Chart for the Offense:  Lions game 10-23-16

Drive 1 (13:53)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(S/W)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
R15 1 10 1 1 2(twins)x2(tight) Nickel Under 7 Run(weak) IZ 1
Under front has weakside DT one-on-one with Scherff.  The Safety and CB are lined up over the TE.  Corner has secondary force which changes to contain after we motion Crowder over.  They had this play scouted pre-snap, kirk probably should have checked out of it.  Safety shoots into Crowder’s (-1) gap and he can’t handle him.  Davis (-0.5) and Williams (+0.5) combo to the backside LB.  Davis can’t seal out his guy.  Scherff (+0.5) and Lauvao (+0.5) do.  Long latches onto the LB and seals out the wrong way.  Was expecting this play to be one gap over, but Jones had to cut away from the safety.
R16 2 9 1 1 Empty 3(Bunch)x2(stack) Nickel Split 6.5 Pass(2) Arrow/Snag 8
TE to the stack side, RB to the bunch side.  Mirror arrow routes from Crowder and CT coupled with mirror snag routes.  Garcon runs a deep in.  LB is confused after CT motions out and busted coverage leaves Garcon open behind him.  Cousins misses this.  Makes a safe pre-determined throw to Davis.  (+0.5, pro +1)
R24 3 1 2 2 Offset I 2(tight)x1 4-4 under 8.5 Run(Str) Counter 3
Line is shifted to the field and away from the 3 TE.  Paul motions to weakside FB, LBs bump over.  4 linebackers, I don’t think I’ve seen this before outside of goal line sets.  Lauvao (+1.5) gets his pull caught in traffic but hits his target and moves him, taking out 2 for 1.  Paul (-2) gets blindsided as he doesn’t properlly ID his target. Williams and Long (+0.5) down block and seal.  Scherff (+1.5) throws his man into a LB and takes out 2 guys.  Moses adds on to Scherff’s block.  Nsekhe (+0.5) seals out a playside LB.  Davis (+1) gets worked inside but uses his man’s momentum against him  and washes him down the line.  Jones has Lauvao kicking out and Paul pulling through in front of him.  Paul is the weak link on this play.  2 OL had 2-for-1 blocks, if Paul ID’s his guy correctly then Jones is one-on-one with a safety.  Potential for a huge play
R27 1 10 2 1 I-Form 2×1 4-3 over (wide 9) 8 PA Pass(1) PA Iso Corner Inc
Lions send 7, safety in underneath coverage.  Paul off the iso block takes an arrow route to the flat.  Garcon with a post-corner that draws the FS attention.  WR to the backside is trailing on an in.  Horrible throw.  (-1, pro +0.5, Jones -0.5)  Jones holds off his man just long enough but collapses into Kirk which may have caused the hurried throw.  I think this play is designed to goto the WR the FS does not take.  Garcon was open though.
R27 2 10 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel over 6 Run(Str) Pin and Pull 4
Moses (+1) and Davis (+0.5) pin while Long (+0.5) and Scherff (+1) pull.  Lauvao (+1) with a reach and seal.  Williams (+0.5) reaches the 2nd level and latches on to the LB.  Scherff with a kick out.  Long pulls through and ID’s Davis man to seal out.  CT falls, wtf.  This was perfectly blocked and CT (-2) is the weak link.
R31 3 6 1 1 2(stack)x2 Dime Over 6 Pass(1) Slant 19
Crowder-Davis in the stack.  Crowder with a out-fake and gains inside leverage from the stack formation with Davis.  Davis runs a rub and takes a go route.  (+1, pro +1)
50 1 10 1 2 3(2tight)x1 4-3 over (wide 9) 7 Pass(2) IZ 0
Safety #32 is in as a LB.  He’s lined up over Davis again.  Moses (-0.5) lets the wide 9 get inside of him.  Scherff (+0.5) and Long (+0.5) combo to the LB.  Lauvao (-0.5) and Williams (+0.5) combo to the LB with Lauvao giving up inside leverage.  Davis (+0.5) and Nsekhe (+1) combo to the safety with Nsekhe punishing his man, mean streak.  Jones (-3) fumbles at the LOS.  Not a perfectly blocked play this time and Lauvao lost leverage and this play is probably dead at the line.  Speilman puts the onus on Jones for having “narrow hands” on the receiving of the handoff.
50 2 10 1 1 Empty 3Hx2 Nickel Split 6 Pass(1) Sack -9
LBs line up over the A gaps.  Line is split.  CT draws CB coverage.  DeSean has a safety lined over him, and he lines up in press(!!!)  DeSean burns him easy.  Protection fails.  Damn it.  (n/a, pro -1, Williams -1)
R41 3 19 1 1 3×1 Dime Split 4 Pass(2) Throwaway (Hitch/Seam) Inc
We run the same concept that got us a touchdown last week versus Philly.  Crowder sucks up the robber and underneath coverage and Davis sneaks in behind with a seam route.  (+1, pro -1, Long -0.5, Lauvao -0.5)  Kirk makes the best out of a crappy situation
Punt.  8:42 remains 1st qtr.
Drive 2 (3:51)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(S/W)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
R39 1 10 1 2 2×2 Nickel over 7 Pass(2) 4 Outs Inc
Davis to the tight side.  Twins coverage draws a safety over the slot.  We motion into a 2×2 and run mirror out routes.  Safeties rotate to a cover 2.  Kirk hits Desean with a horrible and low throw (-1, pro +1) Jones with a good blitz pick up.
R39 2 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Overload weak 7 Pass(1) RB Flat 11
Kirk had 2 options as CT slips out of the overload blitz side and works the flat against a DL.   DL covered DeSean on the drag was the other option.  (+1, pro -1, Scherff (-0.5), Long (-0.5)) 6 rush versus 5 blockers sees a man come free up the middle, not sure who to neg here, it’s either Scherff or Long.
50 1 10 2 1 I-Form 2(twins)x1(tight) Nickel Over 7 PA Pass(1) PA Iso Flat 11
Paul with the same route as the earlier PA Iso from the first drive.  Instead of a corner over top of him we ran a corner-post.  Didn’t fool the coverage though.  (+1, pro +1)
L39 1 10 2 1 Offset I 2Hx1 Nickel Even 7.5 Run(str) OZ 3
Paul kicks out the DB from his FB position.  Moses (+0.5) reaches with help from Davis.  Long (-1) and Scherff (+1) combo to playside LB.  Scherff punches and works to seal out at the 2nd level.  Long can’t sustain his reach block.  Tries to wash the DL down but gives up inside leverage.  Lauvao (+0.5) leaves the 1st level defender maybe a beat too soon but he chips and seals out the 2nd level LB.  Williams (-0.5) can’t handle his block and gives up the inside.  Tough to grade their combo, I can’t tell if Lauvao stays in long enough, I’m leaning towards he did enough before heading to the 2nd level.
L36 2 7 1 1 2Hx2(twins) Nickel Over 7 Run(Str) Wham 7
Williams (+1) works to the LB and seals.  Lauvao (+0.5) chips so Scherff (+1) can Wham his guy, but can’t quite reach the DE for the seal, no biggie.  Scherff abuses his dude and knocks him to the ground.  Long (+1) works to the second level and seals out.  Davis (+1) gets movement on his wham.  Jones sidesteps this block and works up field.  Moses (+0.5) kicks out.  Crowder (+1) gets a good seal on the safety.  DeSean is out on this play as he refused to block it correctly last week.  Grant and Crowder are your slot receivers.
L29 1 10 1 1 3(twins)x1 Nickel Over 6.5 PA Pass(1) PA Power G TE Drag 22
Safety comes down late as a quasi in the box defender.  We catch him flat footed (+1, pro +1)
L7 1 G 1 3 3(tight)x1 4-4 under 8.5 Run(Str) IZ 5(fum)
Williams (+0.5) kicks out.  Lauvao (+0.5) and Long (+0.5) combo to seal out DL-LB.  Scherff (+0.5) and Moses (+0.5) do the same.  Nsekhe (+0.5) washes his man down.  Davis (-1) is late in ID’ing who to block.  Paul (-1) lets his guy get inside of him on the kick out.  Davis’ man strips Jones (-4) who fumbles.
Fumble.  0:31 seconds remain 1st qtr.
Drive 3 (9:37)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(S/W)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
R25 1 10 1 1 2Hx2(twins) Nickel Okie 7 PA Pass(2) PA Wham Corner/Drag Inc
Corner route was open (-1, pro +1) the drag route Kirk targets was covered.  Play Action with pulling Hback was to sell the Wham play we ran earlier out of this same alignment.  It worked.  Kirk had time to see the FS was frozen in the MOF.  Horrible read.
R25 2 10 1 1 Pistol 3×1 Nickel Okie 6 Run(weak) OZ 16
Moses (+1) latches onto his man and opens up an alley outside without a reach block.  Scherff (+1.5) gets a play side reach block and nothing gets outside of that at the line.  Long (+0.5) latches on to his man.  Garcon (+1) with a downblock on the safety to spring this open.  Lauvao (+0.5) and Williams (+0.5) with reach blocks to seal off backside pursuit.
R41 1 10 2 1 Offset I 2Hx1 Nickel Over 7 Run(weak) OZ 5
They ran OZ last drive out of this exact alignment to the strong side.  Long (+0.5) and Scherff (+1) form the alley that springs the RB loose.  Long with a reach.  LB #53 bumped away from his gap expecting this to be run to the strength, that assisted Long in his block.  Moses (+1) with a kick out.  Williams (+0.5) and Lauvao (+0.5) cut off backside pursuit.  McVay +1.
R45 2 5 1 2 3×1(tight) Nickel Over 7 Run(Str) OZ 5
Williams (+1) and Paul (+1) seal out the edge.  Long (+1) gets a reach inside.  Lauvao can’t reach the playside LB (#59) who lined up wide for OZ.  Paul gets him but Lauvao doesn’t block anyone.  I think he’s supposed to adjust to next LB inside, Lauvao (-0.5).  Moses (-1) fails to cut block backside pursuit.  Scherff (-1) can’t cut off backside LB.
50 1 10 2 1 Offset I 2×1 Nickel Over 7 PA Pass(1) PA OZ (Sack) -9
Kirk doesn’t fake the handoff but it is OZ run action, which we ran twice from this formation earlier and the LBs bite.  (n/a, pro -1, Williams -1) DB blitz from the backside is picked up late by Williams.  OZ run action hurt us in pass pro.
R41 2 19 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel Okie 7 Pass(1) HB Delay, Out 10
Everything is covered deep (+1, pro +1)
L49 3 9 1 1 3×1 Dime Split 5 Pass(2) Clear/Out 14
2 Go routes clear a spot for Crowder on the out.  Davis runs Drag from the 1 WR side. (+1, pro -0.5, Kouj -0.5)  Kouj responsible for the QB hit but gave kirk 3 seconds to get the throw out.
L35 1 10 1 1 3H(Bunch)x1 Nickel over 7 Run(weak) OZ 1
Moses (-1) can’t kick out, Kouj (+0.5) fastens onto the LB but gives up the inside a bit too quick.  Long (+1) reaches and seals out, Lauvao has a flat angle to the LB.  I’m not sure how to grade that.  Williams (+0.5) cuts off backside pursuit.  Davis cuts off backside pursuit, kinda.
L34 2 9 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel over 6 Pass(2) Throwaway Inc
Lions attack Kouj with a stunt (0, pro -1, Kouj -1)
L34 3 9 1 1 3(Bunch)x1 Dime Split 5 Pass(2) Whip 6
Nobody open except for maybe Davis and that’s iffy (+1, pro -1, Kouj -1)
FG no good.  4:56 remains 2nd qtr.
Drive 4 (3:17)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(S/W)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
R29 1 10 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) Hitch 8
all 4 routes are short including Jones’.  (+1, pro +1)
R37 2 2 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over 6 Run(weak) OZ 1
Moses (+1) fastens onto the LB and sticks across the formation, Davis (+0.5) cuts off pursuit, Kouj tackles a guy which I thought was holding but doesn’t get called.  Long (-1) can’t seal out, Lauvao (+0.5) and Williams (+0.5) kick out.
R38 3 1 1 3 3(tight)x1 4-4 under 8 Run(weak) Dive 2
Jones (+2) picks this one up on his own with YAC.  Williams (+0.5) kicks out, Lauvao (-0.5) comes off his double team late and can’t stop penetration, Long (+0.5) stalemates with the DL, but does get good positioning.  Kouj (+0.5) picks up the blitzing LB and is able to keep him off the line.  LB was using mass x acceleration to even up with Kouj’s mass.  Moses gives up a ton of penetration, but this dive was called away from him and he seals out.  Nsekhe (-1) can’t reach his man and is the weak link on this play.  Davis (+1) and Paul (+0.5) stop pursuit, Davis with great positioning.
R40 1 10 1 1 2(stack)x2 Dime Split 6 Pass(2) Corner/Slant 16
Corner slant combo from the Stack with Crowder on the slant.  61 continues his abuse of Kouj (+1, pro -0.5, Kouj -0.5)
L44 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split 6 Pass(1) Hitch/Seam 9
Similar concept to the TD one from last week but Davis runs the underneath route.  I thought the backside of this play has better options but this throw is fine too (+1, pro +1)
L35 2 1 1 1 3×1 Nickel Okie 6 Run(Str) Power G Read 6
Kirk with some decent speed to the edge.  Davis (+0.5) walls off.  Williams (+1) down blocks and creates a lane.  Long (+0.5) down blocks.  Lauvao can’t quite get to his man, but that’s a safety in space.  Not sure what Moses (-0.5) is doing, he leaves his man too quickly.  It’s a read so not sure why he’s paying that much attention to the end.  Kouj (-1) has got to take a better path than that on his pull, he runs into Williams.  This play works thanks to Williams’ down block and CT’s speed.
L29 1 10 1 1 3×1 Dime over 6 Pass(2) Slant/Arrow 4
With 3 TO’s left I think the 3 side had better options.  2 out routes had a conflict defender that Kirk could have read off of.  (+0.5, pro +1)  CT on the arrow, DeSean on the Slant
L25 2 6 1 1 3H(Bunch)x1 Dime Split 6 Run(weak) Draw Counter 3
Delayed hand off.  Bunch is a loose bunch.  Williams (+1) with another line clearing down block.  He worked with Lauvao (+0.5), Long (+1) ID’s the 2nd level LB and seals out.  Moses (+1) positions inside and seals out backside.  Kouj (-1) ID’s the correct kick out man but get’s no movement and gives up inside leverage to blow up the play.  Davis has nowhere to pull through and play is dead.
L22 3 3 1 1 3H(Bunch)x1 Dime Split 4 Pass(2) HB Crosser 2
Kirk is way late in reading this, CT is open early and has an easy first down.  Also Garcon was open for a TD, but pre-snap it looked like they had a safety over top so I can see why he looks away from this (-1, pro +1)
FG.  4 seconds remain in the half. 3-3.
Drive 5 (15:00)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(S/W)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
R25 1 10 1 1 2Hx2(twins) Nickel Over 8 Pass(1) PA Split Zone In 17
Safety takes force as Grant motions over.  Backs out, LB takes over.  PA freezes all four 2nd level defenders and it’s C3 behind them.  Garcon runs an In in between the levels. (+1, pro -1, Davis -1)
R42 1 10 1 1 2Hx2(twins) Nickel Over 8 Run(Str) IZ 2
Davis (+1) kicks out the DE.  Williams (-0.5) doubles at the first level but then takes himself out of reaching the 2nd.  Lauvao, I don’t know what he’s supposed to block.  He does clear out a couple of guys so Lauvao (+0.5) I guess?  Long and Lauvao never switch but both guys are blocked so no minus.  Scherff (+0.5) seals out.  Moses can’t reach his man because Grant (-1) blocks him instead of getting his guy at the 2nd level.
R44 2 8 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel Over 7 Pass(2) 4 Outs/Dumpoff 5
Garcon and Crowder in the stack.  Davis tight.  Garcon was open, but whatev (+0.5, pro +1)
R49 3 3 1 1 Empty 3X2 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) Out 5
CT out wide, draws a corner.  Garcon gets a safety and is the right call here.  (+1, pro +1)
L46 1 10 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel Okie 7 Penalty False Start (-5)
Davis (-1)
R49 1 15 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) Under Drag/Deep In 7
Drag draws underneath coverage, In is the right pass to make but has a tight window, Kirks throws to the Drag.  (+0.5, pro +1)
L44 2 8 1 1 3×1 Nickel Okie 6 Penalty False Start (-5)
Scherff (-1)
L49 2 13 1 1 3×1 Nickel Okie 6 Pass(2) Seam Inc
Davis lined up as #2 WR to the 3 WR side.  Crowder inside of him, runs the seam Kirk makes the right decision, throw is a little high but catchable.  (+1, pro +1) dropped.
L49 3 13 1 1 2(stack)x2 Dime Twins DE 4 Pass(1) Cross 8
Kirk keeps underthrowing these and forcing the WR to come back to the ball which kills his momentum (+0.5, pro +1)
Punt.  10:21 remains 3rd qtr.  3-3.
Drive 6 (7:20)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(S/W)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
R25 1 10 1 3 3(tight)x1 4-4 under 8 Run(weak) OZ 1
Moses (-1) gets bull rushed into the back and doesn’t set much of an edge.  Scherff (+1) creates a seam by sealing out the LB.  Long (-1) gets blown back into the backfield and limits the RB’s options.  Between him and Moses they eliminated the options OZ is supposed to present.  Lauvao (-1) can’t cut block…hell of a job by the LB to keep his feet.   Williams (+0.5) and Nsekhe (+0.5) block backside pursuit.  Same with Davis (+0.5) and Paul (+0.5)
R26 2 9 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel Over 7 Pass(1) Hitch 7
DeSean working against C3 corner.  (+1, pro +1)
R33 3 2 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel Over 6.5 Run(weak) IZ Read 3
If Kirk is reading then he had a chance to pull here.  Moses (+0.5) can’t seal out but sticks to his block, Scherff (+0.5) uses a stunting lineman’s momentum against him and sends him out the play.  Long (+0.5) downblocks and seals.  Lauvao (+0.5) comes off his combo late but reaches back and takes out the LB.  Jones is a little hesitant reading Moses’ block.  Nobody to account for the safety, I think this is a legit pull read.
R36 1 10 1 1 2Hx2(twins) Nickel Over 7.5 PA Pass(1) Post/Wheel Inc(+5)
Defensive holding, Garcon got held bad.  Holding disrupting timing of the throw and catch.  Good read (+1, pro +1)
R41 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over 7.5 Run(str) OZ 16
TE motions and safeties spin, getting 32 out of there, he’s been a terror in the box.  Davis (+1) kicks out the safety.  Williams (+2) reaches and throws the lineman to the ground, Lauvao might have gotten away with holding.  Long latches on just long enough for CT to beat his man.  Scherff (+1) harrasses his man through midfield.  Moses holds off backside pursuit for a second.  Mo Harris (+1) putting in work on the outside.
L43 1 10 1 2 2(twins)x2(tight) Nickel Over 7.5 Pass(2) PA OZ Boot 5
Same formation as the first play of the game.  Ran IZ with it last time.  (+1, pro +1)
L38 2 5 1 1 3×1 Nickel split 7 Run(str) Toss Sweep 4
CT (-1) hesitates and needs to cut quicker behind Crowder’s block.  Williams and Lauvao (+0.5) pull.  Davis (+1) and Crowder (+1) down block.  Long and Scherff (+0.5) block pursuit.
L34 3 1 1 3 3(2tight)x1(tight) Nickel DE Split 8 Run(str) OZ -8 (Fum)
Davis to the single side, Nsekhe and Paul lined up tight.  Long (-1) gets blasted back into Cousins and that trips him up and causes the Fumble.  Speilman explains that Scherff (-3) needs to assist and punch.  Speilman coaching me up.
Fumble.  3:28 remains 3rd qtr. 3-10.
Drive 7 (13:10)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(S/W)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
R25 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over 7 Pass(1) Hitch 5
DeSean vs C3, it’s automatic.  (+0.5, pro +0.5)
R30 2 5 1 1 2Hx2(twins) Nickel Over 6.5 Run(str) Wham 4
4th time we’ve rolled out this formation.  Williams misses his target but still keeps him out the play.  Lauvao (-1) gets blasted back by the guy he’s supposed to chip so Scherff (+0.5) can wham him.  The Lions were ready for this play.  Long (+0.5) seals out his LB.  Lauvao can’t reach his block and that destroys this play.  Moses (+0.5) with a kick out.  Davis (+0.5) with a wham just in time for CT to step around.  Crowder (-1) misses his block on the safety.  Predictable play call by formation, Lions were ready.  CT’s (+1) speed makes this a decent gain.
R34 3 1 2 2 Offset I-Form 2(tight)x1 4-4 over 8 Run(str) Power G 4
Paul (-0.5) swipes by his kick out block.  Davis (-1) can’t control his man and Lauvao (+1) is forced to kick him out instead of pull through.  Nsekhe (+1) drives his guy across the formation, nasty.  Moses (+1) gets good movement on his downblock but then can’t peel off and work to the 2nd level, that’s fine, he’s playing down and distance correctly.  Scherff has his work done for him by Moses.  Long (+0.5) and Williams (+0.5) kick out.
R38 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) Blitz Stick 26
Crowder’s man blitzes and Cousins throws it to where he would’ve been.  Easy yards for crowder (+1, pro +1)
L36 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel over 6 Pass(2) Corner/Out 3
Corner route looked open to me, perfect cover 2 beater at the right time.  (-0.5, pro +1)
L33 2 7 1 1 3(Bunch)x1 Nickel Even 6 Pass(2) Whip (Pen) (+5)
Illegal use of hands by the DL. (n/a, n/a)
L28 1 10 1 1 Empty 3×2 Nickel Over 6 Pass(1) Fade Inc
CT draws CB to the outside.  Cousins makes a dangerous throw into coverage.  Crowder had hot slant route but pocket was collapsing.  Kirk needs to throw it away.  (-1, pro -1, Moses -1)
L28 2 10 1 1 3(Bunch)x1 Nickel Trips DL 7.5 Pass(1) Corner 27
Perfect read by Cousins.  (+1, pro -0.5, Long -0.5)
L1 1 G 2 3 Offset I 2(tight)x1(tight) Goal line 10 Run(weak) Split Power G 0
FB goes split direction of HB.  Scherff (-0.5) pulls and gets 0 movement.  Williams (+1) down blocks and gets great movement.  Nsekhe (-1) gives up inside leverage.  Paul (+0.5) kick out and seal.  Lauvao (+0.5) downblocks.  Jones picks the hole the play is designed for but probably could have adjusted to go outside of Nsekhe and get one on one with the safety.
L1 2 G 2 3 Offset I 2(tight)x1(tight) Goal line 10 PA Pass FB Flat 1(TD)
(+1, pro +1)  Jones with a key cut block to buy Cousins time.  LB Froze for just a sec and a half and that was enough time to get Kelley open.
Touchdown.  8:23 remains 4th qtr.  10-13.
Drive 8 (5:20)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(S/W)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
R24 1 10 1 1 3(Bunch)x1 Nickel Over 8 Run(Str) Toss Sweep 2
I think this is the first time we run it to the strength out of this formation.  Moses (-1) pulls outside and misses his block, runs right by it.  Scherff (-0.5) and Long (-0.5) get reaches but then can’t stick to their blocks.  Grant (+0.5) chips Moses’ man and works up to the safety level.  Crowder (+0.5) with a crack.  Davis with a meh kick out.  We should probably stick to running sweeps to Williams’ side.
R26 2 8 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel Under 6.5 Pass(2) Drag 4
DE reduces inside and stands up, LB comes down the line.  CT was wiiide open (+0.5, pro +1)
R30 3 4 1 1 3×1 Dime Split 6 Pass(2) Seam 19
Davis #2 to the 3 receiver side, Crowder in the slot.  Cousins fits it in a tight window (+1, pro +1)
R49 1 10 1 1 3(2tight)x1 Nickel over 7 PA Pass(2) Drag (penalty) (-5)
Grant (-1) covers up the TE
R44 1 15 1 1 3(Bunch)x1 Nickel Okie 7 Pass(2) Out 12
DeSean vs C3 again. (+1, pro +1)
L44 2 3 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel over 6.5 Run(Str) Power Sweep 13
Moses (+1.5) blocks down, Scherff (+1.5) pulls and seals, alley is formed.  Davis (+1.5) with a seal out in space.  Lauvao (+0.5) slows down pursuit, Williams (+1) sticks to his backside block all the way through the first down marker.  Long pulls and doesn’t really block anyone.  I guess he gets credit for not creating traffic at the LOS, Long (+0.5), DeSean (+0.5) with an effort made.
L31 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel over 7 Run(Str) OZ 1
Davis (-1) gets worked and pushed back into the backfield killing CT’s momentum.  Williams probably should have assisted before heading for the 2nd level.
L30 2 9 1 1 2(stack)x2 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) HB Out 8
(+1, pro +1)  Lauvao gets worked back into Kirk but that’s 4 seconds and it’s good enough pass pro for me.
L22 3 1 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over 7 Run(Str) IZ 3
Long (+0.5) and Scherff (+0.5) combo, Williams (+0.5) and Lauvao (+0.5) combo.  Both get movement and the first.  Moses (+0.5) kicks out.
L19 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) IZ Read 19(TD)
Davis lined up to the single side, DL aligned to the field.  Holy Pants, Kirk keeps this.  Moses (+1) and Scherff (+1) with a combo down block on the playside DT.  DE crashed in hard.  Kirk pulls and Davis (+3) with a block downfield to allow Kirk a walk in TD.
Touchdown.  1:13 remains 4th qtr.  17-13.
Drive 9 (0:16)
Go/In route with a 3rd receiver running short curl to suck up underneath coverage.  Garcon has the In and is open, Kirk with an underthrow but that looks somewhat catchable.  Would have put us in business.  This is the route combo Jaws talked about in the NFL Matchup show. (-1, pro +1)
Charting ceases here.


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