FFODC is a fan of John Keim

This guy that covers the Redskins for ESPN, he’s really good:

Chad Grimm, son of Russ, noticed in his prep work that Jay Cutler used the word “Folsom” when calling for a jailbreak screen. As in Folsom prison for you Johnny Cash fans (happens to be one of my favorite songs). So when the Redskins showed cover zero blitz with the Bears facing a third-and-10 from the Washington 41-yard line, Cutler shouted out, “Prison! Prison!” That’s why you saw Compton gesturing wildly, and it’s why you saw defenders sprint to the right spot.

I noticed that during the game and figured Compton saw something on film.  I like that we now know who we can thank behind the scenes for that pre-snap adjustment.

Knighton had his best game in no small part thanks to being aggressive versus the run.  On a Power O he was right in the pulling guard’s hip pocket.  It looked like he knew exactly when to shoot his gap.  He also got in the backfield on a few inside zone runs, all of which seemed diagnosed pre-snap.  The article explains how Knighton was so confident in diagnosing those plays.

It gets daunting reading some of the national and local articles as my eyes get glazed over after reading one too many cliché observations–“turnovers were a problem”–but Keim is a breath of fresh air from all that.

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