Breakdown: Defense vs Giants (I)

Lining Up:

Giants stayed in 11 (1 RB, 1TE) personnel the whole way and we responded with our Nickel defense:


Compton stayed aligned to the side that had more wide receivers.  Fancy people call it the ‘field’ or ‘passing strength’.  It tends to be the side of the field with more space when the ball is lined up on the hash:


He’s lighter and can cover more ground than Foster and has a better grasp of zone drops than Cravens, so it looks like no matter which linebacker he’s on the field with the coaches will ask him to stay lined up to the passing strength.

I might have missed it, but I didn’t see a 3-4 defense one time in this game.

On With The Show:


The Giants ran a play some people call “Power” which allows for a double team to the side the running back runs toward and has an offensive lineman pull and lead the back through a hole.  The Giants usually doubled our 3 technique (lined up in between the guard and tackle) and pulled the backside guard as shown above.  They ran it versus Dallas in Week 1:


and Dallas chose to keep 2 safeties back and defend the Power play with 6 in the box:

The Giants running backs profited as Vereen finished that game with 6.3 yards per carry and Jennings with 4.2 yards per carry.  The following week the Giants played New Orleans and the Saints tweaked things around a bit:


They consistently brought down a safety and played with 7 in the box, blitzed linebackers and changed up their fronts to match up with and confuse the Giants’ Power blocks:

Vereen finished that game with 3.0 ypc and Jennings with 2.1 ypc.  Guess which game plan we picked!

The first Power run of the day went for 15 yards as Compton was left one on one with a pulling guard who is a hundred pounds heavier than him while DHall fills away from the run on a side already covered by Francois and Kerrigan and that’s not really helping:

On the next drive, the DHall makes himself relevant and fills the gap the guard is pulling toward but now Compton takes a false step and peeks backside trying to fill gaps that Baker and Kerrigan already have covered:


Compton has to recover, regain his balance and instead of attacking the RB he’s trying to catch him for a tackle.  Compton didn’t think his lineman could cover the gaps they were assigned too and his peeking in to help left us vulnerable:

So 2 plays, and both times a guy is filling to an area that doesn’t need help.

Then we just stop sending safeties (culprit looked to be Bruton not coming down to help) and try to defend 6 blockers with 6 guys and we’re a gap short:


Compton doesn’t even leave his spot and catches a block 4 yards downfield:

3rd quarter.  This is the fourteenth(!) time the Giants have run this play and Foster doesn’t know how to react to it and resorts to some kind of hopping plyometric exercise while the play develops in front of him:

We brought a 7th guy from the slot position to help with run support on that play.

All in all the Giants ran Power 15 times for 111 yards for 7.4 ypc.  That opened up this play action slant that the Giants hit on us a few times:



If I’m the Giants offensive coordinator I’m going full NCAA mode and running that run-pass option the entire fourth quarter for easy points.  But they didn’t and instead decided to commit drive killing penalties and throw to people not on their roster.

Defensive Line            
  Run     Pass    
Player + Total + Total
Kerrigan 3.5 1 2.5 2 0 2
Smith 2.5 1 1.5 2 0 2
Baker 2.5 1 1.5 2 0 2
Murphy 0.5 1 -0.5 1 1 0
Hood 1.5 2.5 -1 0 0 0
Francois 2 0 2 1 0 1
Jenkins 4.5 2.5 2 0 0 0
Total 16.5 9 7.5(65%) 8 1 7(89%)

In the clips above you can see that our defensive ends were not asked to do much in terms of stopping the run.  They took to their pass rush lanes and converted them on run plays to contain-blocks.  They kept everything inside of them like they were asked, the problem was what was happening inside of them was a bludgeoning.  When Kerrigan was removed from contain and tasked with attacking the gap between the tight end and Tackle he made himself useful:

Kerrigan is able to come off his block and make a play while Blackmon, the safety, can play contain.  This makes a hundred times more sense but we didn’t go back to this and instead had tiny spindley safeties take on 300 pound offensive lineman while our defensive ends stayed outside and played contain.   The only reason I can think of for this was Coach Barry wanted our defensive ends protecting gaps outside the tight ends and tackles so they could defend any potential outside runs.

On the interior, Hood continues to struggle against double teams while Baker and Jenkins are consistently holding up.  Here Jenkins fights through a double and makes the tackle:

Defensive line pressure was on point, highlighted by Baker’s Murderdeathkill of Eli:

That was the historical sum of all QB hits ever.

  Run     Pass    
Player + Total + Total
Foster 3 7.5 -4.5 0 1.5 -1.5
Compton 1.5 3.5 -2 3 3 0
Cravens 0 1.5 -1.5 6 4 2
Total 4.5 12.5 -8 9 8.5 0.5

Foster’s hesitancy cost us on a few runs.  Last year he was great at stopping the Power run versus Chicago but for whatever reason he now looks like a shell of his former self.  He was pulled late in the game for Cravens although I don’t think that was based on poor performance as much as situation.  The Giants were in pass happy catch up mode and we opted for Cravens’ pass defense over Foster.

Compton’s was fooled by his guard key again, here he follows the pulling guard on play action (the exact same type of play action I showed earlier) and vacates his zone coverage:

He followed a false guard key earlier this year versus Pittsburgh and last year versus Carolina.  It’s on tape, teams will continue to exploit that.

Cravens got a +4 for the game sealing interception.  His pass minuses came mainly on play action.

Defensive Backs    
  Run     Pass    
Player + Total + Total
Dhall 1 3.5 -2.5 0 0.5 -0.5
Phillips 0 0 0 0 3 -3
BRUTON 0 4 -4 1 11 -10
Blackmon 0 0 0 4 2 2
Dunbar 0 0 0 4 3 1 (-3 ST)
Norman 0 0 0 7 4 3
Toler 0 0 0 0 4 -4
Total 1 7.5 -6.5 16 27.5 Really Bad You Guys
Coverage: 17 19 -2
Pressure: 7 7 0

Pressure was a wash with a few blitzes not panning out.  Dunbar got a -3 for the punt fumble where he contacted the ball.  I didn’t know where to count that so I just put it in parenthesis.  Safety run deficiencies were already talked about, they varied between filling the wrong gaps and not even coming up to stop the run.

On the touchdown it looked like, based on how the Slot CB funneled his coverage, that Bruton had deep 1/2 coverage and vacated it for a hook route by the outside WR.  This allows the seam receiver an easy touchdown:


It’s impossible to know for sure what coverage was called but the tell tale sign to me was the way the slot CB aligned inside the WR and funneled him to Bruton’s zone.  If he had funneled the receiver inside (and aligned outside of him) then I would say Compton was supposed to be in deep middle coverage.  But that’s not how it played out:

On the 25 yard run that I showed earlier with us a gap short on defense–based on how we were defending that run all game long–I’m pretty sure Bruton should have been filling that 7th gap.  Instead he dropped off into coverage and gave them a free hole to run through.  I think he even missed his tackle downfield.

The Norman-ODB feud is going to add fuel to this rivalry and make it fun again.  The crowd was eating it up and the energy in this game made it feel more like a do-or-die college season game for BOTH teams and less like a week 3 game lost in the shuffle.  Just this bloggers humble opinion.

Your Moment of Zen:


What Does All That Mean:

  • It looks like Jenkins and Baker can be counted on to hold up against double teams.  Hood not so much.  We need a 3rd guy who can hold up against doubles to be able to fill out our 3-4 defense and give us an option to rotate fresh bodies in our Nickel package.  Francois’ lack of playing time against power running teams like Pittsburgh and New York tells me the coaches don’t feel confident with him in that role just yet.  He can blow up a zone run scheme but the jury is out versus gap schemes like this one.
  • There is now lots of film on how we defend Power.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see teams that normally run zone, incorporate more gap runs like Power into their game plans.
  • Foster was blowing up these types of runs last year but this year he looks hesitant.  Hopefully it’s just an adjustment issue with 3 new bodies playing in front of him this year.
  • Safeties, ugh.  Nacho and Blackmon will get a chance to duke it out for the Free Safety spot vacated by DHall.  Despite questionable play, Bruton was not pulled the entire game.  That does not bode well for our back up options at Strong Safety.
  • Kerrigan in the C-gap (between the TE and OT) is a big boost for this run defense.  Way better than playing a quasi pass rush-contain assignment.


Drive 1 (15:00)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R(3T)/P Play Call Yards Safties High
G25 1 10 1 1 Offset I 2Hx2 Nickel Over Run (To) Split Zone 2
They open the run to the bubble and cut back toward the 3 tech.  Kerrigan (+0.5) sets a hard edge, Compton funnels, Baker holds up at POA on a single block and Smith (+0.5) slants into the cutback lane created by the Hback and makes the play along with Baker (+0.5) and a filling Foster (+0.5)
G27 2 8 1 1 Shotgun 3Hx1 Nickel Over Pass Flat 2 2
Tampa 2 coverage 5 underneath.  Guys all get good drops on the underneath coverage (coverage +1) Norman (+1) makes a sure tackle in space
G29 3 6 1 1 Shotgun 2Hx2 Dime Pass Inc 0 2
We rush 5, 4 underneath, 2 deep with Cravens (+0.5) (pressure +1) getting around a halfback block and forcing Eli out the pocket.  Elisha has to ground it (coverage +1) with everyone covered.  Compton (+1) with a good adjustment and telling Norman to switch with him is a big reason why this defense works
Punt.  13:37 remains.  0-0.  Dunbar (-3) with the turnover on special teams.
S28 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 3×1 Nickel Over Run (To) Power G 15
Looks like Compton is our field backer and will align to the passing strength.  Jenkins (-1) gets washed down and sealed out on a down block.  Which plugs up Foster’s pursuit.  Dhall (-2) looks to be the culprit here.  He’s late coming down and doesn’t maintain gap integrity with the pulling guard.  He ends up covering the same gap as Francois.  Run defense looked good here with Foster filling and Compton setting the edge.  But nobody accounted for the extra gap playside created by the pulling guard.  Also, Bruton was aligned over the TE.  He would make more sense to be the one to come down.  That way DHall isn’t having to fill gaps manned by 300 pound dudes.  This pre-snap alignment is all kinds of messed up.
S13 1 10 1 1 Ace 2×2 Nickel Over PA Pass Slant 12 2
They run play action Power G.  Backside guard pulls and Compton (-2) follows into his run fill.  Backside slant is wide open (coverage -1).
S1 1 G 1 1 Ace 2×2 Nickel Over Power G Run (To) 1(TD)
Can’t tell who has backside contain.  If it’s Compton then he’s fine but if it’s Smith then Compton gets a minus for not flowing over top.  Also that would mean that JF needs to play the gap to his left.  What I can definitively say is that Baker (-0.5) gets blown back by the double team and Foster (-1) fills the wrong gap.
Touchdown.  12:35 remains.  0-7.
Drive 2 (9:35)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R(3T)/P Play Call Yards Safties
G25 1 10 1 1 Shotgun 2×2 Nickel Over Pass Hook 5 2
 2 deep, 5 underneath.  (pressure +1) Tampa 2.  We’re giving them the underneath stuff.
G30 2 5 1 1 3×1 Nickel over Run (To) Power G 3
Murphy (+0.5) punishes the TE and constricts the C gap.  Hood (+1) does a new move and both OL come off of him and work to the LBs.  Pulling guard meets Hood at the line and gets chopped.  Baker (+1) comes off his block and makes the tackle.  Foster (-1) looks hesitant and is covering Bakers gap.  Baker could be 2 gapping but something seems off about Foster’s read.
G33 3 2 1 1 2×2 Dime Pass Out 3 2
Looks like quarters coverage.  Decent coverage by Cravens, Giants took what we gave them
G36 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Run (To) Power G 14
Murphy (-1) takes a pass rush angle and doesn’t constrict his gap.  Dhall (-0.5) is late filling to a gap that they have been pulling to all game long.  Foster (-1.5) gets washed down by an OT which left DHall to take on a pulling guard.  Compton (-1) does a nice job coming over top a bunch of garbage and is in good position to make a play but misses the tackle.  We slant the DL away from the down blocks which looks like we help the OL out.
50 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Run (To) Power G 2
Giants shift so they can pull into the 3 tech.  Compton makes a call to bring Dhall down so they can address that pulling guard.  This time Foster comes over top the OT and meets the pulling guard.  Dhall (+1) fills and makes the tackle.
S48 2 8 1 1 2Hx2 Nickel Over Pass Screen 24 2
They caught us on a stunt (play call -2).  Cravens (-1) is a slow to react to whats forming in front of him.  Toler (-2) can’t get off his block and make the tackle at the first down marker.
S23 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Pass Post Inc 1
Eli attacks 1 high safety and Norman (+2) (coverage +1) makes a hell of a break on the ball.
S23 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Pass Seam 23(TD) 2
(pressure -1)  Compton looks to be playing hook-curl zone and was expecting an In by the WR.  Norman has flat.  Phillips walls off the seam like he’s not expecting deep Tampa 2 middle help from Compton which means Bruton (-4) (coverage -3) needs to get his butt over and help.
Touchdown.  6:16 remains.  3-14.
Drive 3 (0:25)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R(3T)/P Play Call Yards Safties High
G25 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over PA Pass Slant 0 2
Smith (+2) with the swat.  Slant was wide open off the the PA Power (coverage -1)
G25 2 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Run (To) Power G 2
Giants add in a WR crack block on the playside to help take out the extra safety in the box.  ODB washes down Bruton (-1) but Foster (+1.5) hops over to cover his gap.
G27 3 8 1 1 2×2 Dime Pinch Pass Cover 2 Corner 26 2
Blackmon (-2) (coverage -1) gets abused by ODB.  He needs to widen his cover 2 drop and not peek into the backfield so long.  Cravens (+0.5) has really good recovery speed to come off his blitz and cover the RB.  Eli had 4 and 1/2 seconds to throw this one (pressure -1)
S47 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Pass Sack -12 2
Baker (+2) (pressure +1) MurderDeathKills Eli with an interior pass rush.  Foster or Norman blows flat coverage and the TE is wide open as 3 guys covered ODB.  (coverage -1)
G41 2 22 1 1 2×2 Dime over Run (away) Counter -2
Not sure what Smith’s responsibility is on this counter and I don’t think he does either.  Kerrigan (+2) okie doke’s the pulling guard who is trying to seal out.  Should probably +3 Kerrigan on this one because if he doesn’t make this play Compton is in his pass drop and this run could go for a lot.
G39 3 24 1 1 2×2 Dime over Run Draw(Pen) 6(-15)
Give up play and the penalty.
Punt.  12:59 remains 2nd qtr.  6-14.
Drive 4 (8:34)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R(3T)/P Play Call Yards Safties High
G25 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Run (to) outside zone 4
Eli motions the TE back over as he picks up on a Corner blitz and calls an audible for run away.  Foster (-1) runs himself out of the play.  Francois (+0.5) looks to do a gap exchange with Compton (-0.5) which really helps out Comptons angle to the ball.  But he can’t get around his block and gets washed out.  Hood fights down the line, Smith (+0.5) comes off his edge setting block and makes the tackle.  Redskins’ front does not change with TE shift.  They Keep Francois away from nose tackle.
G29 2 6 1 1 Empty 3×2 Nickel Over Pass Scramble (Pen) 1(-10) 2
(coverage +1)   6 underneath, 3 rush.  Hood was in zone, Francos (+1) chases Eli down from the NT position.  Holding called.
G19 2 16 1 1 Offset I 3Hx1 Nickel Over Run (away) Split Zone 3
Cravens (-0.5) Bails into zone thinking it’s a pass and takes himself out the play.  Francois (+1.5) holds up the POA against a double and then comes off his block to make the play.  Smith (+0.5) meets him at the ball carrier.
G22 3 13 1 1 3×1 Dime split Pass Hitch 15 1
Blackmon playing robber coverage and gets held up by the TE up the middle.  Dunbar has deep coverage and is playing a bit off.  Cravens (-1) (coverage -1) is playing all the way to the sideline.  Not sure what he’s protecting.  He needs to get over more.  We had triangle coverage on that WR.
G37 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Run (to) Power G 2
Jenkins (+2) is the 3 tech and he slants away from the double and Foster slants behind him in the same direction.  Foster’s slant keeps Compton clean and now Compton can meet the pulling guard right at the line.  Foster (+0.5) does a good job with Compton (+0.5) to constrict the hole and the back can’t squeeze through before Jenkins comes back around and tackles him.
G39 2 8 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Pass Out 6 2
Eli had a backside screen set up for some yards.  Dhall (-0.5) shoots up and makes the tackle.  He was playing pretty far off for man coverage.
G45 3 2 1 1 Empty 3×2 Nickel pinch Pass Pen 5 2
Cravens (-1) (coverage -1) with the illegal contact.
50 1 10 1 1 2Hx2 Nickel over Pass Out(Pen) 18(+15) 2
(pressure -1)  Busted play we had 12 on the field.  Phillips (-1) (coverage -1) drifts off coverage and then misses the tackle.   Murphy with a roughing the passer
S17 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Run (to) Power G 15
Damn near impossible to see if it’s Foster (-1) or Dhall (-1) who messes up so I’ll spread the negs across even.  Foster overplays his original gap but pre snap he calls an audible and it looks like he gave that gap up to Dhall.  Who comes down late and with a bad angle and misses the tackle.  Hood (-0.5) fails to hold up vs double.
S2 1 G 1 1 3Hx1 Nickel over Run (away) Split Zone 2(TD)
Smith (-1) and Hood (+0.5) slant and exchange gaps with Compton and Foster.  Smith gets killed by the tackle and taken out the play.
Touchdown.  4:16 remains in the 2qtr.  9-21.
Drive 5 (3:35)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R(3T)/P Play Call Yards Safties High
G22 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel over Run (away) Power G 2
Hood (-0.5) and Baker slant with hood getting taken for a ride by the center.  Compton (+0.5) and Bruton fill on either side of the pulling guard and force a cutback right into Foster (+0.5) who makes the play.  Baker (+0.5) absorbed the double.
G24 2 8 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over PA Pass Slant 18 1
Foster (-1.5) Phillips (-1) coverage (-1).  Phillips bites on the bubble too quickly.  Foster bites on PA.  Backside slant is wide open.
G42 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Pass Flat 3 1
(coverage +1) pressure wasn’t there and Eli panicks anyways.
G45 2 7 1 1 2×2 Nickel over Run (To) Power G 25
We’re a gap short.  Baker’s double team goes straight to the LBs and seals them out.  Baker is the new edge and gets sealed out.  (Compton -0.5) is late to react and Bruton (-3) is hanging back and not paying attention.  His gap is a free alley for the RB.  I think Bruton misses his tackle too.
S30 1 10 1 1 2Hx2 Nickel over Run (away) Split Zone -2
Jenkins (+2.5) splits a double team and makes the play in the backfield.
S32 2 12 1 1 3×1(tight) Nickel Over Run (To) Power G(Pen) 5(-15)
Jenkins (-1.5) gets washed out and leaves Compton to fend for himself vs an OL.  Cravens (-1) bails to play pass and takes himself out the play.  Facemask saves this drive for us and maybe the game.
S47 2 26 1 1 3×1(tight) Nickel over Pass Dump off 12(TO) 2
(pressure -1)  Blackmon (+3) gets the fumble.  He started out playing Robber coverage and then worked his way over.
Fumble.  1:18 remains 2nd qtr. 16-21.
Drive 6 (13:10)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R(3T)/P Play Call Yards Safties High
G15 1 10 1 1 n/a n/a n/a Penalty -5
Illegal Formation
G10 1 15 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Run (To) Power G 2
Kerrigan (+1) is allowed to play the C gap and make a play on the ball.  Safety has contain.  This makes so much goddamn sense what took so long.   Baker (-0.5) struggles with his block.
G12 2 13 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Run (To) Power G 4
Hood (-1) gets blown back by his double.  Foster a little hesitant but takes on the pulling guard.  Compton (+0.5) fights off and works through trash.  Smith (+1) fights off his block and makes the tackle.
G16 3 9 1 1 3×1 Dime over Pass Drag Inc 1
(pressure +1) (Compton  +1) gets hands on the crosser and it’s incomplete.
Punt.  11:13 remains 3rd qtr.  16-21.
Drive 7 (9:45)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R(3T)/P Play Call Yards Safties High
G25 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Pass Back Shoulder 37 1
Toler (-2) (coverage +1) (pressure -1) with decent coverage but misses the tackle.
S38 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel over Pass Seam Inc 2
Compton (+1) (coverage +1) with the PBU
S38 2 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Run (To) Power G 13
6 on 6 with the RB able to run free again.  Compton (-0.5) can’t get off his block to make the tackle.  I don’t even know what our scheme is here.   2 high safties is killing us.  Not sure which safety screwed up his fill.  Looks like Bruton (-2) who didn’t even read the play and bailed to play cover 1.  Hood (-1) got blown up.  Foster (-2) hops in place and misses the tackle.
S25 1 10 1 1 2Hx2 Nickel Over Pass Swing 9 2
(coverage -1)  Looks like Murphy (-1) blows flat coverage.  Phillips (-1) gets sealed out by a WR.
S16 2 1 1 1 3×1 Nickel over Run (To) Power G 6
Kerrigan (-1) runs himself out of the play and loses contain.  Baker (+0.5) holds up to the double.  Compton (-1) fills against the wrong shoulder.  That’s Foster’s gap.  But at least he bounces out the play so safety help can reach there.
S10 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Pass Sack -1 2
Kerrigan (+2) with the sack-fumble (coverage +1).
S11 2 11 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Pass Pick Drag Inc 1
Compton gets picked, Blackmon replaces.  (pressure +1) (coverage +1).
S11 3 11 1 1 Empty 3×2 Dime Pass Fade Inc 0
Rush 6 (pressure +1) with man coverage behind it.  Norman (+2) (coverage +1) with the PBU.
FG.  6:33 remains 3rd qtr.  23-24.
Drive 8 (df (14:57)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R(3T)/P Play Call Yards Safties High
G25 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over PA Pass Cross (pen) 12(+15) 1
Norman (-1) (coverage -2) let ODB go down the sidelines free.  He saves us some yards with this gamble but then loses it on the penalty.  We bring a saftey down to stop Power.
S48 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Pass Go 19 2
Hell of a throw and catch.  Bruton (-2) (coverage -1) late in covering.
S29 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Pass Hook (Pen) 24(-15) 1
2 safties are back but one is in man coverage, it’s cover 3.  Norman with a big cushion on ODB.  Norman (-2) (coverage -1) misses the tackle followed by Compton (-1) and Bruton (-1)
S20 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Over Pass Wheel(pen) Inc(5) 1
We rush 5, (pressure +1) Bruton (+1) (coverage +1) covers it step for step.  Norman (-1) with holding
S15 1 10 1 1 3×1(tight) Nickel Over Pass Seam INT 0
We rush 6.  Man coverage behind it.  Dunbar (+4) (coverage +1) with a game saving INT.
Interception.  13:42 remains.  26-24.
Drive 9 (11:00)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R(3T)/P Play Call Yards Safties High
G30 1 10 1 1 Empty 3×2 Nickel Split Pass Spot 8 1
Nacho playing robber coverage and splits the difference between 2 recievers.  Offense took what we gave them.
G38 2 2 1 1 Empty 3×2 Nickel over Pass Cross 14 1
We send 5 (pressure -1) and go man free behind it.  Compton is trying to wall off ODB, doesn’t work obvs.
S48 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel over PA Pass Slant 12 2
We bite on Power and the backside slant is there.  Cravens (-1) (coverage -1)
S36 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel over Pass Fade Inc 1
Blackmon (+1) (coverage +1) stays in the WRs hip pocket from the slot.
S36 2 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel over Pass Flat 16 2
Looks like Dunbar (-2) (coverage -1) is supposed to be playing a hard cover 2 flat zone.  He bails on it.
S20 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel over Pass Inc Inc 2
Corner and safety exchange.  Cravens (+1) (coverage +1) almost comes up with a PBU.
S20 2 10 1 1 3Hx1 Nickel Over Pass Hook Inc 1
Bruton playing robber.  Rush 6 (pressure -1)  Norman (+1) (coverage +1) breaks it up.
S20 3 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass Hook 8 2
Murphy (+1) and Norman (+1) give Eli a tight window to throw in (coverage +1)
FG.  7:59 remains 4th qtr.  26-27
Drive 10 (1:51)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation R(3T)/P Play Call Yards Safties High
G25 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel over Pass Spot 6 2
Bruton is man coverage on TE.   Offense takes what we give them.
G31 2 4 1 1 2×2 Nickel over Pass Penalty -10 n/a
PI on ODB.
G21 2 14 1 1 2×2 Nickel over Pass Flat Inc 2
(coverage +1)  Cravens drives on the route.  Nothing open downfield.
G21 3 14 1 1  2×2 Nickel over Pass In 18 2
Dunbar (-1) loses leverage, as he lined up inside the WR and Bruton (-2) (coverage -1) doesn’t break on the ball when the WR goes in.  We weren’t set for that play.
G39 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel over Pass Seam INT 2
Cravens (+4)
Interception.  1:09 remains 4th qtr.  29-27.

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