Sunday and Tuesday Pressers: QB Kirk Cousins, HC Jay Gruden

Kirk Cousins (Sunday 11-26):

Washington Redskins on Twitter

Redskins QB Kirk Cousins live at the podium. #HTTR

Getting new guys on the right page during the game:

I was pretty impressed with Byron Marshall, his ability to be on the details right away.

On Thursday’s interception:

On that protection a lot of times we have both the Tight End to my right and the Running Back to my left, both running flat routes.  With certain route concepts behind it we sometimes like the halfbacks specifically to run a different route…Chris Thompson probably without saying would’ve known maybe where I wanted him, and I forgot to remind Byron.

I told [Byron] after the fact ‘you’re really not wrong’ because in that protection really you’re supposed to run a flat route but with this route out behind it we probably like in a specific play for you to run a different route…we had a good conversation about it.

On being in sync with his receivers:

I sprinted out to my right on a third and goal play at the end of the first half…I would have loved for Ryan Grant to know to work back–he was running basically the opposite direction I was which makes it a hard throw…I really wanted him to stop and run back and trace me in the pattern I was running…We just so rarely do that in practice it’s hard to then say to Ryan ‘hey do that in a game.’

How injuries affect game planning:

I had heard through the grapevine that the Saints had one game plan if Jordan Reed was up and they had a different game plan if Jordan Reed was down.  So I do think that what teams are going to do against us is going to vary based on who they think can beat them and who they aren’t as worried about.

On how teams scheme against the offense:

I remember the Vikings had Xavier Rhodes travel with Josh [Doctson] which surprised me, really, because they had played pretty much left and right on film and yet they wanted to make sure they had their best corner on Josh throughout the entire game no matter where he lined up…

I noticed the Giants more predominately this past game was to rush three players, drop eight players in zone coverage or to play man coverage underneath with two high safeties…They were playing a lot of coverage and they were still getting some pressure with three guys so maybe that’s why they liked doing that…

Sometimes they have a plan going in and if you convert a couple of third downs they scrap that plan and they have to change it up on the fly, you never know what their plan is as it evolves.

HC Jay Gruden (Tuesday 11-28):

Washington Redskins on Twitter

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden live at the podium. #HTTR

  • Jordan Reed is day to day
  • Trent Williams is a game-time decision
  • No idea how long McClain will be out
  • Jonathan Allen aiming for a Week 15 return
  • Dustin Hopkins is not kicking yet but he’s in the weight room

On if the Giants did anything in particular to take away Vernon Davis:

No, not particularly…I think its just the way the game flow went, we had a lot of running attempts.  Vernon’s a big part of this offense, has been all year, and will continue to be.

On Dallas’ run game without Zeke

I don’t think they change their game plan…I think they’re still going to try to run it…mix in the play actions and the bootlegs…that’s what their formula has been for winning.

On if Ty Nsekhe’s height at Guard will be a problem for Cousins’ downfield vision:

Ty’s been in the line up before so…I don’t think it’s an issue.

On the Running Backs:

Samaje [Perine] has proven to be a good alternative for Rob and been a good first down back…We’ll see how [Byron] Marshall does, we’re excited to give him some opportunities, some balls out of the backfield, see what he can handle and the protection part of it.

On the Color Rush Jerseys:

Dan Steinberg on Twitter

Jay Gruden 1) doesn’t know if the Skins will wear Color Rush uniforms on Thursday 2) made fun of me for driving to Ashburn to ask him that

On how injuries have changed the amount of coaching needed:

I think Running Back has really been tough…especially at that position, there is so much to learn as far as third down protections and all that stuff.


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