FFODC Gets Cut

Hey hey hey, Goodbye:  DL Kendall Reyes and SS David Bruton won’t see the field again this season as a Redskin.  Reyes was cut and Bruton placed on IR.  It looks like replacements for Reyes will come from within the organization with Ioannidis and/or rookie Anthony Lanier seeing more playing time.

Reyes becomes the second failed free agent signing along the defensive line under General Manager Scot McCloughan in the past two offseasons.

Reyes’ departure doesn’t effect much. We couldn’t rely on him when he had max health so a slightly tired Baker, Hood, Jenkins or Francois should be an upgrade. Not enough data is in on Ioannidis or rookie Anthony Lanier but the fact that neither could beat out Hood or Reyes for playing time doesn’t bode well.

Help at safety is coming from outside the organization with Donte Whitner and Josh Evans being signed to the team.   Do they understand how run defense works?  We will find out!

Whitner began his career with the Buffalo Bills. He most recently had played in 2015, with the Browns, but didn’t spend training camp or the preseason with any team.

Perry Fewell was his coach in Buffalo FWIW.  Blackmon will be slotted as the coverage safety while Whitner will be asked to put his nose in the box and hit people.  It could be interesting to see if and how offenses line up to force our safeties to switch roles.  In the short term, Nacho will be the nominal SS while Whitner figures out this defense.

Keim:  Keim does talent evals on guys Scotty Mac has brought in over the past 2 seasons…the returns aren’t good.  Everything he says is pretty on point, the only disagreement I have:

[Hood] would be much better used at end than nose tackle, but the Redskins do not have a true nose so that’s where he’s playing. It’s not Hood’s fault this area wasn’t addressed

We don’t really get to dictate if he’s an End or 3 tech. Teams motion and force our lineman inside where they are prone to double teams. In the 3-4 we can offer him some protection from that.  In Nickel, during early downs, he’ll have to play over centers and guards and endure doubles.

I lol’d:  Chris Cooley has an opinion on our quarterbacks.

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