New Orleans 34, Washington 31 (Skins: 4-6; 11th NFC)


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Redskins head coach Jay Gruden at the podium after #WASvsNO. #HTTR

The 3rd and 1 Play:

Gruden on the call:

Did not convert unfortunately...thought we had a good play call, didn't work.

Trevor Matich on the call:

[the Saints] deployed a "Bear" front, part of the feature of that Bear front is that they've got...defensive lineman covering up the guard, center, guard...

And I said to you [his co-host] the play to run here is a 'Counter.'  You don't run a zone play against that kind of Bear defense when they're stacked on the line because they have more guys than you can block.  And indeed they had one more guy than the Redskins could block...and Niles Paul missed a guy so their were two unblocked guys...

What that 'Counter' does, is all those guys [at the line] are the block down, that makes a big pile...they could have extra guys it doesn't matter, they're all in a big pile.  Then you pull 2 guys...they come gives you two extra blockers at the point of attack on the edge.  That's the play you have to run against that defensive front.  [Washington] had a timeout and they ended up calling the play that the defense wanted them to call, instead of the play that was best for the defense they had on the field. 

That defense is designed to stop that Stretch zone play, you have to run a Counter.

The Intentional Grounding play:

Gruden on the play:

It wasn't quite close enough for a field goal, so I was trying to get his attention, and hand signaled a bubble screen...and get it out there and get it out of bounds and get another play called.  Unfortunately Jamison didn't get [the hand signal] and [Kirk] just threw it away.  I don't know why that was a penalty.

Kirk on the play:

We had a run play called and based on the defensive look they were was going to be a tough run to get.  I looked over the sidelines in the corner of my eye and saw the coaches say 'throw it'...

They wanted an audible to an actual pass play, I thought they were saying if you just throw it by Jamison--in the general area of Jamison--there's an eligible receiver in the area and um, there's no penalty.

It’s Win or Go Home from here on out.

PFF top 5:

  1. CB Bashaud Breeland, 90.4 overall grade
  2. G Brandon Scherff, 89.0 overall grade
  3. QB Kirk Cousins, 84.7 overall grade
  4. C Chase Roullier, 84.4 overall grade
  5. CB Kendall Fuller, 81.3 overall grade

Your Moment of Zen:

Washington Redskins on Twitter

It really hurt knowing how hard he’s been working and the kind of year he’s been having.”

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