Washington 17, Seattle 14 (Skins: 4-4, 10th NFC)


Washington Redskins on Twitter

Redskins QB Kirk Cousins live after #WASvsSEA win. #HTTR https://t.co/mHvkF5m6dB

On the throw to Doctson:

We just called an audible there at the line of scrimmage, Jay had said 'hey if you get press-man you'll give [Doctson] a go ball' so we gave him the hand signal and he took off and won

With ninety seconds remaining, down 14-10, Kirk Cousins took the field and fans on game threads and message boards lowered their expectations out of self-defense.  Their cynicism was met with an outcome they would not have hoped for:

PFF Top 5:

  1. S DeAngelo Hall, 85.2 overall grade
  2. DI Stacy McGee, 84.3 overall grade
  3. WR Josh Doctson, 78.0 overall grade
  4. WR Brian Quick, 77.7 overall grade
  5. CB Josh Norman, 74.2 overall grade


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