FFODC Preps For Saturday

Attack of the Crab people:

Brandon Herring on Twitter

Stanford and @mbloom11 taking pad level to a new place


DMV’s Other Team:  247sports currently has the 2017 Football Turtles ranked as the 17th(!) best recruiting class in the country.  Coach Durkin’s staff has been putting in work trying to catch up with the blue bloods on the trail.  They’ve been pulling out all the stops like invading SEC country and doing things the previous staff wouldn’t such as looking out their front door:

Maryland football’s class of 2016 was its first in eight years to include a player from local powerhouse DeMatha Catholic High School, located just down the road from campus.

Seriously Edsall, what the hell were you doing all those years?

Keim:  Skins players go full Belichick and reduce their problems on defense to not doing their jobs.  Some of the issues boil down to bad zone coverage.  This particular play:


was left out of this site’s Breakdown post because I felt it was being too hard on Compton, but lo and behold he called himself out on it.


Football Study Hall has a report on the relationship between team talent and performance.  Some results are obvious, others not so much.

Capping rookie contracts has burdened the NFL with an age problem

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