Thursday Presser 11-16-2017: HC Jay Gruden and DC Greg Manusky

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Redskins HC Jay Gruden and DC Greg Manusky live at the podium. #HTTR

  • Pryor will get an MRI on his knee
  • OL TJ Clemmings to IR; roster spot replaced by OL Tyler Catalina
  • Zach Brown has a sore Achilles
  • Compton was handling communication duties, Brown will take that over
  • Junior Galette returns to New Orleans

HC Jay Gruden:

On utilizing Chris Thompson against New Orleans:

We’ll try to get him matched up on a linebacker but they do a good job of dropping eight guys in coverage sometimes, makes it difficult to hit the back

On the Saints run game:

they got a good Power running game, they got ways to run Jet Sweeps, outside tosses, Toss Cracks.

On Jordan Reed:

the hardest thing with him is on Mondays and Tuesdays we don’t know if he’s going to play or not, and he’s a major part of any game plan…that’s the most difficult challenge…It would be nice to know on Monday if he’s going to play on Sunday cause it, you know, factors into everything: Red Zone, short yardage, all your Play Action passes.  Your personnel groupings are affected.  How many plays you carry in each personnel grouping…have major impacts.

DC Greg Manusky:

On Montae Nicholson’s range as a deep safety:

he does a great job when he’s in the Post he can cover a lot of ground…having him out the last couple of weeks, you know…we’re looking for that speed that he can take those receivers that are going up the field and making plays on the ball.

On Matt Ioannidis:

we had better pressure up the middle with him

On Martrell Spaight:

the best thing that he does is he can see it and go…from his reaction standpoint he does a great job.

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