Cowboys 33, Skins 19 (3-4, 3rd NFC East)


Washington Redskins on Twitter

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden live at the podium after #DALvsWAS. #HTTR

Gruden on the TE injuries:

...your [play call] list has shrunk about a 1/4 because we had a lot of 2 tight end, 3 tight end sets ready for this game and we lost both of those pretty it was a challenge.

Before a game you can’t help but try to envision a path to victory.  For me it was simple, injuries be damned: veterans like Kerrigan, Smith, Ion, Thompson, and Crowder would each have to fill the stat sheet of two men.  The team would have to win the turnover battle, shorten the game, run the football, throw quick passes, and NO TURNOVERS NO EXCUSES.  In short, they would have to follow a game plan from a time when a pre-game show’s ‘Keys to Victory’ was still insightful.

As a fan you try to anticipate all the things, but in a situation few predicted, Washington had found a way to jump out to a commanding (relatively speaking) two score lead.  It was enough to let one’s guard down.

And then:

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

You could hear a home crowd size roar from the Cowboy fans in FedEx field signaling it was time to settle back into the comfort of lowered expectations. Their was a chance to tie with a minute left but under duress–the original starting offensive line was out by the end of the game–Kirk threw his first interception and had the proverbial contract fans were holding over his head pulled.

The Skins will Try To Play BetterTM next week on the road against a resurgent Seahawks team vying for a playoff spot.


PFF Top 5:

  1. Edge Preston Smith, 83.0 overall grade
  2. CB Josh Norman, 80.7 overall grade
  3. RB Chris Thompson, 80.1 overall grade
  4. WR Jamison Crowder, 78.3 overall grade
  5. QB Kirk Cousins, 77.2 overall grade

Your Moment Of Zen:

No I do not endorse these comments, but I lol’d.

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