They Are Who We Thought They Were

Post game press conference:

Washington Redskins on Twitter

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden speaks to media after game vs. Rams.

Video highlights:

Washington Redskins on Twitter

The game-winning TD, the game-sealing INT & every other BIG play from #WASvsLAR ⬇️

Cousins threw for just 156 yards and 5.8 yards per attempt, yet it was enough to overcome a Rams team who seemed to be in the process of slipping from last years 16th ranked rush defense.  Just under 6 YPA turned out to be enough thanks to an offensive line that played like the line we saw last year moreso than the line we saw last week.  When asked in the post game presser about what made the offensive staff feel like they could run it today against the Rams front 7, Gruden replied:

well, you know, we played the Rams before…we felt like we could run the ball

And run they did for 229 yards on 39 attempts for a whopping 5.9 ypc–a full yard per carry better than the 2015 game Jay was referring too, in which they plowed through a similarly undersized front to the tune of 37 carries for 182 yards.

But as with most games that involve men clanging heads for 60 minutes, stats didn’t tell the whole story: toughness helped us in the end as Norman (forced fumble) played through an AC joint sprain, and Foster overcame a separated shoulder to seal the game with an interception.

If a yawn of an off-season and 2 decades of a Danny Snyder led regime have led some fans to become complacent, today’s game may have started to turn the tide, restore the fire, and give a few reasons to root for this blue-collar squad.


PFF Top 5:

T Morgan Moses, 85.4 overall grade

DI Matt Ioannidis, 81.5 overall grade

CB Josh Norman, 78.7 overall grade

T Trent Williams, 78.2 overall grade

TE Vernon Davis, 78.2 overall grade

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