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
NE27 1 10 1RB 3TE Ace Twin TE 3-4 over Pass PA Power O Hold -10 lol
McDanields catches us in a gap exchange as Kerrigan (ends up drawing a holding call) and Paea slant and Riley and Robinson have to replace.  Add in the Power O look and our LBs are biting hard.  Looks like cover 4 behind them.  Gronk starts out with a seam route and then bends it to the void in the zone.
NE17 1 20 1RB 2TE Ace Tight 3-4 even Pass Out Inc
Bashaud (+1) had this stopped for a short gain anyways
NE17 2 20 1RB 1TE Ace 2×2 H Nickel Over Pass Screen 14
Not sure who is supposed to account for the RB.  Looks like Jarrett but I can’t tell.  Anyways, Jarrett (-1) misses the tackle but Baker (+2) hustles like crazy and makes the play.
NE31 3 6 1RB 1TE Shotgun Empty 3-3-5 Over Pass Out Inc
Keenan is out to the boundary covering an RB.  Murphy and Smith lined up at OLB.  Murphy (+1) jams Edelman and Brady goes to his next read who was blanketed by Jarrett (+1)
Punt. 3rd qtr. 5:16 remains. 3-20.
Drive 8
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
NE12 1 10 1RB 1TE Ace Trips Bunch Nickel Under Run Trap 10
Baker (-2) is trapped by Gronk.  Baker is 325, I feel like he should be discardig this block.  It’s the bunch set again, even I’m fully aware that the crack blocks are coming and yet we seem completley unprepared for this.  Edelman seals out Goldson (-2) and Culliver is either deep in meditation or is scared to replace Goldson.  He’s in his deep third look and every reciever is cracking down on guys or blocking out.  Culliver -3.
NE22 1 10 1RB 1TE Ace Trips Bunch Nickel Over Run Power O 21
Baker (+0.5) shocks his guy back, Hatcher (+1) stiffs a double, Riley (+0.5) and Keenan (+0.5) fill their gaps and this thing gets bounced outside.  Kerrigan (+0.5) is handling the C gap and this F***ing bunch set cracks Johnson (-3) who gets sealed inside and Jarrett (-3) who gets sealed inside.  This is frustrating.  Neither one of those guys should’ve been peaking inside.  Kerrigan, Riley and Keenan were all flowing and filling inside gaps.  Blackmon (-1) could be playing way more aggresive.  Just like Culliver on the last play these CBs are playing deep thirds when the run is in full progress.  Blackmon has an excuse as 2 safeties in front of him both had angles to the RB.
NE43 1 10 1RB 1TE Ace 2×2 Nickel Over Run Draw 0
Baker (+1.5) gets off his block and makes the play
NE43 2 10 1RB 1TE 3×2 Empty 3-3-5 even Pass WR Screen 0
LaFell, for some reason, avoids Jarrett (+1) and goes after Culliver, whose deep third allignment still makes no sense.  Jarrett makes the tackle
NE43 3 10 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 3-3-5 even Pass Gronk Zone 12
Murphy (-1) fails to get inside on his stunt.  That’s embarrassing.  Hatcher (-0.5) fails to read this and executes his half of the stunt anyways.  Brady can now step up and scan the whole field.  Foster (-2) overplays his hook zone.
R45 1 10 ?? ?? ?? Run Inside Zone 0
Camera guy wants to focus in on Gronk instead of the play.  Paea (+1) makes a play and that’s all I can make out
R45 2 10 1RB 3TE Ace TE Trips 3-4 over Run Power O 2
Golston (-0.5) gets reached but Compton (+1) is super aggressive vs the run and jams it up at the line, help arrives.
R43 3 8 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2×2 3-2-6 wide 9 Pass slant 12
I can’t neg Culliver for getting beat on a slant 1-on-1 with Gronk
R31 1 10 1RB 3TE Ace Trips TE 4-4 over Run Inside Zone 5
Keenan (-1) fails to gap exchange with Murphy.  Run hits outside for a few.
R26 2 5 1RB 3TE Ace Trips TE 4-4 over Run Inside Zone 4
Murphy (-1) fails to keep contain but Jean-Francois (+1.5) fights through a block and pursues the RB down all the way from the backside.  Blackmon (+0.5) sticks his nose in there finally and helps make the tackle.
R22 3 1 1RB 3TE Ace Trips TE 3-4 over Run ?? 2
Baker gets off his block and makes a stop but too late
R20 1 10 1RB 2TE Offest I WR-H 3-4 Double Eagle Run Split Zone Reverse Hold -10
Kerrigan (+1) kept contain and got upfield in a hurry to snuff this one out.  Compton (-0.5) got caught looking inside.
R30 1 20 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel Under Pass Flat Inc
Murphy (+2) gets off his pass rush and tracks down the RB.  Interesting look, it seems Murphy as DE/OLB to the field has flat responsibility?  Or it could just be him making a play
R30 2 20 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Bunch 3-3-5 even Run Split Zone 12
I’m not fully understanding the Murphy/Riley gap assignments to the top of the screen.  They must be concerned with Gronk coming back to set the edge.  It’s the only thing I can think of to explain why they are both covering the same gap.  RB cuts this to the outside of Kerrigan’s slant.  We are immediately outleveraged.  This cutback was available presnap.  Blackmon seems to have contain on this side, he funnels the RB and then takes a block from Amendola.  I really want to neg him for taking a block by such a small WR, but he played contain ok enough given the down and distance.  Jarrett (-1) does a jump tackle and of course misses.  Keenan barely gets the RB down by the ankle
R18 3 8 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2×2 Nickel Split Pass timeout n/a
We were showing a double A gap blitz.  It looks like the reason Brady called for time
R18 3 8 1RB 1TE Shotgun Empty 3×2 3-3-5  Okie Pass Fade 18
Riley (-1) is one on one with a RB to the boundary.  Goldson (-1) is late to get over.  He had a post route on the other side that looked open enough for Brady to hit.  Gronk was open underneath.
TD. 4th qtr. 11:28 remains. 3-26.  Game is effectively over.  Charting stops here.

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