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Welcome Mbu:  There was some chatter about Pot Roast, Phil Taylor and 3 other defensive lineman being brought in for workouts to replace the departed Kendall Reyes.  This blog’s opinion: ABPR, Anyone But Pot Roast.  If you read the breakdowns last year you already know why.

It was a little confusing as to why we were going to waste a roster spot on a washed up veteran when Ioannidis was grading out neutral as a backup nose tackle.  He’s willing to play a position Baker doesn’t want too and he’s not a liability when inserted into the line up.  Sounds like an upgrade over the other option.  Thankfully no extra fat was added to the roster and instead we signed former Falcon Joey Mbu to the practice squad:

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Grew up a fan, now I’m a part of the team #HTTR

That username though.  Someone actually has a scouting report on him:

According to Pro Football Focus he played 55 of 133 possible snaps over those two games earning a slightly below average grade of -1.6. He played as well as you would expect an undrafted rookie to play. Mbu played the run decently while offering no pass rush. He posted four tackles over those 55 snaps.

So a 6’3 311 pound run stopper with an arm length of 35 inches–almost 2 full inches longer than Reyes.  He fits the mold of a 5 technique meaning, if activated to the main roster, he could back up Francois and moonlight at the other 2 interior positions (nose and 3 tech.)

Snap Counts:  I should probably start incorporating snap counts in the breakdowns since it’s readily available at Redskins.com and Pro Football Reference.  I wish I found it sooner because it makes Nacho’s +4.5 run grade this week really stand out as he only had 19(!) snaps.  I figured his snap count was limited because the human body can only absorb so much punishment from guys twice its size before it cries uncle, but 19 (37%) is really low.  Whitner on OTOH is playing at least 3 different positions: FS, SS and Dime backer, and he racked up 40 out of 52 snaps (77%).

Cravensbacker:  Su’a Cravens was placed on concussion protocol and we filled his role (which mainly consisted of replacing Foster in passing situations) with Terence Garvin.  Garvin was touted as a tiny linebacker/big safety during his time in Pittsburgh and that definitely fits the physical profile for our Cravensbacker position.  He picked up all the snaps on the final drive against Baltimore but had a coverage bust on one of his zone drops.  This past week he had his snap count cut in half (7) and he logged in another coverage bust.

We have been keeping Foster in on passing downs a lot more since Cravens left, but it looks like we are also trying out Donte Whitner as a part-time Cravensbacker: in the Eagles’ game we had a few formations where we put him on the field along with 2 other safeties.

It appears Whitner and Garvin are duking it out for the snaps made available by Cravens’ absence.

Hope he makes it back:

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We just put @Redskins Jordan Reed’s jersey on display from when he became the fastest TE in @NFL to have 200 career catches


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