Breakdown: Defense vs Cowboys

Formation Things:

We came out in a 3-2-6 on four 3rd and longs:


That’s Nickel personnel we just moved Kerrigan to LB depth.  From this formation we blitzed twice for 2 incompletions, forced Cassel to call a timeout, and gave up a 6 yard PI penalty.  So a pretty successful wrinkle.

The Cowboys used 13 personnel (1 RB, 3TE) 9 times.  One variation of 13 personnel had them lined up in the following formation with the WR as a tiny H-Back.  I called it “Ace 3×1 Twin TE WR H” because what the hell else do you call this, I have no idea:


Notice the bubble that Goldson is lined up over.  Right Guard #70 Zack Martin gets a one-on-one meeting with Goldson and drives him back to about the first down  marker.  They ran behind that block for easy yards.

3 drives later at the goaline they lined up in the same formation:


That same bubble under Goldson is there.  If the RB wanted to cut back into that gap he couldn’t because Baker, Compton and Foster all shot their gaps and Kerrigan was left unblocked on the backside:

The only other unique formation thrown at us was this 4×1 set that had a Bunch Set inside:


We threw a cover 0 blitz at that the second time they showed it and they stopped using it after that.

Oh, and the crack block from the Bunch Set reared it’s ugly head again:


That’s a 5’9 163 pound WR about to knock Compton off his base and take him out the play:

They come back to that same exact formation 2 drives later:


But this time Murphy splits out real wide in order to nullify any kind of crack from that same WR and Compton is free to press the line and funnel the ball carrier to Foster (who catches the RB instead of attack the line of scrimmage):

I didn’t know scheming for 160 pound blockers was, you know, a thing.


Player + Total Notes
Kerrigan 5.5 0.5 5 Best pass rusher left
Foster 11 5.5 5.5 Plays downhill.  +3 for the strip fumble
Smith 0 2 -2 Getting more snaps in his timeshare with Murphy
Murphy 2 2 0 Exists…
Compton 5.5 10 -4.5 #PromoteCompton
Totals 24 20 4 A good debut from Foster.  Kerrigan >>

How did the new guy do?

The biggest difference I saw between Foster and Compton was with how they shed blocks and pressed the line of scrimmage.  Above you saw how Compton struggled to get off a block, but Foster did a little bit better.  He has a good rip technique that gets him free from large men who are trying to stop him from doing his job.

Here he swats away the hands of LG La’el Collins (#71), attacks the line of scrimmage and funnels the RB back into the arms of Baker so he can stop the RB for a 2 yard gain:

Compare that to Compton who has to shed a block from RG Zack Martin:

His angle is way too horizontal and when he rips under the block…nothing happens.  He gets carried down the line and the RB just slips right by him.  His ‘hit and shed’ leaves something to be desired, also when he was kept clean from all blockers he still didn’t make the play.  Example:


Compton has 3 guys in front of him that are going to absorb 4 blockers.  Jean-Francois (1-tech) will take the center, Baker (3-tech) will draw a double and Kerrigan (5-tech/tight 7) is going to slant inside, to take away any inside run, and draw Witten with him into the backfield.  This leaves Compton clean and one-on-one with the RB:


It’s 2nd and 1.  You have to make that TFL that is put on a silver platter for you.  Instead:

he hesitates and catches the RB as he lunges forward for a first down.  Crack blocks, guard blocks, no blocks: Compton failed at all of them.  Occasionally he put together a couple of good reads but over the course of the game I had him graded at a -4.5.

In coverage Compton didn’t have the best day either.  Versus Witten he and Jarrett both struggled.



Compton again:

Jarrett with Compton underneath:

Above examples aside, Witten actually had a quiet day finishing with 5 catches for 46 yards.  The clear cut #1 reason for that was DHall.

Defensive Backs

Defensive Backs
Player + Total Notes
Jarrett 2 1 1 Pretty good blitzer.  Had a couple good plays against the run.
Breeland 4 1 3 Got beat late a couple times vs Dez, otherwise >>
Dhall 0 3 -3 Score reflects vs the run: he took some bad angles.  But in coverage he erased Witten (those pluses show up in the coverage metric)
Dunbar 0 1 -1 PI on Dez
Blackmon 0.5 3 -2.5 Couple of poor coverages
Goldson 3 3 0 Got +2 on the early strip and fumble
Totals 9.5 12 -2.5 Could use some improvement vs the run.

Coverage:  +10, -16 for a total of -6.  More on this score later, but first:


After a few unsuccessful attempts manning up Witten with other guys, we finally threw DHall at him, who the week prior erased all the tight ends the Giants threw at him:

All 5 of those plays DHall takes him out.  The one where Witten caught the pass (2nd play) was nullified because he was called for offensive pass interference.  It got to the point where Dallas tried to motion Witten just to get DHall off his back:

A little help from his friends and that play falls dead.  Very next play:


The overall coverage score fell negative because:

  • the underneath issues against Witten
  • Blackmon had a loose zone and a couple of questionable man coverages
  • Play Action sucking up the underneath coverage
  • 2 wheel routes where we forgot to cover the second guy in the flat after the wheel went vertical
  • Dez beating Breeland on the 12th and final drive.  Twice.

Normally I wouldn’t neg a corner for getting beat by an elite WR but Breeland was out of character on that last drive.  He opened up his hips way too early on a comeback/hook route and got turned around when he could have been in Dez’s hip pocket.  Also he had inside leverage on a slant throw and still gave up the inside.  Those 2 throws were enough to put the Cowboys in range for the game winning field goal.

Defensive Line

Player + Total Notes
Knighton 2 5 -3 Ok early then struggled.  Ran himself out of gaps
Jean-Francois 12 1 11 A force against the run.  Noticeable downgrade from Hatcher in generating pressure vs pass
Baker 10.5 2.5 8 I’d be ok if we rejected a straight up trade for Suh at this point
Hatcher 3 3 0 Left game.  Pass rush suffered noticeably
Golston 0.5 0 0.5
Paea 1.5 0 1.5
Bates 1 0 1 Left unblocked on one play and didn’t mess it up.
Total 30.5 11.5 19 We will be hurting for depth without Paea and Hatcher

In their 6th drive the Cowboys ran off 3 straight runs that shredded our front:

  • inside zone for 7 yards
  • outside zone for 7 yards
  • inside zone for 7 yards and a fumble.

That drive was going to be a problem if we didn’t pick up that fumble.  After that drive Jean-Francois made some kind of blood oath to the football gods swearing to never allow a single yard ever again.  All through the 7th drive he was shooting gaps and killing any double team the Cowboys threw at him:

6 plays later they get away from zone running and try Power.  Instead of pulling the guard they pull the tackle (Jean-Francois is circled):


Jean-Francois shoots right into the guard (#70) and pushes him back into the pulling tackle:


Above you can see #70 turned perpendicular to the line of scrimmage and causing the pulling tackle to slow down his path.  This allows for Compton to have more time to meet the pulling tackle (who is the lead blocker) behind the line of scrimmage.  As a side note, notice Jarrett up top keeping contain.


By this point Jean-Francois has pushed his guy back 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage and slowed down the pulling lead blocker so Compton can meet him a full yard behind the line of scrimmage.  Now Compton can funnel the RB to his help inside, which happens to be Jarrett who is fighting through traffic to make the diving tackle:


+2 to Jean-Francois for all that and +1.5 to Jarrett for playing like a linebacker in traffic and letting out a hilarious war cry at the end:

4 plays later in the same drive Jean-Francois blows up another Power run:

Pressure:  With Hatcher out, we overcame the lack of organic pressure by dialing up blitzes including a couple of cover 0 blitzes that got Cassel to panic.  When we rushed 5 with Compton as the 5th rusher it was eh.  But when Jarrett was the 5th guy we were able to turn up the heat.  For the game the pressure metric graded out at +11, -6 for a total of +5.

Those last 10 points

They came on Drive 11 and 12.  We already talked about the 12th drive (Dez vs Breeland) which was attributed to our pass D.  The 11th drive could be attributed to our run D.  The first play of the 11th drive had us facing an I Formation:


Murphy and DHall have contain.  Murphy is going to jump inside, lose his base and get blown up by the fullback.  He has help from the backside and instead of trying to be a hero he could have taken a contain angle.  Next to Murphy is Jean-Francois who is going to slant inside which is the worst thing you can do versus outside zone to your side.  My guess is that he saw I formation and thought an inside run was coming.  Instead he gets sealed and creates a pile that also seals out Knighton’s backside pursuit.  Baker is running in backside pursuit and will get cut blocked.  He fights it off but Foster pushes him back into the block and erases Baker from the play.  This happens because Foster cuts up field on his blocker instead of coming over top of him.  If he comes over top, Foster and Baker are both pursuing this play and stopping it for a 4 yard gain.  Finally DHall takes a horrible angle and is the primary reason this play works so well:

The very next play Knighton gets removed from the line, the RB runs right where Knighton should be and both safeties miss the tackle:

If the Redskins stop this drive on a 3 and Out they are getting the ball back with less than 30 seconds so it’s definitely a sound game theory to let the other team score.  But it looked like we were trying to stop them.

What does it all mean?

The front 5 is going to miss Hatcher’s pass rush.  In the meantime Coach Barry has shown he’s willing to dial up a few blitzes with a couple of cover 0’s thrown in.  Losing Paea is going to hurt our depth at 3 tech.  The front 3 DL has Baker, Jean-Francois and then falls off a cliff with Knighton and Golston at 1 tech/nose and Kearse backing up at DE.  Knighton has stepped it up a bit since last week, but he is still the weakest link on the front 5 and with the current injuries we can only go as far as he takes us.

Compton will have to do for now.  Foster is showing some promise.

The secondary has a couple of erasers in Breeland (WRs) and DHall (TEs) and Jarrett is coming on as a blitzer and run stopper.


Drive 1 (12:50)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
C34 1 10 1 2 Ace 3×1 Twin TE 3-4 under Pass PA Dig Inc
Oline looks like they are trying to sell IZ.  Dhall and Compton are manned up on tight ends, corners 3 deep on the WRs and Kerrigan (-0.5) and Foster are taking Hook drops.  Dhall blitzes from the outside left and the line slants to the right.  That’s a run blitz.  DHall gets some pressure as he goes unblocked.  I’m minusing Kerrigan for not getting deeper in his drop (coverage -1)
C34 2 10 2 1 I Form 3-4 over Run Iso Fum
Cowboys motion, Compton has the line stay put.  Knighton (+0.5) holds his ground against the double.  Kerrigan isn’t slanting inside this time and takes the edge.  Foster (-0.5) is a little late meeting the FB at the hole and hits him 1 yard past it.  Baker (-1) gets reached and sealed which leaves Compton (-0.5) defending 2 gaps.  He takes the RB on and gets blown back a few yards…along with Foster who is getting owned by the FB.  Goldson (+2) with the strip and turnover.
Fumble.  12:36 remains 1st qtr.  0-0.
Drive 2 (11:10)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
C5 1 10 1 3 Ace 2×2 Twin TE 3-4 bear Run Inside zone 5
Doubles are on Baker (-0.5) and Knighton (+0.5) with Baker losing his left foot and getting moved down the line,.  Knighton holds his ground and fights off a block.  Holes are on either side of Baker and Compton (-1.5) and Foster are there to plug them both except Compton attacks Foster’s gap for whatever reason.  Help was aligned to his right with Blackmon so I’m not sure why Compton felt the need to peak his head in that gap.
C10 2 5 1 3 Ace 3×1 Twin TE 3-4 under Run Power O 0
Knighton (+1) comes over top his down block and meets the RB in the backfield with Foster (+0.5) who…runs forward.  He didn’t need to do much because Jean-Francois (+2) swam right past his guy and then knocked the pulling guard on his ass.
C10 3 5 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 3-2-6 even Pass Cross Inc
Beasley got open as we send 5 but Kerrigan (+2) (pressure +1) got a hand on the QB.  Holy crap they tackled Hatcher, how is that not called.
Punt.  9:43 remains 1st qtr.  0-0.
Drive 3 (7:12)
C35 1 10 1 2 Ace 2×2 3-4 over Run Jet Sweep 13
Line slants right aaaand we’re dead.  Murphy (-1) cant keep square to the LOS and actually gets spun around.  Since the line was slanting, Compton (-0.5) could have gotten more aggressive with his shuffle when he saw the motion.  DHall (-1) takes a crap angle to the ball carrier.
C48 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass Slant Inc
Cowboys motion Beasley wide out of the Bunch set.  Blackmon (-1) got beat to the inside even though he had inside leverage (coverage -1) Cassel overthrows it.
C48 2 10 2 1 I Form ??? Run Iso? 0
Camera guy wanted to focus on the OC instead of the play.  Foster (+1) tackles the RB.  I can’t really tell you much else.
C48 3 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 3-2-6 even Pass Go Inc
Cowboys  motion Beasley wide out of the Bunch set.  Kerrigan is playing LB depth, so this is Nickel personnel.  Dhall stacks behind Blackmon and might have tipped off his blitz.  We send 5, Dhall is manned up on Dez and Dez looks wide open (coverage -1) but Cassel looks freaked by the blitz (pressure +1) and fires it deep.  Preston Smith had underneath coverage in case anyone crossed.
Punt.  5:28 remains 1st qtr.  0-0.
Drive 4 (2:22)
C41 1 10 1 2 Ace 3×1 3-4 under Run Pin and Pull -10
Both guards pull outside.  Knighton (-1) gets cut by the LG and the center he was aligned over got to Compton with little resistance.  Kerrigan sets the edge.  Baker (+2) shoots his gap where the RG vacated and the RT has zero chance of down blocking him.  Baker gets in the backfield so quickly that he gets a hand on the QB arm and causes a fumble.
C31 2 20 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass Screen -3
3 deep with Blackmon and Foster taking Curl-flat, Compton with Hook.  Goldson (+1) (coverage +1) takes robber and reads the screen the whole way
C28 3 23 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Dime Split Pass Circle 15
Kerrigan and Baker stunt but no pressure (pressure -1).  Looks like cover 3 to the top of the screen and cover 2 to the bottom.  (Coverage +1) Cassel can’t find anything past the RB on a circle route.
Punt.  15 seconds remain 1st qtr.  0-0.
Drive 5 (11:47)
C20 1 10 1 2 Ace 2×2 Twin TE 3-4 over Pen False start -5
C15 1 15 2 1 I Form 3-4 under Pass PA Iso Flat 6
Paea slants inside to disrupt the FB and keep the LBs clean.  Hatcher slants towards the run too.  Murphy (+1) (coverage +1) recognizes the PA and tracks the RB down to the sideline
C21 2 9 1 2 Ace 2×2 Twin TE 3-4 under Pass Sack -2
Hatcher (+1) (pressure +1) (coverage +1) bull rushes his man and causes Cassel to get the heebie jeebies.  Murphy (+0.5) doesn’t give up on the play and cleans up.
C19 3 11 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Dime Split Pass Seam hitch 11
Witten is too big and boxes out Jarrett.  Dhall should really be manned up on him.  Kerrigan got chipped and the pressure isn’t there but it’s not like Cassel had all day.
C30 1 10 1 2 Ace 2×2 3-4 Bear Run Outside zone 5
Jean-Francois and Knighton try to flatten out their reach blocks as they work up the line.  Baker (-1) may have slanted inside, but either way he got reached and sealed.  RB cuts it up his gap and Compton (+0.5) makes a diving play to slow him down.  Compton should have gotten over top of the 2nd level OL but he seems to have thought he had a path to the RB and pressed.  It barely worked
C35 2 5 1 2 Ace 2×2 3-4 bear Run Outside zone -1
Jean-Francois (+1.5) with a quick get off and takes away any cutback.  It also opens up a lane for Foster (+1) to press the RB.  Baker (+2) is just too strong.  He fires of the line to the tackle’s inside shoulder and knocks him off balance.  By the time the tackle squares up he’s 3 yards in the backfield.  Baker gets off his block and makes the tackle.
C34 3 6 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass Out 7
Baker and Kerrigan stunt (pressure -1) and nothing happens.  Looks like 2 deep man under and Compton is manned up on Witten and it’s no match (coverage -1)
C41 1 10 1 2 Ace 3×1 3-4 under Pass PA OZ Wheel 38
Jean-Francois looks to read the outside zone and he slants hard up the line.  (pressure -1)  Golston and Baker don’t realize its play action until Cassel is planting his foot to throw.  Goldson (-1) carries the wheel and gets beat by a couple of steps (coverage -2) also nobody took the RB in the flat.
R21 1 10 1 1 Ace 3×1 Bunch Nickel over Run Inside zone 6
Witten motions.  Hatcher (-1) and Baker have to shift and never get reset.  Hatcher tries to stunt with Kerrigan but gets off balance because of the shift.  Foster (+1) clogs up the middle, RB has to cut outside.  RB runs right outside of Hatcher where Goldson (-1) should be able to end it but he barley slows McFadden down.  Jarrett (+0.5) lays the wood in the open field.
R27 2 4 1 2 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass throwaway Inc
Foster fakes his blitz and Cassel calls for a line shift right.  This allows Smith (pressure +1) to come in from the left unblocked.
R27 3 4 0 2 Shotgun empty 3×2 Dime Split Pass Arrow inc
Cover 0 blitz (pressure +1) we bring 6 and it’s  man coverage behind that.  Jarrett is an underrated blitzer, this is 2 games in a row that he’s gotten in the backfield on his blitz.
FG.  6:30 remains 2nd qtr.  0-3.
Drive 6 (15:00)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
C20 1 10 1 3 Ace 3×1 Twin TE WR H 5-3 wide Run Inside zone 7
Hatcher and Baker are both in a 5 tech/4i tech and there are bubbles over the guards that I’m not sure are supposed to be there.  Bubble over the RG and Dashon Goldson is tasked with lining up over it.  Guess where the open hole is.  Foster (+0.5) shoots his gap and forces the RB to bounce outside.  RG #70 gets to block Goldson one-on-one and that’s easy yards for the RB to run behind.  Baker (+0.5) dislodges his block and tries to make a play but this play looks damaged pre-snap.  I don’t see how we can defend every gap unless someone on the line (Knighton or Baker) or Foster was tasked with 2 gaps.
C27 2 3 1 3 Ace 2×2 Twin TE 3-4 pinch Run Outside zone 7
Hatcher (+0.5) with good backside pursuit.  Playside Knighton (-2) tries to get over a reach block so he can get penetration instead he screws the whole play up for us.  He gets sealed and there is a huge hole for the RB to cut up into.  Foster (+0.5) presses his gap but without Knighton following his assignment the RB just cuts it behind Foster.  Compton (-1) is really slow in pursuit.  He takes a false shuffle step to the left, why I don’t know, and is late in covering behind Foster.  He rips under the guard and is now a force player instead of the guy making the play.
C34 1 10 1 1 Ace 3×1 Bunch Nickel over Run Inside zone 7
Doubles are on Baker and Hatcher.  OL on Hatcher gets to Foster (-0.5) on the second level.  Foster has no base set to take on the block and gets carried away.  Kerrigan rips under the TE crack block and maintains his gap.  Compton (-2) can’t fight off a crack block from #13 who is 5’9 163 lbs.  Wtf.  He tries to rip under the block instead of come over top of it.  He can’t even rip under it.  Breeland (+2) saves us from this onslaught of zone runs by causing the fumble.
Fumble.  13:40 remains 3rd qtr.  3-3
Drive 7 (10:33)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
C20 1 10 1 2 Ace 2×2 3-4 over Pass Stop and Go 25
Dhall, Blackmon and Breeland are in man press.  Foster on the TE and Blackmon on the RB.  Man free.  We send 5 with Kerrigan and Jean-Francois stunting.  Pressure was about to get there but Cassel had enough time to pump fake.  Breeland (coverage +1) was on his man but he got got by the back shoulder throw.
C45 1 10 1 1 Ace 3×1 Nickel over Run Outside zone 2
Good grief, Jean-Francois (+1) just shoots his gap instantaneously after the snap and almost sacks the QB on the handoff.  He was getting tired of this zone b.s.  Foster (+1) reads and reacts quickly enough to get outside of the LG.  He rips through the block and is at the LOS making the RB cut inside to Baker (+1) who sheds the LT block to make the tackle.
C47 2 8 1 1 Shotgun Empty 4×1 Bunch Inside Dime Split Pass Spot (-10)
Push off on Witten.  (coverage +1)
C37 2 18 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass Cross 9
Dunbar with flat coverage and picks up Witten on the crosser.  Foster with flat/RB coverage.  Compton was carrying #3 deep to Goldson.  Blackmon had #2 and safety took #1.   Breeland looks to be playing deep robber coverage.  Dez took Breeland, Goldson and Compton with him, goodness.  Dunbar kinda mitigates Witten’s damage (coverage +1)
C46 3 9 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 3-2-6 even TO n/a n/a
Nickel personnel with Kerrigan at LB depth and Dhall manned up on Witten.  Cassel takes a timeout cause Kerrigan had him shook.
C46 3 9 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 3-2-6 even Pen PI 6
Nickel personnel with Smith at LB depth this time.  Dhall maned up on Witten.  Hatcher (-1) lined up offsides.  PI called on Breeland.
R48 1 10 1 2 Ace 2×2 3-4 over Pass PA Wheel Inc
Foster (+1) carries the wheel and Goldson (coverage +1) is over top of it.  Cassel has nowhere to throw.  (pressure -1) Once again the flat was left uncovered (coverage -1)
R48 2 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Run Power O 1
They pull the Tackle instead of the guard.  Jean-Francois (+2) shoots his gap at the snap and turns the RG perpendicular to the LOS and alters the pulling tackle’s path which slows down everything for the cowboys.  Kerrigan (+1) fights down the line with the TE attached to him.  Thanks to JF Compton can now meet the lead blocker behind the LOS which forces the RB to cut back right into Jarrett (+1.5) and Kerrigan.  Jarrett was able to play contain and work his way through traffic to make the tackle.
R47 3 9 1 1 Shotgun Empty 4×1 Bunch Inside Dime Over Pass Go (Pen) 11
Cover 0 blitz (pressure +1) we bring 6 and it’s  man coverage behind that.  Jarrett again getting to the QB.  Dhall manned up on Witten.  Dunbar (-1) (coverage -1) PI on Dez
R36 1 10 1 3 Ace 2×2 Twin TE 3-4 over Run Counter Power O 3
RB takes a counter step before following the pulling guard and tight end.  Kerrigan sets the edge.  Knighton (-1) gets sealed.  Paea (+1) shoots his gap and drives the LT back and alters the path of the pulling TE.  Murphy checks for rollout/reverse action.  Hatcher (+1.5) seperates from Witten with authority.  He knocks Witten back into a pile and then works up the line.  Foster (+0.5) meets the pulling guard at the LOS and Compton (+0.5) meets the pulling TE behind the LOS.  They both funnel the RB back to Hatcher (-1) who really needs to stop this at the line and not allow all that YAC.
R33 2 7 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass Out 9
Compton (-1) (coverage -1) 1-on-1 with Witten and gets beat pretty cleanly.
R24 1 10 1 3 Ace 3×1 Twin TE 3-4 under Run Power O 2
Jean-Francois (+2) shoots his gap and does two things.  First he delays the LT release to the 2nd level and second, he alters the pulling guard.  Both these things keep our LBs clean.  Compton (+1) takes the LT with his inside shoulder and keeps his outside arm free and makes the tackle along with JF.  Foster (+0.5) constricted his gap and met the pulling guard behind the LOS.  Paea (+0.5) flattened his block and worked down the line to pursue backside.
R22 2 8 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel over Pass Scramble 7
Kerrigan (+1) (pressure +1) forces Cassel to step up where Compton (-1) should’ve been to make the tackle, he misses it.  Looks like he was late running a stunt with Knighton.  Also, Paea got freakin tackled…how is that not called.
R15 3 1 2 2 I Form (6 OL) Goalline Run Dive -1
Bates (+1) unblocked and doesn’t mess it up.  Golston (+0.5), Breeland (+1) and Murphy (+0.5) with penetration to allow for Compton (+0.5) and Foster (+0.5) to stay clean until they hit the LOS.  This play would’ve been dead regardless of the missed block.
FG.  3:34 remains 3rd qtr.  6-6.
Drive 8 (14:09)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
C22 1 10 1 2 Ace 2×2 3-4 over Pass PA pin and pull 10
Looks like both LBs bust coverage assignments and bite on the PA.  If this was a run we had it blown up.  (coverage -1)  #84 slips out into the flat for easy yards.
C32 1 10 1 1 Ace 3×1 Bunch Nickel over Run Inside zone 5
They have been running IZ out of this formation all game.  We run blitz and slant to blow it up.  Jarrett blitzes behind Kerrigan who stunts inside.  The Center and RG look to double Jean-Francois but Baker (+1) slants hard into the center and he has to double Baker along with the LG.  So Jarrett, Kerrigan and JF have shut down all cutback options on their side.  Foster (-1) is slow to pick up on the slanting.  He must have not gotten the communication because he’s still shuffling like something might open up on the backside.  If he hits the B gap harder he can make a play at the LOS with Compton (+0.5) funneling the play there.  Another interesting wrinkle:  Murphy is split out wide over the bunch set and now 13 can’t crack inside.
C37 2 5 1 1 Ace 3×1 WR H Nickel over Pass PA Inside zone 6
JF once again shooting gaps and spliting doubles to stop all zone runs.  This is a PA though and we get no pressure from the front four (pressure -1).  Cover 3 with Goldson either playing robber or curl-flat coverage.  Foster has Hook-curl, Compton (-0.5) has hook and Blackmon (-1) has curl-flat and he drops waaay to far back.  Circle route and the arrow route are both open for a 1st down.  (coverage -1)
C43 1 10 1 2 Ace 2×2 3-4 over Pass PA Dig 16 (Fum)
Ace 2×2, they caught us last time with PA.  This time we aren’t as aggressive but Foster (-1) does not get a deep enough drop with his zone as he thinks he’s responsible for the RB.  It looks like zone coverage though with 3 deep and 4 underneath:  Murphy curl-flat, Compton Hook, Foster hook, Goldson Curl-flat.  (coverage -1).  Dig route gets behind Foster and in front of the the 3 deep and Cassel has all day (pressure -1), this PA is killing Kerrigan’s pass rush.  Foster (+3) makes a huge play with the strip fumble.
Fumble.  12:07 remains 4th qtr.  9-6.
Drive 9 (7:26)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
C33 1 10 1 1 Ace 2×2 Nickel over Run Jet Sweep 22
Preston Smith (-2) misses his read.  The Tackle inside him blocks down so Smith should step down across the LOS and create contain.  Instead he’s worried about what the RB action is on the other side of the field.  No reason for that.  Compton (-0.5) and Foster (-1.5) bite hard on the RB action.  Compton is understandable because of where he is aligned and his Guard key.  But Foster has zero excuse.  Blackmon and Goldson have to pursue with deep pursuit angles to run this one down.
R45 1 10 1 3 Ace 3×1 Trips TE 3-4 over Pass Stop and Go 42
Blackmon gets beat.  I can’t really neg him as Dez makes a diving catch.  Goldson looked like he was peaking in the backfield but he couldn’t have helped on this one and he may have had Robber coverage anyways.
R3 1 G 1 3 Ace 3×1 Trips TE H 3-4 over Pass Slant Inc
Blackmon (-1) (coverage -1) has ultimate inside leverage and still gives up the inside.  The touchdown is there but Jean-Francois (+2) bats down the ball.
R3 2 G 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 3-4 over Run Inside zone 1
Baker (+0.5) and Jean-Francois (+0.5) are able to hold their doubles long enough to keep Foster and Compton (+1) clean so they can converge on the RB.  Compton had a clean run at the RB and almost overran him
R2 3 G 1 3 Ace 3×1 Twin TE WR H 3-4 over Run Dive/Inside Zone
Baker (+3).  They tried to block him with Witten, c’mon now.  Compton (+1) blitzes and takes the RT with him.  Blackmon (+0.5) makes sure the RB stays in the backfield.
FG.  4:22 remains 4th qtr.  9-9.
Drive 10 (3:20)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
C32 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel over Pass PA Power O In 9
Compton (-0.5) bites hard on the PA and fails to get depth on his drop.  Jarrett (-1) (coverage -1) gets beat to the inside.
C41 2 1 1 1 Ace 3×1 Bunch Nickel over Run Inside zone 2
TE motions and Baker and JF motion over and now Jean-Francois is the 1-tech.  Compton now has a 1, 3 and 5 tech protecting him.  Kerrigan (+0.5) slants inside hard and uses a rip move on Witten.  This alters the RB’s path.  Baker (+0.5) and Jean-Francois (+0.5) both hold up their doubles and Foster plugs his hole.  Compton (-1) is free to get a TFL.  Instead he takes forever to press the hole and ends up catching the RB instead of imposing his will on him.
C43 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Dime over Pass Hitch Inc
Man press with 2 deep.  Dhall (coverage +1) is manned up on Witten, this looks like a winning formula.
C43 2 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Dime over Pass Back Shoulder Inc
Man press with Goldson playing robber coverage.  Breeland (+1) (coverage +1) is all over Dez.  Pressure was iffy but ball was out quickly.
C43 3 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel split Pass
We send Foster, Compton and Goldson (pressure +1) and get home.
Punt.  1:41 remains 4th qtr.  9-9.
Drive 11 (1:26)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
R15 1 10 2 2 I form tight 3-4 over Run Outside zone 9
close to a bear front with JF playing a 4i tech.  Jean-Francois (-1) does the guard’s job for him by slanting inside and get’s sealed which causes backside pursuit from Knighton to stop.  Baker looks to beat a cut block but Foster (-1) gets upfield of a block instead of over top and knocks Baker into the cut block and on the ground, if he goes over top the blocker he probably funnels this for a 4 or 5 yard gain.  Playside Murphy (-1) swims inside his block and is out of position to take on the FB square.  He gets taken out and looked to had force on the play.  DHall (-1) takes a horrible angle to the RB and misses inside.  RB is free to turn the corner.  Compton (+0.5) was the only playside guy in the box to defend the outside zone correctly.  It looks like we figured an inside run was coming and played for that.
R6 2 1 2 2 I Form Twins 3-4 over Run Lead zone 6
Double on Knighton and seal out on baker.  Knighton (-2) gets moved out his gap and the back just cuts it up there.  Dhall (-1) could have helped more to the inside with JF covering his gap.  Goldson (-1) with a mistackle and I’m actually glad he did so we can get the ball back.
TD.  1:14 remains 4th qtr.  9-16.
Drive 12 (:37)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R/P Play Call Yards
C44 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Dime Split Pass Hook 12
Rush 4, Jean-Francois (+0.5) (pressure +1) almost gets the QB.  Man press 2 deep.  Goldson playing robber and helps out Dhall vs witten but Dhall has Witten locked down.  I’d like to see Goldson work to help with Dez, which is an outside route I know.  Dez gets Breeland’s (-1) hips turned early (coverage -1) and probably gets away with a little push off.
R44 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Dime Split Pass slant 8
We stunt up front and ball is out quickly.  Dez beats Breeland inside (coverage -1) even though Breeland had inside leverage.
R36 2 2 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel split Pass Cross Inc
We send Foster, Compton and Goldson (pressure +1) and Kerrigan (+1) bats down the throw.  They tried to motion witten to get him open vs Dhall.
R36 3 2 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel split Pass Out Inc
We send Foster, Compton and Goldson (pressure +1) Cassel rolls out and can’t find Witten whose manned up by Dhall.  Cover 0.
FG.  0:09 seconds remain 16-19.



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