Breakdown: Defense vs Panthers

Formation Stuff:

When the Panthers came at us with 1 Back 2 TE or 2 Back 1 TE (12 and 21 personnel respectively) we responded with a 3-4 base defense–sometimes shifted under vs run situations:


When the Panthers went more heavy, like 2 Backs and 2 TE we usually stayed in a 3-4 and moved to a bear front:


That’s safety Jeron Johnson tucked inside of Kerrigan trying to account for the extra gap.  When the Panthers came at us with 1 Back and 1 TE we responded with a Nickel (2 LBs, 5 DBs) that was usually accompanied by a wide DE split:


My guess for the wide split: don’t lose contain on Cam.

Why 44 points?

Well, I stopped charting after they scored 41 but I think that should be enough to figure out why we got steamrolled:

Drive 1:  3 and out.

Drive 2:  Started on our 31 yard line.

Drive 3:  Starts out great with a 12 yard sack to put them back at their 10 with a 2nd and 22.  And then:

Here you have 4 guys in underneath coverage and 3 deep.  The 2 guys in red are Compton and Goldson.  Compton is covering the underneath middle of the field.  Next to him (towards the top of the screen) Goldson has coverage up to the numbers.  Goldson is fixated on the seam route run by Olsen (lined up in the backfield, starting to motion up) and never widens his zone enough to account for the slot WR.  This was a theme throughout the game as we really focused in on Olsen and tried to Belichick him out the Panthers’ game plan. Video:

The very next play is 3rd and 3:


3rd and 3.  Third and three.  Why is Culliver drifting off into the ether?

Next play is 1st and 10:


Murphy’s zone drop gets stretched by an underneath route from the FB and a deep comeback by the WR.  Murphy can’t possibly cover both and it’s an easy pitch and catch for 11 yards.  Cam has a good 5 seconds to stand still, scan the field and allow for these routes to develop.  Lack of pressure was a problem that lead to a couple of big plays throughout the game.  Video:

That’s 3 plays back to back to back for 37 yards after we had them backed up at their own 10 with a 2nd and 22.  4 plays later they catch us in a blitz and throw the quick WR bubble for 11 yards, you gotta tip your hat to them and move on.

2 plays later we fail to get pressure and Riley bites hard on the play action.  He doesn’t drop into his zone to help with underneath coverage and Cam hits an out and in route for 15 yards.  Breeland could have played this better and not let the WR get inside of him:

The drive finally caps off with Compton selling out to stop the run.  Murphy looks to have the RB and Goldson is playing middle-of-the-field coverage.  I don’t see who else can be responsible for the FB, who catches the TD, other than Compton:

If anyone has a different opinion or has heard an explanation on this one, let me know.

That drive displayed a bit of everything:

  • We were enamored with Olsen
  • Questionable underneath coverage
  • Occasionally we got no pressure
  • Compton wtf

All of those popped up throughout the day.

Drive 4:  3 and out.

Drive 5:  0 pressure on 2 deep crossing routes for 51 yards.  Plus the Culliver penalty.

Drive 6:  starts on our 24 yard line.

Drive 7:  38 yards and a FG.

Drive 8:  starts on our 11 yard line.

Drive 9:  5 plays and out.

Drive 10:  35 yards and a FG.

So yes there were a few issues that need to be addressed but I don’t think 44 points reflects how well our defense played.  With the exception of 2 drives (3rd and 5th) the defense did their job and played well enough to put our offense in a position to win.  So, at the risk of sounding cliché, we gotta not turn the ball over.  At least not in our own territory man.

Defensive Line

Player + Total Notes
Baker 10.5 5.5 5 Had a good game.  Most of the negatives are offsides calls
Jean-Francois 11.5 1 10.5 Defensive player of the game
Hatcher 4.5 2 2.5 Best pass rusher along with Baker
Knighton 2.5 7.5 -5 #ReplaceKnighton(IfSalaryCapPenaltiesAren’tSevere)
Paea 1 3.5 -2.5 Played out of position on a few snaps
Golston 1.5 1.5 0 Back up duty
Totals 31.5 21 10.5 Not a bad day


I don’t even know why we continue to dress him for game day other than we would be left with nobody to back up Paea at the 3-tech.  Because right now a line with Baker/Golston at nose flanked by Hatcher/Jean-Francois at 5-tech and Paea/(need someone here) at the 3-tech could work a thousand times better.


I mean…that’s not even true.  First play of the game is a miscommunication by the Panthers as they forget to even block Knighton.  That left him with a free shot at the RB in the backfield:

…and he whiffs the tackle.  But okay, we made the play so whatever.

On 3rd and inches the center doesn’t even check for Knighton.  He lets the guard block him.  And by ‘block’ I mean completely remove Knighton from the line and let the RB run right behind him.

Here he is in a tilted alignment which should: a.) help him drive into the neck/side of the center which would delay the release of the center into the linebacker and b.) make it tougher for the guard to reach block him.  He accomplishes both except for a and b:

I have a few more clips showing one-on-one blocks destroying Knighton and allowing 310 pound behemoths a free path to our linebackers but I think you get the idea.  This dude seems like a nice guy, but he’s not demanding double teams on the regular.  Someone who was beating doubles was Jean-Francois.  He’s not a finesse pass rusher like Hatcher but he is stout against the run:

he was shedding blocks, sometimes double teams, and not losing ground all game long.  He is definitely a guy we should not replace.


Player + Total Notes
Kerrigan 4.5 2.5 2
Compton 5 14 -9 Unless someone else is responsible for the two TDs in the flat
Murphy 8 9.5 -1.5 Lost contain a couple of times.  Played good for most of the game.
Riley 5.5 4 1.5 Fast.  Pursues the ball well.  I’m starting to come around on him.
Preston Smith 1 4 -3 Generated little to no pass rush.
Totals 24 34 -10 Compton wtf



You saw the first touchdown that I thought he was at fault for, this is the second one:

I’m more certain on this one that Compton is the culprit.  He looks to be following his initial key which is the pulling guard and he loses sight of the RB coming out of the backfield.  On both of these touchdown plays, the only other person who might be at fault is Murphy.  But I have a hard time believing that a guy would forget his assigned man as they run right past him.

I’m starting to add a “pressure” metric (courtesy of  This is supposed to gage how well we get to the QB on passing plays.  It’s tough to task one guy as the culprit/hero when the QB has more/less than 3 seconds to throw, and I don’t want to spend the time negging/plusing guys for their pass rush (unless it’s painfully/joyfully obvious.)  In the Skins defense, the pressure metric usually reflects on the 2 outside LBs and 3 defensive lineman–unless we blitz.  This week the defense grades out juuuust positive with 10.5 plus and 10 negative (total +0.5).  Baker, Hatcher and Kerrigan got the majority of the good pressures.  Preston Smith and Murphy were on the field for a lot of the negatives, i.e. lack of pressure.

Another metric I’m adding is “coverage” (courtesy of as well, he’s been doing this for 10 years and has a pretty good idea of what metrics to factor in).  Basically atrocious cushions like the Culliver one shown earlier will get you a -1.  Blown coverages -2, wtf’s -3.  If the QB has longer than 3 seconds to throw and doesn’t pull the trigger +1.  5-6 seconds +2.  Greater than 6 seconds +3.  If you are in the WR’s hip pocket when the throw gets there: +1.  I’m still working out the grading specifics and I’m not using the all 22 camera (yet) so this is a work in progress.  For this game we graded out with 16 plus and 28 negative (-12 total) which is pretty horrible.

Some of the minus coverage scores were from the underneath coverages.  Here you can see Kerrigan tighten up his zone to match up with Olsen who already has 2 other guys surrounding him.  If Kerrigan widens his zone to the numbers he can probably take away the throw:



All 3 of those guys surrounded Olsen so closely it looks like they were coached to take away Olsen at all costs and let the corners worry about the outside receivers.

In the next video Riley follows Olsen on a drag route, with Compton right on top of him.  That leaves nobody to cover underneath the WRs (lined up to the top of the screen).  Goldson is playing Curl-Flat and Culliver is deep third.  That means either Compton or Riley didn’t play their Hook-Curl zone (right inside of Goldson).

It looks like Riley should be passing Olsen off to Compton and dropping back to take away the throw Cam ends up making:

The DBs got a lot of flack for not jamming WRs at the line but I think some blame rests on the LBs not being in place to guard routes underneath.

Sometimes the big passing plays were there because we just could not generate pressure:


Here we send 5.  That leaves 3 underneath and 3 deep.  The WR to the top runs off the cornerback and Compton’s curl-flat zone is stretched by Olsen over the top and the RB underneath.  Olsen should not have had the time to run this route all the way across the field given the 5 man rush:

Defensive Backs

Player + Total Notes
Johnson 0.5 0 0.5 I probably could’ve left him off
Goldson 1.5 3 -1.5 Big contributor to the minuses in the coverage metric
Breeland 4.5 2 2.5 Can be a force against the run
Blackmon 0 2 -2
Culliver 0 3 -3 The exact opposite of Breeland vs the run
Totals 6.5 10 -3.5 Most of these scores are vs the run.  Need to refer to coverage metric to get a better idea of these guys’ day

Towards the end of the 3rd quarter I thought Goldson had a couple of brain farts:


He is tasked with deep third coverage but bites on the underneath route shown above.  The WR to the bottom of the screen runs right by him:

Thankfully, Cam overthrows him.  (Btw, check Kerrigan covering Olsen step for step on the wheel route up top.  That is not easy.)  Next play same thing except Goldson is in Cover 2 and doesn’t stay deep with the seam route…Cam overthrows his guy again.  So that’s 2 plays that add up to two overthrows and -4 in the ‘coverage’ metric (and +1 for the wheel route coverage).

What does it all mean:

It means I just spend over 1700 words telling you that a defense that gave up 44 points might have played badly (but not as badly as you think!)

Some issues seem correctable by watching tape and loud yelling from the coaches.  It wouldn’t hurt if Goldson and Culliver could share their philosophies on deep coverages over some tea and come to a middle-ground understanding.  Also, I don’t think ‘Compton wtf!’ will be an issue going forward.  He’s been a pretty heady player until this week.

Other issues look like we will have to wait for reinforcements to arrive via free agency and/or the draft: getting stronger on the defensive line (#ReplaceKnighton),  generating pressure more consistently (finding a starter opposite of Kerrigan), and then there is that other issue about the offense not turning the ball over.  In our own territory.

Quick side note:  Kerrigan got crack blocked and fought his way underneath it, hooray.  On the same play Compton did not.  Sad.  Overall the Panthers didn’t attack us the way New England and the Saints did with WR crack-blocking.  They faked it a couple of times and then hit us with it just once–for a good gain.

Coverage issues were alleviated vs New England as Brady was having OCD issues about getting rid of the ball in 2 seconds or less.  Then we got helped out last week by the Saints missing throws and dropping balls.  This week they were more prevalent, and even then we got lucky on a couple deep overthrows from Cam.  Next week we face Eli who, since we last played him, has gone for 441 yards versus the 49ers, 350 yards against the saints, and 361 yards against the Patriots.  Hopefully coach Barry can fix whatever coverage issues popped up with Goldson and Compton.

There were some positives in this game, namely: Jean-Francois and Baker continue to wreak havoc.  Riley seems to be coming around.  Breeland is kinda physical vs the run and can cover.

For next week: maybe not focus too too much on ODB,  watch out for crack-blocks, fix the coverage issues.  Replace Knighton?


Drive 1
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
P38 1 10 1RB 2TE Pistol Offset I 3-4 over Run Pin and Pull 0
Murphy step down and clears any cutback or QB keeper.  Hatcher (+1) fights through a reach block all the way down the line and to the RB.  Knighton (-2) gets left completely unblocked, wow.  He has a free path to the RB and misses the tackle in the backfield.  Baker (+1) fights back on a down block from the tackle and places him about 3 yards in the backfield, to where he then gets tossed to the ground.  That’s fine, he already forced the RB to come to a complete stop and allowed for help.  Kerrigan (+0.5) does a good job setting a sharp edge.  Riley meets the pulling OL behind the LOS but then comes off the block and gets caught up in the wash with Baker.  Compton (+0.5) does a nice job playing inside out and presses the hole when the RB tries to cut upfield and makes the initial contact that stops the RB and allows for help to come.  Miscommunicaton by the center and guard allowed Knighton to go completely unblocked and he still couldn’t do anything with that.
P38 2 10 1RB 2TE Pistol Offset I 3-4 even Pass PA Comeback Inc
DL stunts left and Compton comes in on a blitz.  Murphy (+1) okie dokes the RB with a head fake-swim move and applies (pressure +1), we are really constricting the hook-curl and curl-flat coverage zones to the point that Olsen has 3 guys around him.  This leaves WRs on the outside 1-on-1 and Cam don’t like it.  (coverage +1) Bashaud is right there on the comeback from Funchess.
P38 3 10 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2-Back Dime split Pass Out inc
Kerrigan (+1) (pressure +1) gets by the tackle by attacking his outside shoulder and then stepping inside.  (coverage +1) Everyone is locked down, Dhall at safety is playing robber coverage and takes away the middle of the field.  Culliver doesn’t have the best step on his man but the throw is wide anyways.
Punt.  14:13 remains 1st qtr.  0-0.
Drive 2
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
S31 1 10 1RB 2TE Shotgun 3×1 3-4 over Pass Dig 13
Baker (+0.5) crushes his blocker inside, Knighton stunts around him.  Newton has time but pressure keeps there run lanes (pressure +0.5) Compton or Riley mess up their assignment (coverage -2) as both are covering to the 1 WR side of the formation.  Either Riley was supposed to pass off the TE or Compton dropped back into the wrong zone.  Either way WR has nobody covering underneath.
S18 1 10 1RB 2TE Shotgun Twin TE (tackle over) 3-4 under Run Inside Zone Read 6
Kerrigan sets the edge to the backside.  Baker (-1) and Riley (-1) gap exchange, Knighton (+0.5) holds his ground against a double team, Jean-Francois (+0.5) fights off a block, stops the RB in his tracks and almost makes a tackle.  Murphy (-2) sits there and watches?  Compton (-1) fights to the wrong side of his block as he expected the RB to bounce outside.  But Murphy already had that covered, no need to do that.  Baker and Riley both tried to pursue the RB and end up getting blown off the line once they do and that leaves a huge hole for the RB to run through.
S12 2 4 2RB 1TE Offset I 3-4 over Pass PA RB Flat 12
Looks like Power O with the FB also lead blocking.  Kerrigan and Riley gap exchange up top Compton (-4) (coverage -3) keys the pulling guard and bites hard on the run action even though the RB is moving in the opposite direction.  The way Murphy passes off the RB it looks like Compton was responsible for him.  Blown coverage and an easy 6.
TD. 9:56 remains 1st qtr. 0-7
Drive 3
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
P22 1 10 1RB 2TE Shotgun 3×1 H 3-4 under Pass Sack -12
Hatcher (+2) goes over top of his man and gets to the QB.  Twice.  Kerrigan (+0.5) spins off his block and finishes up the play.  Cam held on to that ball way too long (coverage +2) (pressure +2)
P10 2 22 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass Hitch 19
Blackmon and Riley take curl-flat, Compton and Goldson (coverage -2) have hook-curl and it’s 3 deep 4 under.  Goldson got a little too enamored with Olson and left his zone uncovered, he could’ve widened out his drop and forced a tougher throw.  Also, free release across the board probably not a good thing.
P29 3 3 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Bunch Nickel over Pass Hitch 7
Culliver (coverage -2) is playing with a 8 yard cushion on 3rd and 3.
P36 1 10 2RB 1TE Offset I 3-4 over Pass PA Comeback 11
Riley and Goldson (-1) bite hard on the PA.  Cam has all day (pressure -1) and it looks like he had Olson deep on the cross but, cool no worries.  Funchess runs off Bashaud (coverage -1) and Murphy is being stretched by the FB and WR and he’s not exactly a cover guy, so Funchess has a ton of room to work back too.
P47 1 10 2RB 1TE Offset I 3-4 over Run Jet Sweep 1
Riley (+2) shows great speed to the outside and shuts this down.  That was Teddy Ginn he just ran off the field.
P48 2 9 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2-Back Nickel over Run Split zone Read 8
Murphy (-2) prepares for a crack block and sees zone read action but fails to read split zone and does not gap exchange with Riley.  Baker and Smith look to be running a stunt,  Jean-Francois (+1) holds his ground vs a guard and funnels the RB right to Murphy who misses the tackle.
S44 3 inches 2RB 2TE I Form Twin TE 3-4 Bear Run Power O 4
This is Power O with a pulling H back as well.  Kerrigan (-1) reads a down block and goes upfield instead of toward the guard.  He doesn’t even take on the FB he just goes right past the RB and towards Cam.  All pass rush everything.  Riley replaces Kerrigan and Compton (-1) replaces Riley but passes by a wide open hole on the way.  He needs to adjust there and plug the hole.  Jean-Francois (-1) gets reach blocked and sealed out the play.  Knighton (-2) is the worst.  A down block from the guard blows him out the hole and that’s where the RB takes it.  Baker (-1) got pancacked by a double.
S40 1 10 1RB 2TE Ace 2×2 Twin TE 3-4 over Run Power O 3
Exact same play.  For some reason Baker (-0.5) and Murphy (-0.5) look like they are both taking contain.  Murphy should be setting a sharper edge and Baker needs to hold his gap.  Knighton (+0.5) clubs over top of his guy who is blocking down on him, this leaves a huge hole but he gets in the backfield and slows down the RB so Riley (+0.5) and Compton (-1) can rally back to the ball.  Compton overran his gap big time but it was ok because Jean-Francois (+2.5) throws down both guys on his double team, 1 of which was working up to Compton.
S37 2 7 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass Bubble 11
Cam with a RPO at the perfect time.  We slant the line right and blitz Jarrett behind that, leaving the bubble wide open.  Goldson is also coming on a blitz from the top.  Blackmon picks up Jarrett’s man but is at Safety depth.  Both ILBs bite hard on the sweep action away from the bubble.  It looks like we had some kind of sweep scouted from this formation/position on the field because we were playing it aggresively.  The bubble option must be a new wrinkle and it kills us here.  Baushaud (-1) can’t make the tackle and Blackmon (-2) takes a horrible angle behind him.  Compton rallies over to make the tackle.
S26 1 10 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Hitch inc
Olson motions over and Kerrigan has to tighten his split.  That hurts his pass rush angle.  Baker (+1) with good interior pass rush (pressure +1).  Riley stacked over the RB whose blocking so Riley goes in, Compton with Hook zone and it looks like man to man elsewhere.  Culliver’s cushion strikes again (coverage -1) thankfully it’s dropped.   Blackmon got beat by Olson and had to hold him, not called.  He might want to start jamming him.
S26 2 10 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2-Back WR stack Nickel over Pass Post 15
Cam with all day (pressure -1).  Blackmon had Olson who stayed in to block so he got to play a robber coverage and he robs nothing but dirt (coverage -2).  Bashaud is in the Boundary and it looks like he is trying to play with inside leverage but the WR is able to work inside and its an easy catch
S11 1 10 2RB 1TE offset I Twins (tackle over) 3-4 over Pen False Start -5
S16 1 15 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pen Offsides 5
S11 1 10 1RB 1TE Offset Back 2×2 Nickel over Pen Offsides 5
S6 1 5 2RB 1TE offset I Twins (tackle over) ?? Run Power O 3
I can’t see the beginning of the play, the camera is on Goose.  Paea (+1) fires through the line and meets the pulling guard early.  Kerrigan (-0.5) sets a soft edge which leaves Compton (-0.5) with a lot of ground to cover, he overruns the RB.  Culliver and Johnson (+0.5) take him down.  Jeron with a punishing hit.  Riley got held pretty badly btw.
S3 2 2 2RB 1TE I form Twins 3-4 over Pass PA FB flat 2
Similar play that scored earlier.  It looks like Murphy is taking the RB, which would mean the FB is Compton’s.  But he sells out to the run.  Is someone alerted to this presnap or did Compton go renegade?  Who knows.  (coverage -3)
TD. 0:41 seconds remains 1st qtr.  7-14
Drive 4
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
P20 1 10 1RB 1TE Ace 3×1 Nickel even Run Sweep 2
Looks like we are expecting pass here.  Line is Kerrigan-Hatcher-Knighton-Murphy, so 3 pass rushers and we blitz Goldson.  Kerrigan (-0.5) slants right and never squares his shoulders to the line.  He ends up attacking the same DL that Hatcher is fighting a down block from.  Kerrigan gets sealed by the TE.  Knighton’s blocker pulls up with a bad hammy or something.  Murphy (+1.5) reads an inside release block and steps down and hustles down the line to eventually get involved on the tackle.  Compton (-0.5) replaces Kerrigan and gets out a little to far wide on contain.  Goldson (+1) takes two blockers with him on his blitz, that leaves Blackmon unblocked and he makes a half-assed attempt at a tackle.  Murphy closes in from behind.
P22 2 8 1RB 2TE Shotgun 3×1 Twin TE 3-4 over Pass Spot inc
4 deep 3 underneath coverage with Murphy and Riley taking curl-flat and Compton taking the Hook zone.  Newton has to throw on 3 (pressure +1) to a well covered Olson (coverage +1) by Compton (+0.5)
P22 3 8 1RB 2TE Pistol Full House Dime split Pass Sack -8
Dhall playing robber coverage, 3 deep behind him (coverage +3).  Cam has a little too long to sit back in the pocket but it could be because Kerrigan (+0.5) was getting held pretty badly.  Preston Smith (+0.5) splits a double, that looks like they gave up on the play and finally brings Cam down
Punt.  14:44 remains in the 2nd.  14-14.
Drive 5
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
P8 1 10 2RB 1TE I Form Twins 3-4 over Run Lead zone 6
Murphy (+1) sets the edge against the TE and then squeezes him all the way down the line.  Jean-Francois (+0.5) fights off a reach block and works down the line.  Knighton (-1) gets scooped and sealed, he barely even held off the center to free up LB pursuit.  Baker (+0.5) blows his blocker back and fights off a reach and maintains control of the B gap.  The FB runs through it and is met by Riley, so the RB cuts back to the gap that Knighton vacated.  Compton (-1) is coming over top to constrict the gap but he takes a bad angle and leans forward into the center block.  He ends up getting pushed out wide and out of the gap.  Johnson has to make a leg tackle 2 yards past the LOS and the RB falls forward another 4 yards.
P14 2 4 1RB 2TE Ace Twin TE 3-4 over Run Inside Zone 9
Panthers motion and Goldson comes down to cover the extra gap.  Panthers don’t run this anywhere near Baker.  Knighton (-1) doesn’t even get the respect of a double team.  The center knows the guard can handle him and he fires up to seal out Riley.  The guard takes Knighton off the line by a couple of yards and seals him out.  Compton (+0.5) fills in behind Knighton and forces the RB to cutback.  Jean-Francois (+1.5) fights off a double, controlling the TE with one hand, and is in a position for a TFL but his hands get caught up in the facemask area and he pulls away.  Murphy (-1) does a great job discarding his blocker but sets the edge too close to the line and allows the RB to bounce outside of him.  Culliver (-2) has a free hit on the RB and gets run over.  Riley (+0.5) hustles all the way across the field to make the tackle.
P23 1 10 1RB 1TE Pistol I Form Nickel wide 5 Pass Y Cross 17
Interestig splits on both lines.  Preston Smith is super wide and has a good pass rush angle that he can’t take advantage of.  Looks like Riley is following Olson to the Curl zone, but then Blackmon is too?  I guess we are doubling him.  Anyways, Compton had the deep crosser covered underneath for an extra beat but no pass rush and he has to take the late releasing RB.  Crosser comes open (pressure -2)
P40 1 10 2RB 2TE Pistol Full House 3-4 even Pass PA Cross 34
No Hatcher or Kerrigan on the field (pressure -2)  Line tries to slant left with Murphy wrapping around late and nothing happens.  Preston Smith gets blocked by a FB.  We rushed 5 and got nothin.  3 deep and 3 underneath in coverage.  Olson just runs across the field and they stretch Comptons zone with a RB flaring out underneath.  Olson is open behind him, WR ran off the deep coverage.  Olson catches it for
S26 1 10 2RB 2TE Pistol Full House 3-4 even Pass Pen 15
S13 1 10 2RB 2TE I Form H 3-4 under Run Counter Power O 2
Tackle and TE scoop and seal Paea while Murphy just kinda stands there, I guess he has to clear the bootleg.  Jean-Francois (+0.5) fights off a down block from the center.  Golston (-0.5) gets sealed out by a down block after almost executing a swim move which would have stopped this play dead.  Kerrigan sets the edge.  Pulling guard comes in between Golston and Kerrigan, Riley (+0.5) meets him there at the LOS and funnels both backs inside of him.  Compton (-1) overruns the play and cant meet the FB at the line, ends up getting sealed by him.  Breeland (+0.5) and Jarrett (+0.5) come from the secondary to stop the RB.
S11 2 8 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass PA Scramble inc
They fake a power O and surprise Kerrigan by blocking him with a pulling guard.  Baker (+0.5) gets some inside pressure but overall this is pathetic (pressure -2) (coverage +2).  They leave their left tackle on an island with Murphy and have no worries about paying for it.  Cam scrambles around for 9 seconds and finally darts one that bounces off the WR, almost picked off.
S11 3 8 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Corner PI
We send 6 and Kerrigan gets there (pressure +1) but Jarrett gets out leveraged on a corner route (coverage -2)
S1 1 G 1RB 2TE (7 OL) Goaline Goaline Run Dive 0
Knighton (-1) gets removed from the line.  Baker (+1.5) swims right past a down block from the guard and forces the RB to bounce it outside.  Golston (+1) slants and gets penetration, Murphy (+0.5) and Smith (+0.5) slant hard inside and  the RB has to bounce it all the way out to Breeland (+2) who makes a kinda tough open field tackle
S1 2 G 2RB 1TE I Form Twins (Tackle over) 3-4 over Pass PA Cross 1
PI followed by a reversal and TD
TD.  8:21 remains 2nd qtr.  14-21.
Drive 6
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
S24 1 10 1RB 2TE Ace twins Twin TE 3-4 over Pass PA Screen -10
Holding.  Kerrigan (+0.5)
S34 1 20 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2-Back Nickel wide 5 Run Counter Power O 9
They leave Kerrigan unblocked because he is too far from the designed play to have an impact.  Hatcher gets doubled and sealed out the play.  Paea (-0.5) is playing further inside than normal, he gets sealed by a reach block and can’t penetrate to alter the pulling G path.  The pulling G meets Murphy (+1) who takes him head on and sheds him which forces the RB to bounce outside to Riley (-1) who has met the TE behind the LOS and has his outside arm free, but took too sharp an angle upfield and loses contain on the RB.  Compton (-0.5) could have funneld the RB back or made the tackle but he couldn’t shed his block properly and fell to the ground.  RB turns upfield.
S25 2 11 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel DE split Run Inside Zone G 10
Tempo’d.  Our line is Kerrigan-Hatcher-Paea-Murphy, built for a pass rush not power football.  So the Panthers no huddle and run at it again.  It’s inside zone blocking with a pulling guard.  Paea (-2) does his best Knighton impression and gets blown back to LB depth.  Kerrigan and Muprhy set the edges.  Hatcher is kinda holding up to a 1-on-1 block.  Riley (+0.5) fills his hole and the RB chooses hole #2 where Compton (-1) should be but he is still unsure of what to do.  By the time he decides the center comes off his double on Paea and seals him out.
S16 3 1 1RB 2TE Shotgun 3×1 Bunch Nickel over Pass Arrow 9
We send 5, 3 underneath 3 deep.  The underneath coverage is deplorable (coverage -2).  Neither side had the curl-flat zone covered.  Cam picks the one to his right.  It looks like Smith (-2) got confused and didn’t realize he was responsible for that zone.  Compton had the hook-curl.
S7 1 G 1RB 2TE Shotgun 3×1 tight 3-4 under Run QB Power 2
Murphy keeps contain on the fake reverse.  Hatcher (+0.5) sees the pulling G and slants inside the tacke down block hard.  Knighton (+0.5) takes on the center and is able to disengage and be in the vacinity of the tackle.  Baker (-1) slants inside the guard but just ends up getting sealed by a double.  Not sure what run he thought was coming.  Kerrigan set the edge, Riley, Goldson and Compton (+0.5) fill the gap in between him and Baker.  FB takes on Goldson (+0.5) who funnels the run inside.  Pulling guard thankfully blocks the wrong guy, he should’ve taken Riley and let the double on Baker work up to Compton.  But he blocks Compton and Riley is free to poke his head through and meet Cam for the tackle.
S5 2 G 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 3-4 over Pass Back Shoulder Inc
Coverage +1
S5 3 G 1RB 2TE Shotgun 2-Back Nickel over Pass Y Cross 5
Murphy (+1) does a good job re-routing Olson but then Johnson takes outside leverage (why?) on his coverage, leaving the middle of the end zone wide open.  Compton or Goldson could have gotten further in their Hook zone drops too.  Coverage -3
TD.  5:14 remains 2nd qtr.  14-28.
Drive 7
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
P38 1 10 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2×2 Nickel wide 5 Pass Screen 2
Baker (+1.5) chucks his guy into the center who falls to the ground.  That prevents an extra blocker downfield.  Riley and Compton converge on the tackle
P40 2 8 1RB 2TE Shotgun 2-Back twins Nickel wide 5 Run Split zone keeper 0
Cam falls over trying to dodge an unblocked Kerrigan (-0.5) who misread a damn good pull by Cam.
P40 3 8 1RB 2TE Shotgun empty Dime split Pass Scramble 9
We send 5.  Hatcher (+1) (pressure +2) swats the guard’s inside arm away and gets in Cam’s face.  Preston Smith (-2) loses contain on his pass rush.  I mean that’s Cam back there not Peyton Manning, c’mon now.
P49 1 10 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel DE split Pass Pen -5
False Start
P44 1 15 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel DE split Pass Deep Hook inc
5 underneath 2 deep.  Corners locked down the flat and Olson had 3 guys on him, I like this coverage.  Funchess finds the void in the zone but Cam throws a wild one, Goldson was there to punish him (coverage +1)
P44 2 15 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2-back Nickel split Pass Out 17
Riley (-2) (coverage -1)  is late getting out to his curl-flat zone.  Culliver (-1) is sloppy with his tackling.
S39 1 10 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel wide 5 Pass Cross Inc
Man coverage this time.  Olson drops it.
S39 2 10 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel DE split Pen offsides 5
Paea (-1)
S34 2 5 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel under Pass Spot 10
No press, just let them have it, playing for the FG.
FG.  Halftime.  14-31
Drive 8
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
S11 1 10 2RB 2TE Pistol Full House 3-4 under Run Inside Zone Read 1
They double Hatcher and Baker, Leave Knighton (+1.5) one-on-one with the center.  That’s what I would do too.  Knighton actually holds his ground and disengages from the center to make the tackle.  Murphy (+1) with an aggressive shuffle inside makes the initial contact.
S10 2 9 1RB 1TE Shotgun 3×1 Nickel wide 5 Pen Offsides 5
Baker (-1)
S5 2 4 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Corner Inc
Blackmon is there (coverage +1) and Cam felt the need to throw off his backfoot even though there is no pressure, ball is high.
S5 3 4 1RB 2TE Shotguen 2×2 Nickel over Pass Out 5
We have inside-out coverage on Olson and Culliver is 1-on-1 with Funchess.  Funchess is taller.
TD.  13:52 remains 3rd qtr.  14-38.
Drive 9
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
P27 1 10 2RB 1TE I Form Twins 3-4 over Run Inside Zone 1
Murphy (+1) sets the edge against the TE and squeezes him upfield.  Jean-Francois (+2) fights off a reach, disengages and tackles the RB by himself.  Golston (-0.5) gets taken too far upfield by a double.  Kerrigan sets the edge and Baker (+0.5) Riley, who meets the FB behind the LOS (+0.5) and Compton (+0.5) force the cutback.
P28 2 9 1RB 2TE Ace 2×2 H Nickel over Run Split Zone 12
Baker (+0.5) slants inside and disrupts anything up the middle, forces a bounce.  Pulling Hback adds an extra gap.  Kerrigan (+0.5) maintains the C gap, Compton (+0.5) maintains the next one and Goldson (-2) has contain but gets too far upfield trying to make a play on Cam.
P40 1 10 1RB 2TE Pistol Offset I Nickel over Run Power O Lead FB 4
Riley fills his gap and forces a bounce.  Jean-Francois (+1) takes on a double and doesn’t move, disengages from the G and forces the RB to bounce further out.  Kerrigan (+1) also holds onto his double.  Compton (-0.5) takes a questionable angle but does rock Olson back to make the RB take a tougher angle outside.  Bashaud and Jarrett clean up.
P44 2 6 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Hook Inc
Pressure -1.  Culliver playing deep third, knows he doesn’t have underneath help and stays tight enough to make Ginn pay on a high throw
P44 3 6 1RB 2TE Shotgun 3×2 Empty Nickel under Pass
Compton and Jarret bracket the inside TE (coverage +1).  It looked like we sent 5 (initially) had 5 underneath and 1 deep in coverage.
Punt.  10:01 remains 3rd qtr.  14-38
Drive 10
Ln Dn Ds Personnel Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
P22 1 10 2RB 1TE I form H 3-4 Under Run Zone Stretch Reverse 11
We are in full run defense mode with a under shift.  Panthers throw a zone stretch blocking scheme at us for the first time and Murphy (-2) and Hatcher (-2) bite hard.  Hatcher gets to far upfield from his gap which allows the FB to seal out Murphy and nobody is there to stop Ginn until he gets in the secondary.
P33 1 10 1RB 2TE Shotgun Twins (tackle over) 3-4 over Pass PA Out 2
We have 8.5 in the box and leave Johnson and Bashaud 1-on-1 up top.  Similar zone stretch run action.  Bashaud (+2) comes up and stops the WR for a minimal gain (coverage +1)
P35 2 8 2RB 1TE Pistol Offset I 3-4 under Pass Deep In 15
Line slants left Murphy drops back in coverage, Kerrigan rushes the QB, Riley on a gap exchange and blitz.   Murphy has curl-flat coverage but with no threat to the flat he can deepen his drop towards Olson.  He is covering an out route at this point and Bashaud still plays outside leverage (coverage -1).  I understand he’s funneling to deep safety help but he can be a little more aggresive inside, If Olson does break on an out, Cam has to throw it over Murphy and drop it in Olson’s breadbasket, not likely.
P50 1 10 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2-back 3-4 under Run Toss Sweep 10
Kerrigan fights off a crack block (!) and gets underneath it and gives pursuit to the RB.  Compton (-2) shuffles over thinking this play is going right, redirects himself and gets sealed by got damn WR.  Get over that block.  Riley is clearing a bootleg by Cam so he’s late in pursuit.  Blackmon sets the edge and Bashaud (-1) fills and whiffs on his tackle.  Jarrett (-2) takes a wtf angle.  It’s a toss sweep and he stutters inside like a cut back is about to happen?  There is a ton of backside pursuit, no need for that.  Anyways he’s late to the ball and is blocked by the pulling center.  Bashaud, Jarrett and Compton should have all been converging on the RB at the LOS.  Instead it’s a 10 yard gain
S40 1 10 2RB 2TE I Form Twin TE 3-4 Bear Pen offsides -5
Baker (-1)
S35 1 5 1RB 2TE Shotgun 2×2 tight 3-4 over Run Inside Zone Read 2
Murphy gets optioned, Jean-Francois (+1) takes a double stays at the LOS and constricts his gap, Golston (-0.5) gets blown a couple yards back with his double, Baker (+1) fights off a reach disengages and pursues down the line.  Kerrigan sets the edge and they tried to double him wtf, I think Baker is your bigger problem.   Compton and Riley fill on either side of Golston.  Baker erased Riley’s gap and Jean-Francois has constricted Compton’s.  Easy work for the LBs
S33 2 3 2RB 1TE I Form Twins 3-4 Bear Run PA Bootleg 5
Murphy (-2) can’t keep contain, he peeks inside a step to far.
S28 1 10 2RB 2TE I Form Twin TE 3-4 bear Run Toss Sweep -2
Jean-Francois (+1) reads the pulling guard and fires upfield taking away any cutback.  Baker (+1) fights underneath a down block by a TE.  Murphy sets the edge.  Compton (+2) fills hard and knocks the FB on the ground which slows down the RB and allows for Baker to tackle from behind.  Golston (+0.5) disengaged from his block and pursued up the line.  Where was this all game.
S30 2 12 1RB 2TE Pistol Full House 3-4 even Pass PA Post Inc
Pressure -1.  Culliver and Goldson in cover 3.  Goldson looks to have bit on an underneath crosser (coverage -1).  Kerrigan with a great job carrying the wheel (coverage +1)
S30 3 12 1RB 1TE Shotgun 2-back Dime Pass Seam Inc
Baker (+1) shoves his man all the way back to the QB (pressure +1).  Goldson looks like he commits way to early on his deep half coverage.  Blackmon was playing like he expected deep safety help and it looks like cover 2 was called.  Overthrown (Coverage -2)
FG.  4:04 remains 3rd qtr.  14-41.  Charting ceases as this game is effectively over.

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