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Breakdown: Defense vs Eagles (II)


I Hear He’s a Dabist:

So you know that play where Will Compton sacked the quarterback and then immediately followed up with an awkward DABZ?  No?  Well no worries because I’ll walk you through how we got to the thing that should’ve died 6 months ago.  The sack that spawned Quavo Compton happened on the 2nd drive but it’s origins are connected to an earlier play:


The formation is a 3 x 1 set with a tight end lined up tight next to the offensive tackle.  The WR from the trips (3 receiver) side will go in motion.  The center and guard are going to flow left like the play is an outside zone running play.  The RB will also sell it as an outside zone running play by running parallel to the line of scrimmage as he fakes getting the handoff:

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Breakdown: Defense vs Bears


So things happened man.  One of those things was zone running.  The Bears were zoning inside and outside runs all day long and with the exception of 1 drive that came after the Cousins INT, the Skins were ready for it and stopped it:

https://coachrsmith.wordpress.com/ (inside zone)

First run:


At the line: Baker and Kerrigan are slanting.  This does two things:

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Breakdown: Defense vs Saints

Formation Things:

Blackmon got tagged with playing the Nickel Corner:


We stayed in Nickel and Dime more than usual as the Saints were in 1RB, 1TE, 3WR personnel for most of the game.  When they brought in CJ Spiller we usually subbed out a DL or LB for an extra defensive back.  Lesson learned Dion Lewis, lesson learned.

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Breakdown: Defense vs Pats

As always the play by play chart is at the end:

Scanning the field:
We debuted a new formation that I didn’t see last week:

That’s a 3-3-5 personnel: 3 DL, 3 LBs, and 5 DBs. Just about everybody is walked up to the line including a safety, while Compton is 7 yards off the ball. His alignment allowed him time to diagnose what was going on in front of him and play downhill with precision. We tried this alignment one more time:
with Keenan as the guy 7 yards off the ball.  Yeah, didn’t work so well but only because we got out leveraged to the bottom of your screen.  Blackmon (bottom of the screen) looks to have contain but can’t shake a block from Amendola.  That was a big storyline for this game: Pats wide receivers sealing out our DBs and creating huge holes for the running back.

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Final Grades

Free Safety (Goldson) and both CBs are hard to represent here strictly based off of their grade because we don’t see what they are doing downfield.  So a guy like Bashaud is getting filled positive even though he scored out as -1, because he locked down his guy.  Also Kerrigan left the game early so I’m grading him on a curve.  Of course as the season progresses, that could change.  Our nickel package saw a DL get lifted for DB Kyshoen Jarrett.  He graded out neutral.

DL, LBs and Strong Safety (Trenton Robinson) are reflected by their score.  If you are a -1 or +1 I’m grading you out as “neutral”.   I hope to add on to this as the season progresses so we can have an easy view of the grades.

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