Skins DEFENSE vs The Giants


Because Eli likes to dink and dunk we loaded our underneath coverage with up to five guys.  In the above pic we rushed three and dropped our defensive ends to get five in underneath coverage along with three deep.

Safeties:  Everett subbed in for the injured Nicholson and played a lot of press coverage over their Tight Ends:

Against I-Formation that left him as the target of a Fullback Iso block.  He got points for sticking his nose in there against the run.

Linebackers:  Foster/Compton/Spaight’s replacement was handled by two guys:

  • Vigil got the early downs
  • Harvey-Clemons did a reprise of the Cravensbacker role on late passing downs; he was basically a hybrid between Safety and Linebacker.

What Happened

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Breakdown: Defense vs Giants (I)

Lining Up:

Giants stayed in 11 (1 RB, 1TE) personnel the whole way and we responded with our Nickel defense:


Compton stayed aligned to the side that had more wide receivers.  Fancy people call it the ‘field’ or ‘passing strength’.  It tends to be the side of the field with more space when the ball is lined up on the hash:


He’s lighter and can cover more ground than Foster and has a better grasp of zone drops than Cravens, so it looks like no matter which linebacker he’s on the field with the coaches will ask him to stay lined up to the passing strength.

I might have missed it, but I didn’t see a 3-4 defense one time in this game.

On With The Show:


The Giants ran a play some people call “Power” which allows for a double team to the side the running back runs toward and has an offensive lineman pull and lead the back through a hole.  The Giants usually doubled our 3 technique (lined up in between the guard and tackle) and pulled the backside guard as shown above.  They ran it versus Dallas in Week 1:


and Dallas chose to keep 2 safeties back and defend the Power play with 6 in the box:

The Giants running backs profited as Vereen finished that game with 6.3 yards per carry and Jennings with 4.2 yards per carry.  The following week the Giants played New Orleans and the Saints tweaked things around a bit:


They consistently brought down a safety and played with 7 in the box, blitzed linebackers and changed up their fronts to match up with and confuse the Giants’ Power blocks:

Vereen finished that game with 3.0 ypc and Jennings with 2.1 ypc.  Guess which game plan we picked!

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Breakdown: Defense vs Giants (II)

Formation Things:

The Giants were in 1RB, 2TE (12) personnel or 21 personnel for 6 snaps.  That’s it.  When they did this we responded with a 3-4 defense.  For the rest of the game the Giants were in 11 personnel almost the whole way.  We first responded to their 11 personnel with a Dime package:


Compton is the LB, we have 4 DL and 6 DBs (Free Safety is off camera.)  Jarrett and DHall are playing at LB depth but without any LB instincts.  Also of note: Ricky Jean-Francois is playing nose (Baker just left the game) when he is normally slated for 5-tech DE.  So instead of handling blocks from Tackles and willowy tight ends, which he is really good at, we are asking him to handle blocks from ogres at Center and Guard.  The Giants see this and decide ‘lol, run’:

Jean-Francois just gets blown off the line and DHall is hiding behind Breeland hoping the big bad tall people don’t hurt him.

Eli goes straight into no-huddle mode, next play:

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