It’s Fun Again

All week it looked as if Mason Foster wouldn’t start Sunday, and an unproven bench was tasked with replacing the seven year veteran; I didn’t want to say it, but I was a little scurred.  If Pennywise had a warm body to replace Will Compton, I would’ve crawled into that sewer head first.  I thought maybe we could still get the W with enough turnovers, but the part of me that has hardened over the last 18 years was prepared for the worst.  I mean, this was prime time after all, and you know what we do in prime time…

So, even with a 21-0 lead, after a missed field goal was followed by a muffed punt in the red zone I readied myself to accept what was coming our way.  With 3:52 left in the third quarter their was more than enough time for the universe to correct itself; FedEx Field, once again half-filled with visiting fans in a prime time game, would send our offense into a silent count and I would go to bed before the clock hit triple zeroes.

I don’t know how or why, I only know what. And what I saw Sunday night was a Redskin team with swagger and confidence I haven’t seen since they broke out the all-white unis in Philly eleven years ago.  This roster has size and speed on both sides of the ball: the kids from Professor McCloughan’s School for Gifted Youngsters have graduated and they don’t care what our past dictates.  They don’t care that we once hired a play caller straight out of a Bingo hall. No, an untested college coach who takes days of during the season to play golf was never offered 25 million to replace Marty Schottenheimer.  WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING.  And we absolutely do not have a prime time problem.  You just keep on hitting people Mr. Swearinger and I will believe.



Post Game:

Scott Abraham on Twitter

WATCH – “We are here and we are waiting” @J_No24 delivers an emotional message for @KingCrab15 & @AmariCooper9 @ABC7News

The Shot Heard Around the DMV:

Carol Maloney on Twitter

Not today Marshawn

PFF Top 5:

S  Montae Nicholson, 88.3 overall grade

TE Vernon Davis, 88.2 overall grade

CB Kendall Fuller, 85.8 overall grade

QB Kirk Cousins, 84.1 overall grade

WR Jamsion Crowder, 81.2 overall grade

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