Redskins OFFENSE vs The Browns

credit: for the idea to do these


We usually lined up in 11 (1RB, 1TE) personnel, but also threw in a few heavier formations throughout the game.  In the first drive we came out in 12 (1 RB, 2 TE) personnel:


with a WR split out wide to either side.  The Browns dropped a safety into the box and played Cover 3–meaning the 2 cornerbacks and 1 free safety (off the screen) played deep coverage.  Cousins attacked this by throwing quick 3 step drops to Garcon and Desean on the outside.  On 3 back to back plays it picked him up 9, 3(first down), and 5 yards.

When we put 2 wide receivers on the same side out of 12 personnel, they placed both their corners over them.  That allowed them to still be able to drop a safety in the box on the opposite side:


We chose to run it at the corners (more on that later.)

Versus our 13 (we have the meats!) personnel they kept both cornerbacks in the game which gave us a tight end versus tiny cornerback matchup.  Here Reed gets to clear out a corner while Paul and Davis (on the line) get a good angle to block down and clear out the Safety:


The only wrinkle Cleveland threw at us was this 3-4 defense vs our 11 personnel.  A normal matchup would be a Nickel defense (less beefy) vs 11, but the Browns decided to replace a safety for an outside linebacker.  They were vulnerable to passing matchups but had an advantage in the pass rush department:


On that drive we gave up a sack-fumble for a 9 yard loss.

We responded on the following drive by going 4 wide and stacking 2 wide receivers to the same side.  That drew a not so good matchup for the Browns’ 3-4 defense:


so they stopped doing that.

On With The Show:

Split Zone:  The main play we featured involved our line blocking in one direction and our H-Back (a FB/TE mix, played by a TE in our offense) blocking in the opposite direction:


The H-Back pulling like that can influence 2nd level defenders to flow in the same direction.  Our running back has 3 options: he can follow the offensive line, cut it up the middle, or follow the H-Back.  It’s a zone blocking scheme that lets the running back choose his best option.  It also slows down the linebackers and safeties with misdirection.  On this play (from the ‘Lining Up’ section), the safety and linebacker chose wrong and followed the H back while Matt Jones followed the offensive line:


If Jones hits that run a little more vertical, he’s got a niiiice cut back lane behind Moses to run through:

Play Action:  It was the play action built off of those runs that got us chunks of yards, the first of which was a 50 yard pass interference penalty when Desean beat his man deep.

Later on when we used play action, it provided easy reads for Cousins:

And helped get Jordan Reed open.  On this play Ryan Grant is the pull blocker and Reed gets lost in the shuffle:

So yeah, that play action worked a few times and Hue Jackson can now dream about it.

4-verts:  In the 1st half, versus our heavy personnel, Cleveland spent a lot of time in 1-high safety formations.  So we dialed up a ‘4-verts’ play out of 13 personnel to exploit that:


The way we ran the ball out of our 3 tight end formation forced Cleveland to put 9(!) in the box and leave one safety deep.  This 4-verts route had that deep safety streeeeetched.  This play goes for a touchdown if Davis fights through the linebacker’s jam, but he couldn’t and instead Cousins has to dump it off:

4 vertical routes from 13 personnel, I’ll bet a dollar that was not the last time we’ll see that play this season.

Counter:  I’m not sure what happened late in the game but we ran 2 counter plays and the guards had a tough time identifying the right man to block.  The guard (yellow path) is supposed to kick out whoever is on the outside while the H-back (red path) pulls through and blocks whoever is in his way:


Instead Kouj (guard) switched up assignments and thinks he’s pulling through until:

he sees he’s passed his man and does a OhCrapThatsRight lunge adjustment but the play is already dead.  This happened again with Scherrf and Reed.  Not sure what’s going on but hopefully Callahan shores that up.

We featured the “wham” run I talked about last week.  Instead of having Davis wham block we used Reed, results: no holding call this time.

Other than that, we fed them our usual high dose of outside zone runs.  It’s the backbone of our offense–all the preceding stuff I just talked about plays off of that run.

WR Screen:  Garcon catches this throw and then he goes into playmaker mode.  Instead of following his blocks he tries to create by himself:


If he trusts his blocking and turns it up field (red), he had a open lane, instead he runs horizontal and gains minimal yards, c’est la vie.


Offensive Line (vs Run)
Player + Total
Silverback 7.5 1.5 6
Kouj 7 7 0
Long 8 5 3
Scherrf 11 7 4
Moses 8 0.5 7.5
Nsekhe 0 1 -1
Total 41.5 22 19.5(65%)
Protection 21 7.5 13.5(74%)

Pass Pro:  Since we can’t know individual assignments on each pass play, I grade the unit as a whole.  The main issues came when the Browns threw that 3-4 alignment at us while we were in 11 personnel (mentioned above.)  The other minus grades came from a delayed blitz and a couple of timing issues on screen passes.  FWIW, on the season our pass pro has ranged from pretty good to darn near excellent.

Run Game:  Silverback is good, this is not news.  Kouandjio had the highest variance out of the O-line.  He made mistakes like identifying the wrong guy to block (mentioned earlier) but also made veteran plays on the outside zone runs.  He was able to engage and swing around defensive lineman who were trying to bench press him off.  Kouj showed the ability to fight through and place himself between the defender and the running back:

That block is called a ‘reach block’ and it’s one of the tougher ones to execute.  On other plays Kouj’s pad level got a little high and smaller guys were able to get under him and rock him back a bit:

I mentioned after the game that I thought Spencer Long might be our future at center and so far the film holds up.  His awareness on combo blocks is at a good starting point.  As he releases to the second level, he will stick his arm out to jam the defensive lineman and that allows the guard time to get over and engage.  After that, Long is able to gain ground on the linebacker and seal out at the 2nd level:

The biggest problem I saw from Long was on an outside zone run, him and Kouj allowed a defensive lineman to get through the line.  The running back is hauling ass outside of that dude though, so let it go and work your way up field to block linebackers and safeties.  Instead both Long and Kouj turned around and chased after the missed block:

Let the defender run himself out of the play and work to block someone else.  If they did, Jones could have had a cavern to run through.  All that stuff is mental though.  Unlike our replacements last year, zero physical deficiencies popped up with Kouj or Long.

Brandon Scherff had a couple of protection issues but what really popped out about his play was his ability to pull and block in space:

he has no wasted space on that pull.  It’s tight to the line and he’s on target with his hit on a safety about 10 yards downfield.  Even with Lauvao in the lineup I thought Scherrf was our best pull blocker.  His main issues mirrored Kouj’s with letting guys get under his pads and pushing him in the wrong direction.  Morgan Moses graded out the highest and my main takeaway with him was that he’s strong as hell.  Once he got his hands on guys, they stopped moving.

Tight Ends
Player + Total
Davis 4.5 3.5 1
Reed 7 6 1
Paul 3 2 1

Vernon Davis is our man sized blocking tight end.  Whenever we line up in 13 personnel, he’s the one tucked inside over outside linebackers and defensive ends.  Davis is ok as a blocker, my biggest worry is his 2 holding calls over the last 4 weeks.  Paul and Reed usually got to deal with smaller defensive backs.  Niles Paul was shifted around as a fullback and outside tight end on our heavy sets.  He mainly dealt with lighter guys and held up fine.  Jordan Reed just needs to grade out even as a blocker and I’ll have no complaints, for obvious reasons.

Crowder and Garcon were the only wide receivers to log any run block grades.  Both came out about even.

Running Back + Total
Jones 6 5 1

(running back grades were as follows:  good vision/cuts behind the right blocks got pluses.  Bad vision/failed to execute a cut/cut the wrong way got minuses.)  Jones finished just above water at +1.  Combine that with a violent, angry running style and you get 5.3 ypc for 117 yards.


Cousins +18 -6 12(67%)

(Percentage is derived via the number of plus plays/all  dropbacks.

Spikes and kneel downs aren’t counted.  Screen passes, off target completions that slow down WRs and wimpy check downs on early downs that had WRs open further downfield max out at +0.5.  Accurate throws under pressure, best option available targeted, etc. get +1.  Wrong WR targeted on 3rd downs, bad throws, etc get -1.)

For the Year:

Steelers 63%
Cowboys 57%
Giants 50%
Browns 67%

A strong running game plus good pass pro helped Cousins climb to his best grade all year.  IMO, with how sound pass protection has been, I’d like to see his floor at 70%.

On the 3rd drive he extended a play and found Reed in the end zone.  Then he balanced that out on the 7th drive when he again extended a play, had no defenders in his face, and failed to see a wide open receiver waiving his hands begging for the ball:


The last play I’ll point out was this panicked throw he made as the 3 Man Rush of Doom fell upon him:

I mean:


the dude you are throwing it to is covered.  Plus look at that safety…streeeeeeetched.

To Sum It All Up:

  • We lined up in heavy formations to cram all their defenders in the box.  Then we attacked their defensive backs on the perimeter with outside runs and short throws.
  • Our 2 longest throws came off of some really well drawn up play action.
  • McVay has hooked up the training wheels for Cousins.  I don’t see how it can be made any easier for him.
  • Offensive Line:
    • Pass protection has been great to excellent all season
    • Long and Kouj both had good starts(!), all errors were mental and therefore fixable.
    • Scherrf is our best pull blocker
    • Moses is strong
    • Silverback is good at football (he may have gotten away with a few holds…just sayin)
  • The tight ends are serviceable blockers.  Which is a good thing
  • Jones missed a few cuts but ran angry and ended up with 5.3 yards per carry
  • We left a ton of yards on the field in the passing game but still scored 31 points.  That feels…good?


Drive 1 (15:00)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(3T)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S25 1 10 1 1 Ace 3×1 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) PA OZ Levels 6
Play action gets both LBs flowing away from the routes and brings a safety all the way down.  Garcon looked like he was coming open on the drag but Cousins opted for Crowder (+0.5, pro +1)
S31 2 4 1 1 Ace 3Hx1 Nickel Over 7 Run(to) Split zone 5
Williams (+1) holds Kouj’s man so he can scoop him and then works up to the second level to a linebacker who was frozen by the H back split zone action.  Kouj (+0.5) holds the DT for Long (+1) both Kouj and Long have to reach a gap and a half over before they get to their man.  Scherrf never crosses the face of his man to work up a level.  Crowder (+0.5) strings his man out wide
S36 1 10 1 3 Ace 2(tight)x2 3-4 under 8 Run(to) Split zone cutback 4
This run looks designed to be cut back based on the angle Jones approaches the handoff.  Browns play a 2i nose and slant to the strength.  Long (+0.5) seals out, Scherrf (+0.5) uses his guys momentum and seals him out.  Moses (+0.5) works up to the 2nd level and seals out.  Davis (+0.5) seals his guy out.  Paul (-0.5) overplays his angle on the kick out.  Jones probably could have cut this one up behind Paul.
S40 2 6 1 1 Ace 2×2 Nickel Over 7 Pass(1) Flat 10
Browns blitz the safety.  Garcon (+0.5) runs a pick and we force the LB to run over top to cover Reed.  Protection slid over, RB stayed in.  (+1, pro +1)
50 1 10 1 1 Gun 2Hx2 Nickel Over 6 Run(away) Counter 2
Williams (+0.5) and Kouj (+0.5) double and work back to the backside LB.  Scherrf (+1) pulls and seals out his kick out block, damn. Reed (+1) pulls and gets play side of his blocker, Crowder (+1) kicks out.  A hole is there and Jones (-2) ignores it.
B48 2 8 1 1 Gun 3×1 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) Circle 11
Reed split out wide, runs a cover 2 beater.  Thompson finds a spot underneath that.  (+1, pro +1)
B37 1 10 1 2 Ace 3(2tight)x1 3-4 under 8 Pass(1) PA OZ Slant 9
Browns bring a safety down late expecting outside zone.  LBs and the safety bite hard on OZ.  They try to make the tight ends block smaller faster guys in space.  This leaves the backside slant one on one.  Almost looks like an RPO but play side blocking holds back for a second before getting downfield so this is most likely a called pass. (+0.5, pro n/a).
B28 2 1 1 2 Ace 2×2 3-4 under 7 Pass(2) Out 3
Browns blitz both LBs, Right side of the line shift too far over and is late in picking up the blitz up the middle.  Pressure is in Cousins’ face (+1, pro -1)
B25 1 10 1 2 Empty 3×2 3-4 6.5 Pass(1) Out 5
We shift the RB out wide and he draws a corner in coverage.  They put a OLB over Reed and a safety over Crowder.  Browns play zone and rush 3.  Single high safety cheats to Reed’s side probably worried about that mismatch.  Crowder had a favorable matchup on his seam route, Cousins freaks out and throws like he’s under pressure.  They rushed THREE.  (-1, pro +0.5)
B20 2 5 2 1 Offset I 2Hx1 3-4 under 7 Run(to) OZ (pen) 4(-10)
Paul in at FB.  Davis (-1) draws the hold on his edge block.  Williams (+1) adjusts to the late blitz by the LB and seals him out.  Kouj (-1) lets his man get underneath his pads and he has to hold.  Paul (-1) works on a guy that’s already blocked and can’t make it up to the safety.
B30 2 15 1 1 Gun 2×2 Nickel Over 6.5 Run(to) Sweep 20
Browns threaten to blitz the nickel CB and they prob should have and slanted the line in front of it.  Kouj (+0.5) cuts his man, Williams (+0.5) gets away with an attempted tackle on the backside LB.  Long and Scherrf pull which leaves Moses (+0.5) to downblock.  Reed (+0.5) does just enough to slow down his man.  Scherrf (+2) with a tight pull, wastes no space and locates the safety about 5 yards downfield.  Drives him out of the play, Perfect targeting.  Long (+1) has a little bit of a more awkward pull but finds his man and gets enough to allow Thompson the outside alley.
B10 1 10 1 1 Gun 2×2 Nickel Over 7 Run(to) Zone Read 2
Browns shift their line to the field.  Moses (+0.5) locates the 2nd level backer and blocks him.  Reed (-1) fails to adjust to the safety who came outside late and blitzes this zone read.  DE crashed down on the RB so Cousins could’ve kept if Reed blocked his man.  Instead we have to run it into the defense.
B8 2 8 1 1 Gun 3×1 Nickel over 7 Pass(1) Slant 8(TD)
High safety is shifted to the 3 WR side.  Reed has a one-on-one, we win this pre-snap (+1, pro +1)  LB covers Thompson and the other one is late getting back to defend the middle of the field.  Cousins is a little late with this throw.
Touchdown.  7:45 remains 1st qtr.  7-0.
Drive 2 (4:41)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(3T)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S20 1 10 1 3 Ace 2(tight)x2 3-4 under 9 Pass(1) PA Split Zone (Pen) Inc(50)
Everyone was covered, I like the guts by cousins (+1, pro +1)
B30 1 10 1 2 Ace 3Hx1(tight) 3-4 under 8 Run(to) Split Zone 3
Jones (-2) misses a huge cutback lane behind Moses as BOTH the backside LB and Safety bite on split zone action.  Williams (-0.5) misses his target.  Kouj and Long (-0.5) combo up to the play side backer.  Long gets too much depth before he runs lateral and takes a while which doesn’t let Kouj reach the linbebacker.  Scherrf (-1) lets the DL get an arm under his pad, lockout and disengage.  Moses (-0.5) had a good block for a cutback but not a cut up field.
B27 2 7 1 2 Ace 3H Stack x 1 3-4 under 7.5 Pass(2) PA Split Zone Drag 7
Cousins with a nice adjustment with a guy in his face.  (+1, pro +0.5)
B20 1 10 1 1 Ace 2×2 Nickel Over 7 Pass(2) Arrow 2
Ball is out in 3 seconds.  Conflict defender is #23.  (+1, pro +0.5)
B18 2 8 1 3 Ace 2Hx2(tight) 3-4 under 8.5 Run(to) Counter 7
Safety is in press coverage over an inline TE, we wash him down and loop puller around him.  RB gets a one-on-one with a Cornerback.  Reed is the H back on the other side.   Paul (+0.5) blocks down, Davis (-0.5) blocks down on a guy cracking on Moses who can’t get his guy now.  Scherrf (+0.5) blocks down.  Long (-0.5) and Kouj (-0.5) should have made a switch on who pulled.  Kouj has a 3 tech lined up over him who blitzes into the backfield and Long has no prayer of blocking down on him.  Long should have pulled on this one.  3 tech sucks in williams who has to mitigate damage.  Reed and Kouj pull.  3-tech penetration slows down Kouj’s (-0.5) pull and he barely gets a block on the LB.  Reed (-2) flat out whiffs his block and the corner is a free hitter.  Jones (+1.5) breaks his tackle and gets 7 yards.
B11 3 1 1 3 Ace 3(2tight)x1(tight) 3-4 under 9 Run(to) OZ 2
Reed (+1) with an excellent kick out block.  Davis (+1) base blocks and stays with his man.  Moses (+1) crushes the playside LB.  Scherrf (+1) with a seal out.  Long (+1) with a reach and seal on the backside backer, Kouj (+1) with a seal out from a reach block one gap over.  Williams (-1) holds and luckily doesn’t get called.  Paul (+0.5) with a cut block.  Jones (-1) misses a lane between Reed and Davis.
B9 1 G 1 1 Ace 2×2 Nickel Over 8 Run IZ 0
Scherrf (-1) gets rocked back in the RB lap.  Corner comes on a blitz, Crowder (-1) can’t reach him.  Davis (-0.5) can’t hold his downblock against the OLB, Williams (+0.5) seals out playside LB.  Kouj (-1) stalemates at the line and gets in Jones’ path.  Long shoves aside the blitzing LB.  His and Scherrf’s combo block got blown up.  Jones has to fight through 3 defenders before he even gets to the line.
B9 2 G 1 1 Shotgun 3 Bunch x 1 Nickel split 8 Pass(1) Slant Inc
Garcon shift closer inside to give Cousins a quicker available throw.  Browns rush 6.  Cousins throw is off.  (-1, pro +1)
B9 3 G 1 1 Empty 3×2 Nickel? 5.5 Pass(2) Scramble In 9(TD)
Thompson lined up out wide and draws CB coverage again.  Geez, do the Browns have no adjustment for this?  Browns rush 3 and drop 8.  Nothing was open until after Cousins bought more time.  (+1, pro +0.5)
Touchdown.  34 seconds remain 1st qtr.  14-0.
Drive 3 ( 9:33)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(3T)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S25 1 10 1 1 Gun 3×1(tight) Nickel Over 7 PA Pass(2) Out INT
Outside WRs run clear outs and the slot runs an out underneath.  Coverage was all over it (-1, pro +1)
Interception.  9:20 remains 2nd qtr.  14-7.
Drive 4 (7:49)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(3T)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S37 1 10 1 1 Ace 2×2 Nickel Over 7 Run(away) OZ 3
Moses has a tough task of trying to reach a guy lined up way outside him, he manages to get a quasi kick out block.  Scherrf (+0.5) locates the inside shoulder of the playside LB.  Long (-0.5) gets beat playside.  Scherrf probably could have helped Long out on this one.  Kouj (-0.5) gets a hand on his combo and then works up to the LB, can’t get a clean block and his guy gets a hand to slow down Jones.  Williams does the best he can with a bad situation and slows down the DL just enough.  Crowder (-0.5) doesn’t even slow down the backside safety.
S40 2 7 1 1 Ace 3×1 Nickel Over 6.5 Run(to) OZ 6
Reed (+0.5), Williams (+0.5) and Kouj (+0.5) all seal out.  Long (+0.5) helps Kouj or else Jones (+1) probably doesn’t have a cutback lane.  Jones shows the vision to cut up immediately.  Scherrf (+1) gets a 2 for 1 block.  Moses (+0.5) locates and seals out the safety.
S46 3 1 1 1 Ace 2x2H Nickel Over 8 PA Pass(1) PA Split Zone Drag 26
Grant draws 3 guys in coverage, Reed gets lost in the shuffle (+1, pro +1)
B28 1 10 1 3 Ace 2(tight)x2 3-4 under 8 Pass(1) 4-verts Dump off 5
Damn, Davis got jammed at the line or else we would’ve had him open.  We ran 4-verts vs cover 1.  Cousins has to dump it off.  (+1, pro +1).  Protection was fine, but a second longer and he could’ve hung one over top to Davis.  OLB jam got us.
B23 2 5 1 1 Ace 2Hx2 Nickel Over 7.5 Run(away) OZ 4
Scherrf and Long (-0.5) combo the nose, Long lets the Nose get inside of him.  Scherrf adjusts to the DB.  Kouj (-1) and Williams (+0.5) double to playside LB.  Kouj gets the LB, Williams has to pad back because his guy slants left.  Davis (-0.5) kinda half asses his block.  Kouj gets rocked back by the LB and Jones can’t cut outside of him.
B19 3 1 1 3 Ace 3(tight)x1 3-4 under 9 Run(weak) IZ 2
Jones (+0.5) runs behind Long (+0.5) and Scherrf (+0.5) double for the first.  Kouj with a stalemate base block at the line.  I thought Williams could have helped Davis out a bit backside.  Instead Davis gets blown back and Jones has to cut it.
B17 1 10 1 1 Gun 3(Bunch)x1 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) Circle Inc
Cousins had plenty of time.  Reed was one on one.  Meh.  Pass Batted (0, pro +1)
B17 2 10 1 1 Gun 3×1 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) Hook 6(-10)
Decision making is fine here.  Reed (-1) with an OPI.  (+0.5, pro +1)
B27 2 20 1 1 Gun 3×1 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) RB Screen Inc
Scherrf doesn’t check to make sure he’s cleared his man before heading downfield.  (n/a, pro -1) (Scherrf)
B27 3 20 1 1 Gun Empty 3×2 Nickel split 6 Pass(2) TE Screen -4
Looks like Long  doesn’t get out of his pass set quick enough (n/a, pro -1) (Long)
FG.  2:35 remains 2nd qtr.  17-14.
Drive 5 (9:25)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(3T)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S25 1 10 1 1 Gun 2×2 3-4 7 Pass(1) Dump off 8
It looks like the browns lifted a safety for an extra linebacker.  Front is 3-4, Back end is 3 corners and 1 safety.  #30 is gone, I know we picked on him a bit on the 2nd drive.  Weird.  Desean had one on one for a bit and tried a double move, didn’t work.  (+0.5, pro +1)
S33 2 2 1 2 Ace 2(tight)x2 3-4 under 6.5 Pass(1) Out 4
OLB is the conflict defender (+1, pro -1) backside rusher not picked up.
S37 1 10 1 2 Ace 2×2 n/a n/a n/a False Start (-5)
Reed (-1)
S32 1 15 1 1 Gun 2×2 3-4 Under split 6 Pass(1)  Sack -9
this 3-4 personnel vs our 11 is messing us up.  (pro -1)
S23 2 24 1 1 Gun 2×2 Nickel Over 6 Run(away) OZ 2
Thew in a fold block.  Reed (-1) whiffs at the second level.
S25 3 22 1 1 Gun 3Hx1 Nickel Over 5.5 Pass(2) Flat 11
(pro -0.5) (Kouj)
Punt.  5:59 remains 3rd qtr.  17-20.
Drive 6 (1:07)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(3T)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S9 1 10 1 1 Gun 2×2 3-4 6.5 Pass(1) In Inc
We motion and get 2 WRs stacked with only 1 CB and a OLB to their side.  Cover 3.  Underneath route was open early and Kirk was late hitting the small window for the deep In.  (-1, pro +1)
S9 2 10 1 1 Gun Empty 3(Bunch)x2(Stack) Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) Post 15
Thompson and Reed are lined up in the Bunch to the right.  Damn, Crowder just worked his guy with a head fake.  (+1, pro +1)
S24 1 10 1 3 Ace 2(tight)x2 3-4 under 7.5 Pass(2) Dump off 16
Clear out routes and the HB slips out for an easy 1st.  (+1, pro +1)  Reed looks to draw underneath coverage with a wheel route.  Jones was on a delay.  Protection makes the deception work.
S40 1 10 2 2 Offset I 2(tight)x1 3-4 under 7.5 Run(away) Counter 8
Long (+0.5) hits his down block on the 3 tech.  Kouj (+0.5) pulls and lands his kick out block.  Scherrf (-1) almost trips Kouj up and his guy gets under his pads.  Davis and Moses get a double on a guy already slanting away from the play.  Paul (+0.5) seals out a guy slanting away from the counter.   Reed (+1) lands his block on the backside LB.
S48 2 2 1 3 Ace 2(tight)x2 3-4 under 7 Run(away) OZ 2
Davis (+1.5) and Williams double the OLB and string him out wide, Davis gets a full reach before being held by the OLB.  Davis passes him off to silverback and works to kick out the new EMLOS, he prob could have passed off earlier.  Kouj (-1) and Long (-1) mess up their double and then go chase the guy.  It’s an outside zone run, at least one of them, Kouj, should cut their losses and work to the 2nd level.  The RB is already passing the DL pursuit angle anyways.  Scherrf (-0.5) tackels his guy as he falls into Long, luckily no holding call.  Paul (-0.5) blocks a guy Moses (+1) already took care of. Reed (+0.5) takes out his guy.
50 1 10 1 2 Ace 2(tight)x2(twins) 3-4 split 6 Run(?) OZ 8(-10)
Browns have 1 lineman playside of center and not much else.  Shades are wide probably because Thompson is at RB.   Desean got matched up on a OLB lol.  Scherff (-1) gets blown back otherwise this run could have broke big.  Moses (+0.5) strings the LB out wide, I think he was expecting this to cut up behind Scherff.  It could have but Long (-0.5) stuck with the DL block for too long and didn’t work upfield quick enough.  Kouj (+1) with a reach block, nice.  Scherrf (-1) called for holding.
S40 1 20 1 1 Gun 3×1 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) WR Screen 4
Either Scherrf, Long or Moses misses a block.  Looks like maybe, Scherrf (-0.5) as he’s more worried about getting up in front instead of slowing the guy down in front of him and Long (-0.5) who blocks nobody are at fault.  Garcon (-1) ugh, makes a great play dodging the first blocker but then fails to run behind his blocking.  The play was there.  Kouj (+0.5) hustled to create a lane.  (n/a, pro -1)
S44 2 16 1 1 Gun 3×1 Nickel Over 6 Pass(1) Smash/Out and Up Inc(21)
Throw is long but probably because of the PI (+1, pro +1)
B35 1 10 1 1 Ace 2x2H Nickel Over 7 Run(to) Wham 11
Williams and Long releases to the 2nd level, Scherrf (+1) and Reed (+1) wham block for Long, Kouj for Williams.  Long (+1) with a delayed release and lets his guy do the work for him, gets a seal out.  Williams (+1) targets and seals the LB perfectly.  Kouj can’t stick his wham block enough and his guy can chase down from behind.
B24 1 10 1 2 Ace 2(tight)x2 3-4 bear 7 Run(to) OZ 15
Browns split their OLBs way wide, coupled with a bear front.  Moses (+1) with a seal out, Scherrf assists.  Reed (+1) with a seal out, Davis (-0.5) uneccesarily assists and then whiffs on his 2nd level target.  Long (+1) reaches the nose shaded outside of him.  Kouj with a nice seal but that was a murderous hold.  Jones (+1) with a nice burst of speed after his cut up field.
B9 1 G 2 2 Offset I 2(tight)x1 3-4 under 7 Run(away) Counter 4
Davis (+0.5) and Moses (+0.5) double and seal the end.  Paul (+1) seals out the OLB.  Counter action influences backside of the line.  Kouj (-1.5) blocks the wrong guy, he forgets he is the kick out block and that confuses Reed who was going to pull through.
B5 2 G 1 1 Gun 3(Bunch)x1 Nickel Over 7 Pass(2) Arrow 5(TD)
Reed draws double coverage, Thompson left alone (+1, pro n/a)
Touchdown.  10:43 remains.  24-20.
Drive 7 (9:32)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(3T)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
S43 1 10 1 2 Ace 2(tight)x2(twins) 3-4 under 8 Run(to) IZ 25
Jones (+1) presses the hole and jukes out a few guys before cutting it back.  Scherff (+1) doubles and works to the 2nd level.  Long (+1) somehow prevents the DL from getting a hand on Jones, he had the wrong leverage but still came out ok.  Kouj (+1) seals out.
B32 1 10 1 2 Ace 2(tight)x1 3-4 under 7 PA Pass(2) Sack -8
Cousins does everything wrong on this play.  He had Desean on a deep out  (-1, pro +1)
B39 2 17 1 1 Gun 3×1 Nickel Over 6 Pass(2) Throwaway Inc
Wow, he had a guy wide open down the middle for a TD.  Cousins is imploding on this drive (-1, pro +1)
B39 3 17 1 0 Gun 3×1 3-2-5 5 Pass(2) Sack -10
Scherrf gets overloaded with a delayed and pull out blitz.  (n/a, pro -1)
Punt.  7:25 remains 4th qtr.  24-20.
Drive 8 (6:28)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Box R(3T)/P(SH) Play Call Yards
B39 1 10 2 2 Offset I 2(tight)x1 3-4 under 8.5 Run Counter -1
Paul gets enough of a shove but his guy still can interfere with Reed’s pull.  Davis (-0.5) can’t stay with his man.  Williams (+1) with a seal.  Kouj (+0.5) seals.  Counter action takes care of the rest.  Scherrf (-1) id’s the wrong seal out block and Reed is confused again.
B40 2 11 1 1 Ace 2Hx2 Nickel Over 7 Pass(1) Hook 23
Man Free coverage, Garcon just stops and Cousins hits him, corner was covering scared.  (+1, pro +1)
B17 1 10 1 2 Ace 3(2tight)x1 3-4 under 8 Run(strong) IZ 16
Jones (+1) with the vision to bounce this outside.  Grant motions and sucks in the corner and influences him inside by his vertical release.  Corner is trying to cover the gap between him and Reed.  Reed(+1) with a nice fan block and Davis (+1) holds onto his guy just long enough.  Williams (+1) crushes his down block and even takes out Long.
B1 1 G 2 3 I-Form (6OL) Goal line 11 Run(weak) Iso 0(0.5)
Scherrf (+1) and moses (+1) double and plow a path to the goal line.  Long (-1) gets rocked back and the RB can’t attack the cavern made by the double.  Nsekhe (-1) whiffs on the kick out and forces the fullback to pick up his block.  Penalty for offsides.
B1 1 G 2 3 I-Form (6OL) Goal line 11 Run(weak) Iso 1(TD)
Scherrf (+1) Moses (+1) clear a path.  Paul and Kouj (+0.5) fill in behind.
Touchdown.  4:28 remains in the game.  31-20, garbage time ensues charting ceases here.


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