Dallas 38, Washington 14 (Skins 5-7, 3rd NFC East)


Washington Redskins on Twitter

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden live at the podium after #WASvsDAL. https://t.co/XhNGbvz9Bx

Q:  After Crowder fumbles that [punt return], you’ve said multiple times this year ‘that’s his last one’…do you consider making a change their?

We don't have anybody to put back there right now, ok.  We just don't.  Mo Harris is in a concussion protocol, I don't have anybody else to return a punt.

Looking ahead, the Skins travel to Los Angeles with what remains of their roster.  Washington is currently tied at fifth for most players on IR with seventeen.

PFF Top 5:

  1. G Brandon Scherff, 82.8 overall grade
  2. LB Zach Vigil, 80.1 overall grade
  3. DI Stacy McGee, 79.4 overall grade
  4. T Trent Williams, 78.5 overall grade
  5. S D.J. Swearinger, 78.1 overall grade

Your Moment of Zen: