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Length matters:  In the Steelers breakdown I clipped a couple of instances where Ben was flinging lazers 1 second after the snap to wide open guys who had yet to run a proper route.  According to Robert Mays at The Ringer, this could be the start of a trend:

Play callers and quarterbacks across the league were content to dink and dunk their way through opening weekend. During the 2015 season, only three of 34 qualified quarterbacks — Blaine Gabbert, Alex Smith, and Matthew Stafford — averaged less than 7 air yards per target (AYT). In Week 1 of the 2016 campaign, that number jumped up to 16

I’d like to see a follow-up report on that after week 4.  Also, I feel sorry for the poor sap that had to calculate how many yards in the air each throw traveled.

Roman fired:  Buffalo fired the league’s top paid OC Greg Roman and his 19 points per game.  This site did a breakdown of his offense last season when they played us and came away kinda stunned by how closely it resembled Tom Herman’s offenses (former Ohio State OC and current Houston head coach) with it’s plethora of quarterback counter and power schemes.  I really thought he was going to take the NFL by storm.  WELP guess not.  I’ll give Football Outsiders the last word on this:

This is some varsity-level scapegoating here. Greg Roman took a backup quarterback nobody wanted and turned that into a top-10 offense by DVOA even though LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins couldn’t always stay healthy. Meanwhile, the Bills defense collapsed last season. And yet, after a 37-31 loss, who gets fired? That’s right, goodbye Greg Roman

Hey, Skins are ranked in the TOP 5:  It’s not important at what but if you must know:


Ok, how are the Rams rated that low?  The Browns just lost their best wide receiver, so that makes sense…poor damn Cleveland.  No matter how laughable our franchise has been we can at least be thankful we aren’t Cleveland.  Right?

Norman will be tasked with following—oh damn there’s about to be a fight! 

Britt McHenry on Twitter

Josh Norman to shadow Odell Beckham Jr. Sunday & why it took til 2nd half Dallas game https://t.co/hUOladaUlX

I guess we can move Norman around the field after all.  Kinda like this past Sunday:



Your Moment of Zen:



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