Washington vs Minnesota: Defensive Chart

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Drive 1 (10:57)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
M25 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(2) Smash/Slant 8
Rush 4 with Hood slanting over top of the center.  Smash/Slant to Norman-Fuller side with DJ over top.  Compton walls off TE.  Breeland playing outside leverage, gives up slant to Brown’s hook area.  Breeland (-0.5) probably could’ve gotten hands on the WR.  (coverage -0.5)
M33 2 2 2 1 Offset I 2×1 (Tackle Over) 3-4 under Run Power 14
They catch us slanting into their down blocks.  Hood realizes this and tries to reverse momentum, McGee (-1) sells out completely and washes himself out the play.  Compton (+1) meets the puller at the line and absorbs his block, along with the tackle’s, in a 2 for 1 that leaves Brown (-2) free to clean up, Brown overplays his gap.  DJ already had the one Brown tried to fill and the RB cuts it behind him.  Everett (-0.5) lunges way to early to make the tackle but gets the RB down just barely.  Breeland (-0.5) loses outside leverage.
M47 1 10 1 2 3Wingx1 3-4 under Pass(1) PA Max Pro Cross/Out and Up 51
Line slants and compton attacks the TE, if it was a run Brown would have a one on one with the back.  It’s max pro play action with a 2 man route.  Kerrigan and Bree sandwich the crosser and take him away, Keenum has time to hit the out and up (pressure -1) as Norman (-3) (coverage -2) played outside leverage and seemed shocked they would test him toward the sideline.  He was expecting a post route and got turned around.  We had 6 guys in coverage versus 2 routes and they got us.
W2 1 2 2 1 Offset I 2×1(tight) 3-4 under Run Split zone 1
Kerrigan sets the edge from his slant inside to the B Gap, Hood and McClain (-0.5) clog the A gaps with McClain getting pancacked and that causes a domino effect of guys having to slide down to protect their gaps, Compton stunts into the playside B gap, RB cuts it behind and McGee (+0.5) slants inside, gets off his block and makes the play.
W1 2 1 2 1 Offset I 2×1(tight) 3-4 even Run Split zone 1(TD)
Same play run the other way.  Hood and McClain (-2) stunt with McGee and Kerrigan setting an edge.  DJ blitzes into the backfield but can’t quite get there.  McClain got blown off the line by a fucking tight end.  A single block no help.  Brown can’t fill because MClain is in his lap.
Touchdown.  Missed fill by Brown, Blown coverage from Norman and two run fails from McClain at the goal line.  Good start boys!
Drive 2 (6:03)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
M18 1 10 1 2 2Wingx2WRH 3-4 under Run IZ 2
Compton dive bombs the A gap and McLain (+0.5) splits a double team and forces the RB to cut it outside to the B gap where McGee (+1) sheds the guard and makes the play.
M20 2 8 1 1 2Wingx2 Nickel Even Run Wide Zone 1
McClain gets blown off the line by a double, Hood (+1) works hard to close that gap with Kerrigan (+0.5) working behind him on a TE.  RB tries to cut it up between them but Hood works back to meet Kerrigan and they make the stop.
M21 3 7 1 1 3×1 Nickel Okie Pass(1) Comeback Inc
Smith (+0.5) (pressure +1) works the outside shoulder of the LT and gets pressure on the QB.  Man Free coverage.  Fuller got beat inside but the QB had no time to find him.
Punt.  Compton is acting like a Fullback opening up paths for Brown to make plays.  Hood is closed down a gap that McClain left open.  McGee is playing strong at the line, not getting moved.
Drive 3 (:08)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
M25 1 10 1 1 3(WRH)x1 Nickel Over Pass(2) PA Counter TE Flat 12
WR lines up between the TE and T and it looks like they might attack the gap in between rookie Brandon Banks and Galette.  Fuller (-1) attacks that and it’s play action, his guy releases and DJ has to cover him leaving the flat zone open (coverage -1)
M37 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Pass(1) PA OZ Drag Levels/Cross Inc
Smith (-0.5) works inside the block even though he has contain (pressure -1) (coverage +1) Keenum breaks contain and it’s improv time, Norman almost has an INT.
M37 2 10 1 1 2×2(Tackle Over) Nickel Over Run Power 6
Hood shifts to an over front as Minn puts two tackles to the right side, they ran Power last time from this formation and it’s Power again.  Brown is playing for cutback on Power and fires into the backside gap between Smith and Hood, where the guard vacated to pull.  RB follows the guard playside.  Normally that’s the safety’s gap but Hall makes a check pre snap and he drops into coverage as there is a TE lined up at LT but that’s bad Run/Pass recognition by Hall (-1)  It looks like Brown takes the backside and Hall was supposed to scrape over top, he’s late in doing so.  McGee (+0.5) splits the double and Compton meets the pulling guard.  Galette could squeeze his kick out block a little better.
M43 3 4 1 1 Empty 3×2 Nickel Split Pass(2) Slant 38
RB motions wide and draws Norman in coverage.  This puts Brown and Hall over Thielen.  (coverage -2) Brown (-1) is communicating with Hall pre-snap and is out of position.  Hall (-3) takes the worst angle to the ball and what is he doing with this check.  Norman gets man to man and he should be over top of #2.
W19 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) PA IZ TE Arrow 4
DJ (+0.5) and Fuller (+0.5) switch on the designed man beater route (coverage +1)
W15 2 6 2 1 Offset I 2×1 3-4 under Run Power 10
Compton looks to be calling a shift and for DJ to come down, he doesn’t.  Compton (+0.5) absorbs the puller at the line, Brown is checking for cut back, looks like he’s especially unsure about Banks’ gap and DJ (-1.5) just eats a block 8 yards downfield.
W5 1 5 1 1 2wingx2 Nickel Even Run Power 2
Hood slants and 2 gaps causing Brown to misfit behind him.  They don’t bother kicking out Kerrigan, this is going to cut up field.  Kerrigan (+0.5) and Galette (+0.5) close in on the RB from the outside with Kerrigan getting initial contact in the backfield.
W3 2 3 1 1 3(2Stack)x1 Nickel Even Pass(0) Smash Inc
DJ comes off the edge, Galette slants inside Compton comes in behind them.  Not much pressure to speak of and it’s a quick throw anyways.  Norman (+0.5) (coverage +1) comes off the underneath route and doubles with Fuller to take away the corner
W3 3 3 1 1 3Hx1 Nickel Okie Pass(0) Out 3(TD)
3 3 5 look with Galette at LB depth.  Okie blitz (pressure -1) gets neutralized by a roll out.  Breeland (-1) (coverage -1) gets pushed off of and beat to the outside by a body juke to the inside.
Touchdown.  Power all drive long.  Fuller bites on PA, Brown and Hall aligned over Thielen leads to bad things and DJ doesn’t come down to defend Power.
Drive 4 (4:30)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
M29 1 10 1 2 3Wingx1 4-4(?) Run Wide Zone 4
It’s a 3-4 under with Smith removed from the line in a gray area between DE and LB.  Hood (+0.5) doesn’t allow the center to release to Compton and he’s unblocked and able to make the play.  McGee tries to 2 gap and gets sealed out but funnels to Compton.
M33 2 6 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Run IZ 7
Kerrigan is way outside and upfield.  Hood attacks the guard and keeps brown clean.  McGee (-0.5) gets worked by the LG and washed down from the LT.  This leaves the LT free to climb up to Compton (-1) and he gets sealed out of his gap.  McGee comes off his block and meets Brown at the RB.
M40 1 10 1 2 3Wingx1 3-4 under Pass(1) PA Max Pro In-Corner/Out-Up 38
They run the same routes as before but Breeland (-2) (coverage -2) gets okie doked as they switch from the Drag to the Corner route.
W22 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) Back Shoulder 17
Cover 3 and Thielen got inside of Breeland (-1) (coverage -1)
W5 1 5 1 1 2WRHx2 (Tackle Over) Nickel Over Run Mid Zone -2
Everett is pressed up on the TE so they motion the WR over to help block Smith backside.  Brown (+2) okie dokes the double team by coming outsdie of Kerrigan instead of to the inside.  He gets a TFL.
W7 2 7 1 2 3×1(tight) 3-4 under Pass(1) In/Corner 7(TD)
Hall and DJ play ‘blue’ coverage I guess with Brown deep middle.  That means Norman is locked in man.  Dhall might’ve messed up with his pass off but it doesn’t effect coverage.  Perfect throw beat norman.
Touchdown.  They got us with the Max Pro and two perfect throws on a back shoulder and the touchdown.
Drive 5 (1:38)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
W23 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(2) HB Tunnel Screen 9
Everett eye injury.  Brown (-1) loses inside leverage on the back.  Breeland squeezes from contain and Everett cleans up.  McGee with a hustle.  Hood is a couple steps late in realizing it’s a screen after the interior block dropped his shoulder.
W14 2 1 2 2 Offset I 2Wingx1 3-4 over Run IZ(Tight zone) 13
Line shifted over to the wing side.  Taking away angles for Power blocking.  So they run Inside zone RB aims for the A gaps, Hood (-0.5) gets sealed by a double so McGee (-0.5) leans into the gap next to him and gets sealed, looked like he was 2 gapping.  Brown is left to cover 2 gaps as Compton (-1) is overlapping gaps that are covered up, the gap control only makes sense if a) McGee had 2 gaps or b) Compton is supposed to scrape over top of McGee.  Brown (-0.5) peaks inside and loses leverage on the RB.  The dominoes fall when Compton takes a false step away from the cut back.
W1 1 1 2 3 2Wingx3 Goal line Pass PA Jet TE Flat 1(TD)
Pre-snap confusion caused by motion.  Either Brown or DJ is in the wrong with their assignment (coverage -3)
Touchdown.  Started at our 25 after the INT.  We are overplaying Power and got got.
Drive 6 (14:55)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
M28 1 10 1 2 3Wingx1 3-4 under Run Power 5
McGee slants inside and the LBs scrape over top.  Compton (-0.5) is a couple of steps late and Brown (-0.5) funnels instead of spilling to DJ.
M33 2 5 1 3 2Wingx2 3-4 under Pass(1) Arrow/Slant 6
Teams always play this route combo vs single high looks.
M39 1 10 1 2 3Hx1 3-4 under Pass(2) Improv 49
McClain injured on the play.  No pass rush (pressure -1) McClain (-1) gives up contain and Everett (-3) (coverage -2) quits on the play.  He loses track of the WR and has eyes in the backfield.  Norman (-1) could probably squeeze a little more over top.
W12 1 10 1 2 2Wingx2 3-4 under Run IZ(Mid Zone) 5
Hood (-0.5) and Lanier (-1) get sealed inside.  Compton (-1) can’t get off a TE block and catches it 4 yards from the LOS.
W7 2 5 1 2 2Wingx2 3-4 under Pass Drag Levels/Cross Inc
we send 6 they block with 7 and we barely get any pressure (pressure -1) (coverage +1)  DJ (+0.5) does a good job staying underneath of Diggs.
W7 3 5 1 0 3×1 3-3-5 Okie Pass(1) WR Tunnel Screen 7(TD)
Fuller (-1) is late to react and takes a weak angle keeping outside leverage.  Compton (-1) same but with inside leverage.  DJ (-1) with a missed tackle. (coverage -1)
Touchdown.  If Fuller is getting got in the screen game, it’s not our day.  Everett (and maybe Norman) both fell asleep on the 49 yarder.
Drive 7 (8:24)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
M25 1 10 1 2 3Wingx1 3-4 under Pass(1) PA OZ TE flat 6
As soon as we go 1-high they attack the flats with all the same throws teams have been giving us.  Spaight enters the game as Compton leaves with what would later be diagnosed a Lisfranc injury.  Smith is a little late covering the TE release.
M31 2 4 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Run Wide Zone -2
Spaight (+2) fires his gap and sheds the OL by working inside him, gets the TFL.
M29 3 6 1 1 3Bunchx1 Nickel Okie Pass(1) Drag/In 16
We send 6 and get no pressure (pressure -2)  Diggs gets a half-step on Norman on a Drag route.  Blitz took away any hook zone help.
M45 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Run Mid Zone 9
Lanier slants to open up a hole for Spaight but McGee (-1) gets washed down the line and a cut back lane opens up behind him.  DJ (-0.5) is late to attack his gap.  Smith (-0.5) takes an extra shuffle step instead of attacking the RB once he reads the give.
W46 2 1 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Run Tight Zone 6(-10)
Holding.  Lanier (+1) draws a hold as he closes down the backside A gap.
M44 2 11 1 2 2×2 3-4 even Pass(1) PA Post/Cross RB Flat 6
Galette (+0.5) finally applies some iodicum of pressure (pressure +1) (coverage +1) and Brown cleans up on the flat.
50 3 5 1 1 3×1 Nickel Okie Pass(2) WR Tunnel Screen 9
Spaight (-0.5) can’t keep inside leverage on the tunnel.  DJ is playing way too far back to clean up.  They got us on alignment.
W41 1 10 1 1 3×1 Nickel Even Pass(1) Drag Inc
Spaight (-0.5) (coverage -1) has eyes in the backfield and can’t stick with the drag route behind him, he thought a DB was supposed to stay with that.  QB overthrows it.
W41 2 10 1 2 Pistol 3Hx1(tight) 3-4 under Run Mid Zone 2
Lanier fires and blows up the A gap.  That leads Brown to cut underneath his blocker and spill to the C gap inside the TE.  Spaight (+1.5) scrapes over top all that and makes the tackle along with Galette (+1) who sheds his block off the edge.
W39 3 8 1 1 2×2 Nickel Overload Pass(1) Drag/Corner INT
Lanier drops and takes away Digg’s crosser (coverage +1) the TE looks to give up on his Corner route but the QB throws it anyways and DJ (+2) gets an INT.
Interception.  Yay.  Hello Spaight.  No pressure on the blitz led to a 16 yarder and the Tunnel Screen has been a problem, otherwise not a horrible outing.
Drive 8 (:29)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
M32 1 10 2 2 Offset I 2×1(tight) 3-4 under Run Wide Zone 0
Hood and McClain slant with Spaight scraping over top into the intended gap.  Brown (+1) rips under the tackle and spills to McGee (+1) who walls of the TE and makes the play along with Norman (+1) who is doubling as a safety
M32 2 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Pass(1) Arrow/Hook INT
DJ (+3) (coverage +1) jumps the flat route.
Drive 9 (14:47)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
M25 1 10 1 1 2Wingx2 Nickel Even Run Tight Zone 3
ILBs flash in the middle and the RB cuts it outside.  Norman (+0.5) playing force and that allows DJ and Kerrigan to bump inside a gap and play aggressive.  DJ gets washed inside but spills to Norman who meets the RB with Brown and Spaight.
M28 2 7 1 1 3Bunchx1 Nickel Even Pass(2) PA Counter TE Flat 3
Counter action gets Spaight to bite inside hard but he’s able to recover and stop this for a meh 3 yards.  Crack/Replace has Fuller biting but he’s able to turn around and defend a grayish area/Curl zone.  He meets Spaight at the TE.  Corners had a tough run/pass repsonsiblity getting stressed on that play with the crack (coverage +1)
M31 3 4 1 1 2×2 Nickel Split Pass(2) Snag 12
Turns into an improv route as the 4 man rush can’t close in (pressure -1)  Hood (-0.5) gets knocked inside his lane and QB has time to step up and throw.  (coverage +1) Brown has the initial route covered.  Norman Falls off of Diggs, replaced by Everett, and closes in on the route, TE double backs and is open.
M43 1 10 1 1 2×2 Nickel Even Run Tight Zone 9
Brown blitzes into the Tight Zone A gap, Banks (-1) has B and gets washed down the line, Kerrigan slants into C.  Back has to bounce all the way outside where DJ (-1) is late to fill and has to tackle in space, gets juked.  Banks getting washed created a large space for DJ to defend.
W48 2 1 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Run Mid Zone 0
Brown (+1.5) fires and gets under the guard stop the RB in the backfield.  DJ (+0.5) also gets there.
W48 3 1 2 2 I-Form 2×1(tight) 3-4 Bear Run FB Duo/Fake RB Pitch 3
Norman takes pitch.  Banks (-0.5) gets doubled and removed from the line, Galette (-1) can’t get under the TE block inside.  He had a clear path to the FB and could’ve stopped this for a no gainer.
W45 1 10 1 2 2Wingx2 3-4 under Run Tight Zone 5
DE next to Banks is bumped all the way out as they align the wing to that side.  Pretty obvious where this run is designed to go.  Banks actually fights through the double ok.  Gets held like a mofo but gets off the block late to make the play.  Anderson could try to constrict that gap a little bit better.
W40 2 5 1 2 2Wingx2WRH 3-4 under Run Split zone 4
WR and TE mess up and block the same guy.  Hood (-0.5) gets driven off the line but Josh Norman (+1.5) is in the box man.  Offensive line has no idea how to account for him off the double he’s like a ghost.  Sticks his nose in their and makes the play.
W36 3 1 1 1 3Bunchx1 Nickel Pinch Pass(1) PA Flat 2
Kerrigan (+0.5) is in the QB’s face to force a tough throw.  Norman (-1) (coverage -1) is late to recognize the guy releasing outside from the Bunch.  Throw was behind the line and should’ve been a TFL.  The reciever faked inside and Norman lost eyes on him.
W34 1 10 2 2 Offset-I 2Wingx1 3-4 under Run Iso Sam 1
Hood (+2) sheds a double and makes the play.  Lanier pushes the tackle into the backfield and Smith (+0.5) has inside leverage on the TE the whole way.
W33 2 9 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Run Wide Zone -2
Lanier (+0.5) and Hood (+0.5) take away inside gaps.  RB comes of horizontal to the line this might be Alex Gibbs OZ.  Smith (+0.5) has a hard edge and RB has no choice but to bounce.  DJ (+2) comes from the safety spot dodges the tackle and gets the TFL.
W35 3 11 1 1 3×1 Nickel Over Pass(2) Snag Inc
(pressure -2)  DJ (-1) (coverage -1) gets GOT by Thielen on a snag.  Dropped.
FG.  When Banks was in the game Brown was firing gaps on either side of him trying to mitigate any damage.  The only reason this drive got as far as it did was because guys needed a breather and Banks got a set of downs.  Also the pressure was no good on the 12 yarder.
Drive 10 (4:44)
Ln Dn Ds RB TE Off Formation Def Formation Run/P(SH) Play Call Yards
M37 1 10 1 2 2Wingx2WRH 3-4 under Run Wide Zone 0
McClain is the 5 tech, McGee set to 3 on the backside.  McClain gets blasted by a double, well he tried his best.  Kerrigan (+0.5) handles the T-WR double and works down the line with McGee (+1) who they forget to block.  That was dumb.  They shifted the TE towards McClain that time and tried to run away from McGee and get doubles on McClain and Hood.  Guard needs to stay on McGee.  Thanks for the TFL.
M37 2 10 2 1 Offset-I 2×1 (Tackle Over) 3-4 over Run Power 2
Hood and McClain shade over toward the Tackle over.  They shifted to this so they can block down on McGee and wrap the guard around him.  FB kicks out Kerrigan.  Brown (+1) stays tight to the double and forces the puller to do the same, that allows Spaight (+1), who shed the guard, to scrape over top quicker and make the play along with Norman (+0.5) who sheds the WR block.
M39 3 8 1 1 3×1 Nickel Split Pass(1) Scramble 1
(coverage +1) Spaight (+1) closes in.
Punt.  If we don’t have to put Banks in the game, we only give up the touchdown on the opening drive.  And that was because Everett fell asleep.

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