Breakdown: Defense vs Giants (II)

Formation Things:

The Giants were in 1RB, 2TE (12) personnel or 21 personnel for 6 snaps.  That’s it.  When they did this we responded with a 3-4 defense.  For the rest of the game the Giants were in 11 personnel almost the whole way.  We first responded to their 11 personnel with a Dime package:


Compton is the LB, we have 4 DL and 6 DBs (Free Safety is off camera.)  Jarrett and DHall are playing at LB depth but without any LB instincts.  Also of note: Ricky Jean-Francois is playing nose (Baker just left the game) when he is normally slated for 5-tech DE.  So instead of handling blocks from Tackles and willowy tight ends, which he is really good at, we are asking him to handle blocks from ogres at Center and Guard.  The Giants see this and decide ‘lol, run’:

Jean-Francois just gets blown off the line and DHall is hiding behind Breeland hoping the big bad tall people don’t hurt him.

Eli goes straight into no-huddle mode, next play:


The Giants are in a bunch set, the same one the Patriots used on us all game long.  Kerrigan doesn’t feel a crack block coming even though by now you think we would be experts at defending that.  Compton did crack-replace him (hooray) and hustle to get outside but Jarrett has zero LB instincts and pursues this play with all kinds of wrongness.  Instead of leveraging the RB inside-out and then attacking up field, he just runs straight to the sideline.  He ends up too far outside and the RB cuts it up field behind him:

So with DHall and Jarrett showing they have no idea how to stop the run we NOPE outta that formation and keep 2 inside LBs (Compton and Riley) for the rest of the game–except for the 2 minute drive at the end of the half and a play here and there.

Having both inside ‘backers worked out great, except for when the Giants came out with zero RBs, 1TE and 4WRs:


Keeping in both inside LBs vs 01 personnel got us Riley matched up against a WR.  That WR is #19 Myles White.  That dude must have done something wrong to Eli because he was open 4 times throughout the game for easy first down yardage everytime and Eli never looked his way.

Just watch White vs Riley and not the ball, he’s wide open:

I’m assuming that mismatch got noticed because they come back to that same route and personnel mismatch 6 drives later, except this time it’s ODB vs Riley:


Bad things ensue:

I really don’t know how we let ourselves get caught in that personnel mismatch.  I mean, there are zero running backs on the field.  What are we even defending with 2 inside linebackers?

Last formation thing I wanted to mention was the Giants Iso package.  Iso:

courtesy of
courtesy of

In the Giants’ version of the Iso run play they are going to double the nose and get a man on the 3-tech and send a lead blocker (in this case a tight end) in between those blocks.  The RB usually follows the lead blocker.  Their first Iso play is a play action:

(Notice the TE motion prior to the play and how we adjusted our defensive line to better defend the run.)  The linebackers get sucked up by the play action and Eli throws it right behind them for 17 yards.

Next play is Iso again except Eli wanted to test the cushion we were giving a WR on the outside and throws it real quick for a 4 yard gain.

Next play after that is Iso again, and they run it:


Notice how the TE is lined up at the line.  With that we have Kedric Golston playing his usual position of nose tackle and Jason Hatcher playing 3 tech (over the guard’s outside shoulder).  Normally Hatcher excels at 5 tech (outside the Tackle’s shoulder) but he can handle himself a bit at the 3 tech.  Then the Giants motion the TE to a Fullback position:


Now Golston is at the 3 tech, not his normal spot and Hatcher is playing nose, definitely not his normal spot.  Behind them Blackmon, Compton and Riley are all shifted over to the right, (with Blackmon being completely out of the box and in bad position to provide run support) and that’s a problem because Kerrigan is going to stunt inside and needs Riley to gap exchange with him–meaning he needs Riley to replace him and his original spot.  Riley is in no position to gap exchange with Kerrigan:

2 things:

  • They got movement on the nose (Hatcher) who is playing out of position
  • They knew Kerrigan was probably going to slant/stunt inside of the tackle and ran it right by him.  Normally the Iso run is supposed to go right where Hatcher got blocked but they tweaked this and I am wondering if it is because they saw Kerrigan slant on inside run plays on film, which he has a tendency to do in order to disrupt the run.

The Giants come back to this Iso play 3 drives later:


This time Knighton is playing nose, where he should be, and Jean-Francois is moonlighting as a 3 tech.  Motion the TE:


and now Jean-Francois has move out of position to the nose where he does not like to be and Knighton has to move to…actually Knighton doesn’t want to move.  Jean-Francois motions him to move but Knighton aint having it, he’s staying put.  Ok then:

And that works out perfectly.  It screws up the Giants’ blocking scheme.  Now they double Jean-Francois and try to move Knighton, who is lined up in a problem spot for them, with one-on-one blocking.  That does not work out so well and there is the tiniest of holes opened up.  So tiny that the fullback/TE has to jump through the gap as he works to the 2nd level to block the LBs.

Up top notice how Blackmon, Compton and Riley are shifted over to help gap-exchange with Kerrigan as he slants inside to alter the running back’s path.  If the RB wanted to follow his lead blocker, he couldn’t.  If he wanted to run past Kerrigan, he couldn’t.  After this play the Giants stopped going to Iso.  No play action for 17 yards, no cute run tweaks, no Iso nothing.  The only run plays they consistently tried after this were outside runs like sweeps and outside zone and we stuffed those too.

Defensive Line

Player + Total Notes
Knighton 5.5 0 5.5 Best game since this blog began (Tampa game)
Baker 5 2 3 Played hurt and it showed
Hatcher 11.5 1 10.5 Can get after the QB and stopped some runs
Jean-Francois 7 4 3 Played some snaps at nose, not his position.  Otherwise was good.
Paea 3 0 3 Always hustles vs screens
Totals 32 7 25 If Knighton is just now getting healthy, this defense could be on an upswing

Hatcher had a day.  Here the Giants try to run a Jet Sweep with the WR and Hatcher blows up the offensive line, taking a center and guard with him.  This allowed for Compton to pursue the WR with inside-out leverage and press up field and make the play (as opposed to Jarrett’s pursuit shown earlier.)  If Compton has to fight off a block from the guard he can’t do this:

That’ll get Hatcher a +2 in my book.  Jean-Francois maintained his good to great level of play except for when he was tasked with playing nose which he had to do a few times because of formation shifts and once because of the Chris Baker injury.  Speaking of whom, Baker did not have his normal dominant game.  The upper body injury he suffered definitely played a part.  And that kinda sucks because Knighton looks like he is on an upswing and if we can get those 2 playing at a high level I mean…yeah I’m thinking playoffs.  So hopefully that injury isn’t too bad.  As of this writing–Thursday–reports are saying Baker missed practice because of a bug that Gruden said is “going around a little bit” in the locker room.   Uh…ok.  So IV fluids and antibiotics are all that stand between us and ultimate glory!


Player + Total Notes
Kerrigan 11.5 2 9.5 Him and Hatcher are the 2 best pass rushers
Riley 6 4 2 He has got speed for days
Compton 4.5 9.5 -5 Does not have speed for days
P. Smith 4.5 0 4.5 Got a couple of QB pressures
Murphy 1 1 0
Totals 27.5 16.5 11 Kerrigan was disruptive

For this game the Outside linebackers eval could be merged with the Defensive Line grades.  They had their hand in the ground for all but 6 plays.

I’m really enjoying the speed Riley provides us.  I mean don’t line him up against ODB, but his speed is fun to watch.  It’s a nice luxury to know that he can carry the wheel route against just about any tight end or back out the backfield.  Compton on the other hand was limited at times with some of the things we asked him to do.  For instance, we asked him to take deep Tampa 2 (deep middle of the field) pass drops and it seemed like that assignment overloaded his capabilities.  I remember when London Fletcher was asked to play Tampa 2 and he was able to check for run and then haul ass back to defend the deep middle of the field.  Compton though:


The running back has already taken 2 steps with the ball, everyone else is aware it’s a run, and all Compton can worry about is ‘OhMyGodPleaseDon’tLetMeGetBeatDeep’.  I’m thinking we should maybe not ask him to take these deep Tampa 2 drops:


I mean…that’s Will Tye running at you.  He’s a 262 pound lumbering tight end.  Are you afraid you might get beat deep by WILL TYE?  Plus, there is something called the first down marker that is fast approaching.  C’mon man:

2nd and 14 turns into a 1st down.  Easy yards.  That’s on Compton.  It’s like he had a predetermined spot that he had to get to regardless of the situation unfolding in front of him.

‘Pressure’ metric graded out at: +15, -12 for a total of +3 on the day.  Hatcher and Kerrigan lead the way on all the pluses with very few blitzes being called.  Baker was hurt and didn’t collapse the pocket like he normally could, plus he didn’t play as many snaps as usual.

Not really much else to say.  Kerrigan is a beast.  Riley and Smith have the potential to become one.  Murphy and Compton are meh.

Defensive Backs

Player + Total Notes
Goldson 1 2 -1
DHall 1 4 -3 Lot of pluses absorbed by the ‘coverage’ metric
Blackmon 5.5 2 3.5
Jarrett 1.5 5.5 -4 Not the best run defender
Breeland 6 1 5 Pretty much good at everything
Dunbar 4 0 4 Who?
Totals 19 14.5 4.5 Great in coverage, still struggle vs the run.

Coverage: +32, -20.5 for a total of +11.5.

DHall was manning up on the TE a lot and did a really nice job blanketing whoever the TE was.  You saw Compton earlier try to cover a tight end on the seam route, Goldson also got a chance to take on the tight end one-on-one:

Bah Gawd it’s Will Tye!  That has got to be the world’s slowest ‘out and up’ route I’ve ever seen but it’s good enough to break Goldson’s ankles.  I could show you about 6 or 7 cut ups of DHall erasing tight ends out the play but just trust me, DHall on a tight end was a win for us.  Dunbar was a pleasant surprise.  He was lined up opposite Breeland and really held his own.  Breeland is just…I’m so happy he’s on our team.

The 2 touchdowns

You already know about the miraculous catch by ODB.  The other one is a bit harder to figure out:

The Giants are in a 3×1 formation and it looks like Blackmon thinks he is playing trail coverage:

courtesy runcodhit football
courtesy runcodhit football

Blackmon would play underneath the WR with Goldson playing over top.  That makes sense.  I’m a little more confused on how Goldson thought this was supposed to be played.  With Riley taking underneath coverage (and the back out the backfield) that means Goldson thought he would cover any ‘in’ cut by the WR at the first down marker and…Blackmon would carry the WR deep?  That makes very little to no sense.  So I’m leaning towards a bust in coverage by Goldson.

What does it all mean?

Our defensive backs can not be trusted vs the run.  Except for when their are zero running backs on the field, then I think we can trust them.

If Knighton continues this upward trend and Baker overcomes his injur–infection then we are in serious business.  5 tech is good to go with Hatcher and Jean-Francois, 3 Tech is a force with a healthy Baker and Paea backing him up.  The nose now looks maybe serviceable with something resembling this upward improvement of Knighton and Golston backing him up.  Flanking the defensive line is Kerrigan (yes plz), with Murphy and Smith filling in at the opposite end.  That is not a bad rotation for the 5 men manning the line of scrimmage.

Behind that Riley is coming around and Compton isn’t horrible.  I mean he’s capable of having a good game.

Behind that is an underrated secondary.  DHall can erase tight ends, Breeland can erase just about anything and Blackmon/Dunbar look to be holding their own.  Perry Fewell has done an amazing job coaching this unit so far.

Eli finished with a 59.1 passer rating which is wow.  Even without the fluky INTs this secondary was still good enough to win with.  I counted 8 passing plays of 15 yards or more.  Of those 3 were due to poor linebacker play or coaching substitutions.  That leaves 5 explosive plays on the secondary, one of which was an amazing catch that just can’t be defended and another that had to be a once in a lifetime occurrence where Will Tye breaks Goldson’s ankles.  That was a top 10 passing offense playing from behind so–1 busted coverage aside–I’m feeling ok with these numbers.


Drive 1
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
G20 1 10 1 2 Ace Diamond 3-4 Under Run Double Iso 4
Kerrigan and Murphy with contain.  Knighton (+1) cuts off the path to the left and the RB redirects behind 45’s iso block.  Baker (+0.5) fights off his block and maintains his gap and forces the RB to cut inside of him where Riley (+1) and Goldson are waiting for him.  Riley came off of his block to make the tackle whereas Goldson just kinda stands there and catches the back.  Understandable since he was faced with defending 2 gaps until Baker came off his block.
G24 2 6 1 2 Shotgun Empty 3-4 over Pass Slant Inc
Hatcher (+1) beats his guy to the inside and Kerrigan stuns his blocker back into the QB (+1) (pressure +1) Manning fumbled the snap and just tries to get it off.  We were in man free press coverage and guys looked pretty well defended (coverage +1).  DHall over the TE split out wide.  Blackmon and Bashaud at CB
G24 3 6 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Dime under Pass Drag 10
Bashaud is following ODB where ever he goes.  Blackmon and Dunbar are your outside CBs.  Dhall again in man press vs a TE split out side.  ODB motions out wide and we go from a Dime split to a Dime under with 5 guys at the LOS.  Compton blitzes and we get no pressure (pressure -1).  Man free coverage  (coverage -1).  Bashaud loses ODB in the wash.  Good route vs man coverage
G34 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Dime over Pass Spot inc
DE split out wide to allow for Compton to line up right over the TE.  Dunbar, not Dhall,  is the slot CB this time, lined up over a WR.  Man coverage with Jarrett taking the RB and Compton going with the TE.  Goldson looks to be playing robber coverage.  Compton gets beat badly inside–he takes an extra step as the TE is breaking inside.  Compton (+1) (coverage +1) recovers and gets a hand in there to help cause the incompletion.  Man that TE is slow.
G34 2 10 1 1 Shotgun 2Back Dime Over Run Split Zone 7
Jean-Francois (-2) is way out of his element at nose.  He gets doubled and blown back then fails to come off his block as the RB runs right behind him.  He was either being held or had no vision and awareness–it looks like he never notices the RB coming right at him.  We are basically playing 5 in the box with DHall and Jarret being tasked as OLBs in a 4-3.  Dhall (-1) has zero LB instincts as his guy he would be covering blocks Preston Smith and DHall just stands there waiting for something to happen.  He probably doesn’t want to attack the LOS and hurt himself.  The Giants can have their way running the ball as long as we stay in this personnel.
G41 3 3 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Bunch Dime over Run Toss Sweep 8
And there is our first crack block of the day.  Kerrigan (-1) gets cracked and loses his feet, no attempt to fight underneath it at all.  The WR was lined up in a prime position for a crack–right out of a bunch set.  The Patriots did this to us all day and we STILL have no techniques for fighting this off.  Compton (+1) does a nice job of replacing the crack and he and Blackmon funnel the RB inside to where Jarrett (-2) should be but he overruns the play and gets in Bashaud’s gap.  Once again we have a DB with zero LB pursuit instincts vs the run.  He is pursuing from the backside and should be leveraged inside of the RB and pressing the first available gap he sees.
G49 1 10 1 1 Ace 2×2 Nickel over Run Power O 4
Hatcher (-1) gets blown back by a double, Preston Smith (+0.5) is able to lock out his TE block and absorb the pulling G block which leaves Riley (-0.5) free to make the tackle, and he makes contact at 1 yard from the LOS and gets blown back 3 yards before bringing the RB down.
R47 2 6 1 1 Shotgun 2Back Nickel over Pass Go Inc
Compton didn’t work last time so this time we send 5 with Jarret blitzing (pressure +1) and man free behind it.
R47 3 6 0 1 Shotgun Empty Dime over Pen Delay -5
Baker back in
R47 3 11 1 1 Shotgun Empty Nickel Split Pass Out INT
We send 3 and Murphy jams ODB to make it harder for him to work inside (coverage +1) We put 6 underneath, 2 deep in coverage.  Any bobble, tip or off target pass underneath would have had a Redskin nearby.
Turnover.  11:51 remains 1st qtr.  0-0.
Drive 2 (10:38)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
G6 1 10 2 1 I Form 3-4 Under Run Power O 2
Jean-Francois (+1) shoots his gap and holds up 2 blockers keeping Compton and Riley free.  Kerrigan (+1) takes on the TE block and presses him into the C gap forcing a bounce outside.  Riley (+0.5) and Compton (+0.5) meet the FB and G respectively at the LOS.  Goldson (+1) actually fights off a WR block and keeps contain.
G8 2 8 1 1 Ace 3×1 Nickel over Run Power O -2
Knighton (+2) reads the power O and swims past the center and follows the pulling G to the RB.  Baker (+0.5) drops his pressure leg and eats up a double to allow Compton and Riley to run free on either side of him.
G6 3 10 1 1 Shotgun Empty 3×2 Nickel over Pass Wheel INT
Compton has Hook, Goldson and Riley might have over/under coverage on the seam (RB in this case), once the RB goes under Riley takes him and Goldson works to get depth.  Blackmon (+2) with Curl-flat and it looks like Cover 3 behind all that.  We send 4 and kerrigan (+0.5) and Hatcher (+0.5) rip right with Baker and Smith coming over top of them (pressure +1).  Blackmon covers the wheel perfectly (coverage +2).  Jarrett (+1) lays the hit that causes the turnover.
Turnover.  9:07 remains 1st qtr.  0-0.
Drive 3 (6:59)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
G41 1 10 1 1 I Form 3 Wide Nickel under Pass PA Iso Dig 17
Iso action forces Riley to take on the FB at the LOS.  Compton with Hook, Goldson and Blackmon with Curl-Flat, cover 3 behind them.  Dunbar is playing a little too deep and loose with his coverage and Compton bites hard on the PA, that allows ODB to sit in a void in coverage.  (coverage -2)
R42 1 10 1 1 I Form 3 Wide Nickel over Pass Iso WR Check 4
This is Iso all the way, but it looks like Manning checks Bashaud’s cushion with a quick throw outside. (coverage -0.5)
R39 2 6 1 1 Offset I 3 wide Nickel over Run Iso Off Tackle 5(-10)
Nobody gap exchanges with kerrigan as he slants inside to alter the path of the running back.  Looks like Riley is the culprit.  Compton (-1) just stands there.  I have no idea what gap he is covering, based on alignment he should be covering the backside A, but Riley (-1) takes that and leaves the frontside out leveraged.  It looks like our LBs got lost on what gaps to cover.  Jarrett (-0.5) bounces around for 4 steps, he could have been more aggressive with his run fill.  Hatcher (+1) deals with a double and tries to come over top of Kerrigan and draws a holding call.  This was a really smart call by the Giants.  We must be slanting vs Iso for the RB to run outside like that.
R49 2 16 1 1 Offset I 3 wide Nickel over Run Iso Draw 1
Compton and Riley both play pass as Eli starts out in a Drop.  Kerrigan (+1) and Hatcher (+1) stunt with Hatcher eating up the guard block so Kerrigan can work inside.  That’s a perfect call vs this draw.  Kerrigan gets in the backfield and stop this cold.  Murphy (-0.5) got too far upfield but it looks like Paea covered for him.
50 3 15 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 3-3-5 over Pass Screen 8
Paea (+2) always does the best job in screen pursuit on this team.
Punt.  4:24 remains 1st qtr.  0-0.
Drive 4 (12:13)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
G21 1 10 1 2 Ace 2×2 2TE 3-4 over Run Power O 1
Kerrigan (+1) draws the double away from Baker by slanting inside.  Baker (-1) can’t fight off a down block from the center, he’s gotta be hurt.  Knighton (+1.5) reads the center downblocking and gets skinny and drives his shoulder into the guard about to downblock him, pushes him in the backfield and alters the path of the pulling G.  Compton (-0.5) runs up to the line and then stands there waiting for something to happen.  Riley (+1) gets payback against Jennings for the last time they met at the LOS and stuffs him at the line.
G22 2 9 2 1 Offset I 3-4 over Pass PA Go Inc
Dhall at the line pressing the TE.  Riley (+0.5) blows up the RB in the backfield whose just looking to pass protect.  He punished him.  Murphy (-0.5) can’t keep his feet.  Breeland (+1) (coverage +1) with a PBU.
G22 3 9 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 H Dime split Pass Sack -6
Kerrigan (+1) and Hatcher (+1) abuse their guys (pressure +2) On the backend, it looks like the only guy that could’ve been open was ODB vs Blackmon, but it looks like we rotated into cover 2 and probably had him covered over top with a safety.  That would explain Blackmon being physical at the line.  (Coverage +1)
Punt.  10:29 remains 2nd qtr.  3-0.
Drive 5 (10:18)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
G20 1 10 0 1 Shotgun Empty 3×2 Nickel over Pass Spot 7
Dunbar looks to be in Trail technique with Jarret playing over top.  Riley is manned up on the TE.  Eli looks that way initially.  Bashaud plays curl-flat coverage with Goldson taking deep coverage behind him.  ODB attacks Compton’s soft middle hook/Tampa 2 coverage and finds a spot in the zone to sit down in (coverage -1).  Worth noting that we kept in 2 LBs vs 1 TE and 4 WRs.
G27 2 3 0 1 Shotgun Empty 3×2 Nickel Split Pass Seam 15
(Pressure -1) Same tampa 2 coverage as last play.  TE releases underneath to suck in the underneath coverage and allow for the seam route to open up behind them.  (coverage +1) Goldson closed in pretty fast but the throw and catch beats him.
G42 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 2Back Nickel over Run Split Zone 4
Baker (-1) gets blown back 2 yards, he’s hurt.  Compton (-2) is the only one not to realize this is a run.  He’s too worried about his deep drop.  Hatcher (+1) mitigates Compton’s damage by getting off his block and making the tackle.
G46 2 6 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass quick out inc
Just a bad throw.  Breeland (coverage +1) was closing in hard so it could’ve been a good thing for the Giants.  Everyone else was locked down.
G46 3 6 0 1 Shotgun Empty 3×2 3-2-6  even Pass Slant inc
We send 3 and get some decent pressure (pressure +1).  On the back end it’s man free with Compton and Riley (-1) taking the Hook-curl drops.  Riley takes too flat a drop here.  He needs to deepen it more and watch for any in/dig routes behind him.  ODB gets behind him but Bashaud (+1) (coverage +1) does an uncanny job getting a hand in there to break it up.
Punt.  7:59 remains 2nd qtr.  10-0.
Drive 6 (7:02)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
G39 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass PA Power O Hitch 14
Line slants right.  Knighton has to wrap back around to account for the pulling G.  I’m thinking I can let the lack of pressure go as it’s a hard PA.  Cover 2 up top and Quarters to the bottom of the screen.  Breeland (-1) (coverage -1) gets his hips turned around by ODB’s stem and the hitch is wide open.
R47 1 10 1 1 Offset I 3 wide Nickel over Run Iso off tackle 1
Giants motion to I form and Knighton (+1) does not move an inch.  Jean-Francois even motions him to get to the 3 tech but Knighton recognizes this is an Iso blocking play.  His alignment squeezes the hole so tight for the lead FB to run through that the FB has to jump through it.  This is that play where they block it just like an Iso play but the RB opens up to the outside and runs like it’s off tackle.  Kerrigan (+1) does what he did last time and slants inside hard.  This time Riley (+1) is there to gap exchange with him and there is nowhere to go outside or inside.
R46 2 9 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Go Inc
Breeland held ODB for sure but it doesn’t get called (coverage +1)  Jarrett (-1) was supposed to blitz but he was not ready for the snap and ended up taking himself out of the play.  We basically had 3 underneath and 3 deep with 4 rushing because of it.
R46 3 9 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Dime Split Pass Seam Inc
(Pressure -1) Jarrett and Compton take the RB and TE respectively.  Man coverage with 2 deep safeties.  Blackmon looks like he gets beat to the inside on a seam route, and Eli tries to hit that while the WR is breaking out.  Eli says it’s his fault.  DHall (-1) was at least 20 yards deep.  No impact on the play.
Punt.  5:50 remains in the 2nd qtr.  0-10.
Drive 7 (1:45)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
G20 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Dime Pass Dump off 8
we send 4 (pressure -1) and don’t get there.  Eli has time for the late releasing RB to come open underneath.  We had Blackmon (-1) (coverage -1) and Jarrett with curl-flat and Compton (-1) with hook.  3 deep behind that and Goldson playing robber.  Compton takes a bad angle as he closes down on the RB.  Blackmon got out a little too far as his receiver already cleared his zone and all he had was a RB underneath.
G28 2 2 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Dime Pass Spot 7
Either Compton or Goldson isn’t playing their zone as tightly as they could.  Given the time left and Giants with only 1 TO, ok.
G35 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Dime Pass Go Inc
OPI not called.  Breeland (+1) (Coverage +1) (Pressure -1)
G35 2 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Dime Pass Flat 2
Jarrett (-0.5) with curl-flat coverage (coverage +1) and he closes in quickly but can’t tackle the TE to stop him from going OOB.
G37 3 8 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Dime Pass Seam Inc
We send 5 and get zero pressure (pressure -1).  Seam is double covered (coverage +1)  With Compton blitzing, Jarrett gets seam.  Goldson playing deep.
Punt.  53 seconds remain 2nd qtr.  17-0.
Drive 8 (11:24)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
G37 1 10 1 1 Ace offset 3 wide Nickel over Run Jet Sweep 1
Dunbar (+1) and Murphy (+1) set the edge with Dunbar fighting off a WR block and Murphy stretching his block out wide.  Hatcher (+2) makes this whole thing work by shooting his gap and occupying the center and guard.  This lets Compton (+1) press the gap where the guard would’ve been and make the tackle along with Dunbar.  Riley (-1) comes over top at too horizontal of an angle and takes himself out the play.
G38 2 9 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Dime split Pass Deep In 13
Hatcher (+1) beats his guy with a swim move to the outside but Murphy doesn’t replace his lane (or Hatcher gets out of it) and Eli has time to step up in the pocket (pressure -1) and ODB has time to run an indefensible deep in route that Dunbar does try his best at (coverage +1)
R49 1 10 1 1 Ace 2×2 Nickel over Run outside zone 4
Line slants right, causing Kerrigan (-1) to get reached and sealed.  Hatcher (+1) and Baker (+1) fight off their reach blocks and Hatcher gets in the backfield to cut off any cutback.  Riley (+1) could have taken a better angle but stuns the TE at the 2nd level and runs hard outside.  Jarrett (-0.5) also could have taken a better angle.
R45 2 6 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Dump off 9
Neither inside WR is threatening the seam.  I think Riley (-0.5) and Compton (-1) (coverage -1) could have played the underneath coverage a lot tighter
R36 1 10 1 1 Ace 2×2 Nickel over Run Toss Sweep -4
Jean-Francois (+2) and Preston Smith (+2) meet in the backfield.  The center doesn’t help the guard with JF and JF shoots the gap.  Smith took the TE to school.  Baker still struggling to defeat 1-on-1 blocks, this time a down block.  He did okay but normally he would discard that guy.
R40 2 14 1 1 Shotgun 2x2H Nickel over Pass Corner 31
This route had too much time to develop (pressure -1).  I’m not a fan of this call if the safety has #2 underneath and the CB playing press is responsible for #1 deep. (coverage -1)
R9 1 G 2 1 I Form 3 Wide H 3-4 under Pass PA Cross Inc
Breeland (+1) (coverage +1) Underneath coverage bit hard but only a 2 man route.
R9 2 G 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel Pass Dump off 5
Blackmon (-1) gets on the wrong side of a block and could have saved 4 yards on the play if he didn’t.  (Pressure -1) Kerrigan got chipped by the late releasing RB and that stopped his pressure cold.
R4 3 G 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Dime Pass In INT
Man to man on the WRs with Dhall on the TE and Jarret on the RB.  Compton playing underneath zone and Goldson with deep zone.  Not sure what Goldson is covering, but either way Manning is not looking up top to the double slants.  Probably because presnap alignment told him that they were taken away.  DHall sticks to the TE on a corner route.  Jarrett all over the RB.  Dunbar (+2) (coverage +3) (pressure -1) jumps the throw for the INT
INT.  7:15 remains 3rd qtr.  17-0.
Drive 9 (5:02)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
G8 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Hitch 3(+15)
They attack the cover 3 cushion.  Dhall (-1) closes in quickly but pulls the WR down by the facemask
G26 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 2Back Nickel over Pass Double screen Inc
TE is split out wide with Dhall over him.  ODB in the backfield.  Both backs release for a screen, Bashaud (+1) blows by his blocker and covers one side, Jean-Francois (+2) (-2) muscles past the guard to blow up the other one but then tackles the RB (coverage +1)  They could’ve probably gotten something if Hicks actually went on a route.  Illegal man downfield offsets the holding call.
G26 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 3-4 over Pass Go Inc
Eli gets rid of it a bit sooner than he wants (pressure +1) Jean-Francois (+1), Blackmon (+1) (coverage +1) gets a PBU.  Goldson getting a little aggressive with his alignment.
G26 2 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Dime Pass Slant Inc
Dhall on the TE, looks like Man free.  Compton (+1) (coverage +1) does a good job reading Eli and sliding over his hook coverage to shorten the window on the slant.  Dunbar (+1) gets a PBU.  Goldson backing off a bit with his alignment.
G26 3 10 1 1 Shotgun Empty 3×2 Dime Pass Hook Inc
Pressure (+1) just about everyone up front gets beat with Hatcher (+1) and Smith (+1) leading the way.  Coverage was 4 deep, 3 under (coverage +2) and Blackmon (+1) and Dhall (+1) were right there.  Blackmon with the PBU.
Punt.  4:17 remains 3rd qtr.  17-0.
Drive 10 (2:22)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
G20 1 10 1 1 Ace 3×1 Nickel over Pass PA Power O Inc
(coverage +1) PA gets the LBs to bite but no routes are open behind them.  Preston Smith (+1) (pressure +1) attacks the voided gap from the pulling guard.  It looks like Smith and Kerrigan were both trying to stunt in there with Smith getting in first.  That Oline was really trying to sell Power O with a prolonged double on the 3tech Paea.  That slowed up their slide in pass pro.
G20 2 10 1 1 Shotgun 2Back H Nickel split Pass Split Zone WR Check Inc
A called run play that Eli checks out of.  Split zone action with a pulling guard but Eli decides instead to test Blackmons cushion.  That run was well blocked and could be going for some yards if Eli doesn’t option out of it, Kerrigan got upfield and there was a big gap inside of him with the TE lead blocking.  Jarrett (+0.5) and Blackmon (+0.5) converge quickly on the throw (coverage +1)
G20 3 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 H Nickel wide Pass Sack
Kerrigan (+2) (pressure +1) blows right by his man
Punt.  1:34 remains 3rd qtr.  17-0.
Drive 11 (11:36)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
G20 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass Spot Inc
Paea (+1) stunts hard and carries two blockers with him, that allows Murphy free run at the QB (pressure +2) also Kerrigan (+1) beats his man straight up and is held, no call, still gets a PBU.  We had 5 underneath in coverage (coverage +1) even if ODB caught that, Riley was going to punish him.
G20 2 10 0 1 Shotgun Empty 3×2 Nickel over Pass Seam 31(+15)
Giants have us beat pre-snap as we don’t sub out a LB for a DB even though they are in a 4 WR 1 TE set.  This leaves Riley to cover ODB underneath and a safety over top.  We have 2 deep and leave 6 underneath with Murphy jamming the TE and dropping into coverage.  ODB with a head fake out causes Riley to bite and leaves a void in the zone (coverage -1) We only rushed 3, this whole play is on the coaches.  And DHall (-1) for the PF.
R34 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel split Pass Slant Inc
A bad read by Eli as the RB had stretched out Blackmon’s zone (coverage -1) and there was a open slant underneath.
R34 2 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 H Nickel Split Pass PA Go Inc
Breeland (+1) (coverage +1) (pressure +1) Jean-Francois (+1) and Kerrigan (+1) apply pressure with JF completely ignorning any PA.  LBs take the TE and RB out the backfield.  Breeland playing over top the deep post with Goldson underneath.  Eli probably could’ve hit Harris on the seam route there with Jarrett (-1) not getting enough depth on his drop.  No threat underneath he should be playing deeper than that.
R34 3 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel Split Pass Sack -6
3 underneath and 4 deep with Jarrett taking curl-flat, Compton Hook, and Riley curl-flat.  Quarters(?) coverage behind them.  Baker (+1) (pressure +2) and Kerrigan stunt and the Giants switch this time instead of leaving Kerrigan with an open path to the QB.  Baker beats his guy and Hatcher (+1) bull rushes his way to Eli (coverage +1)  Only 2 guys went deep and we had 4 deep, nothing open past the 1st down marker.
R40 4 16 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel Split Pass Corner 40
Eli is allowed to step up in the pocket with nobody in his face (pressure -1).  We sent 4. (coverage -4)  The top is trips, to the open side Blackmon thinks he has trail coverage and is aligned as such.  Goldson thinks he has any breaking in’s or out’s with Blackmon playing deep.  Earlier Bashaud got beat by a corner route and he had deep coverage with the safety (Jarrett) playing underneath, so Goldson could’ve been right.  Based on alignment you would think that Blackmon is right.  No way to tell.
Touchdown.  10:10 remains 4th qtr.  20-7
Drive 12 (7:20)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
G23 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Screen -4
Baker (+2) blows this up
G19 2 14 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass Seam 16
Blackmon is dropping to cover the #2 releasing to the flat.  Jarrett is widening out to ODB.  Compton (-2) (coverage -2) drops way too far back.  He is obssessed with getting in his deep drop and doesn’t even assess the situation.  That’s a super slow TE working up the seam: get on his ass.  Instead he gives up a free first down.
G35 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Dump off 8
Compton (-1) (coverage -1) has to worry about an out release by the RB because he isn’t athletic enough to keep up with that if he’s in the RBs hip pocket.  This allows for a hole in the coverage.  Riley could probably handle this assignment.
G43 2 2 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Out Inc
Blackmon (+1) (coverage +1) drops off ODB and plays underneath.  Pass is dropped but Blackmon is there to put in a hit.
G43 3 2 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass In Inc
Kerrigan (+1) forces Manning to step up, and he has a ton of room to do so (pressure -1) (coverage +1) Everyone was locked down.  Dhall and Compton took away the TE and Riley (+1) the RB, man to man with the CBs and 1 deep safety who chose to help out with ODB.
G43 4 2 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Out and Up 28
Goldson (-2) (coverage -1) gets his ankles broken by an Out fake from the TE.
R29 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel wide Pass Spot 8
Compton (-1) (coverage -1) again just playing like he’s a safety first, LB second.
R21 2 2 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass Arrow Inc
Looks like Jarrett is responsible for #3 if he releases underneath outside.  He gives a cushion and gets blocked out the play (coverage -1) pass is dropped.  Usually Dhall mans up the TE in these situations.
R21 3 2 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Go 21
WELP.  (coverage +1)
Touchdown.  4:57 remains 4th qtr.  20-14.

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